Echo Contenders and 2018 Home/Away Skins Erroneously Made Available

The 2018 skins should just be available, for purchase. Especially if you’re a hard core dedicated fan to the team, and want to rock some of their classic styles. Plus why not accept the extra support for the OWL?

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I agree with everyone here, it wouldn’t hurt you releasing those skins, got all the Overwatch League skins for Moira and would love to get all the others.
Maybe release the All-Star recolors that were used during those matches? Really loved the colors of the first event, blue - purple - gold and red - brownish-red - gold.
Maybe the skins with the Overwatch logo on them too you used on videos like this one:


Thanks for speaking up for the people and not being a Yes man.

:thinking: So… it’s obvious these skins can be made available for purchase. But that Blizzard chooses to keep them just for themselves… like the rest of the OWL Grey Skins. :roll_eyes:

:face_with_monocle: They make content that fans want but can’t have. Smart thinking. Way to appreciate those that actually support Contenders, OWL & it’s individual teams. :roll_eyes:


Blizzard is trying to tell you that they have no idea what they’re doing.

Not supporting T2 Overwatch WeirdChamp

took five days…(at least from what i can tell because I haven’t been on really)

But passed the CM in number of likes…

That’s a first.

Please make the Contenders and OWL grey skins purchasable.

It makes no sense that the skins are already made, yet you guys aren’t willing to sell them… especially when you already had a batch of grey skins available to buy in 2018.