DPS Q times are the reason the game is dying, lets face it

Look at blizzards roleQ announcement video it went into why they picked what they did. There should be posts on them as well.

When they went to rebalance for just one tank, they had to buff the tank massively. You want to rebalance for one tank and one support…

They will be buffed hard, and the DPS will be nerfed.

I’ve watched it about 20 times. It doesn’t say what you claim it says.

Issue is more with re-calibrating matchmaking, as those “chosen” tank/support players would have to be of higher MMR, while DPS can be of lower.

And, of course, it means less individual weight per DPS player and more for that solo tank.

Win one game as flex and you can spend the rest of your session queueing with tickets.

But, they don’t have the players to do that, so, they will do the same, by buffing tanks / supports, and nerfing DPS.

If you are playing support, and you are expected to have games where you will have 3 flankers on you, you bet they will have to nerf the flankers.

If you are playing tank, and you are expected to have games where you will have 3 tank busters on you, you bet they will nerf the tank busters.

Because that will be the only way they can balance the game.

going for a 1-4-1 and NOT expecting the DPS to get some hard hard nerfs to make the game still work just won’t happen.

Did you see the changes they were going to push for just one tank? They were massive, and it will be that AND MORE, since the tank won’t even have 2 supports backing them up.

Supports will get similar changes.

They will have to make the tank and support worth 2 dps each, and the DPS players won’t like it.

They SAY they want 1-4-1 but they are not good at thinking though what that will look like when it drops.


I wouldnt bother arguing with him, he gets stuck on loop and isnt open to listening to the other person’s point of view. He has a very limited perspective of the game and a small hero pool.

And you’re right - for 141 to be effective and you want to keep the same fight length and effective TTK for tanks and healers (which we obviously do), you either need to buff the hell out of the tanks and healers or nerf the DPS significantly.

Hypothetical Maths Time!

222: If tank has 8 health and DPS do 2 damage per second, 2 dps will kill a tank in 2 seconds.

141: If a tank has 8 health and DPS do 2 damage per second, 4 DPS will kill a tank in 1 second.

So, Quickmaths says Tanks die twice as fast. To fix that, you’d need to double their health pool.

In that same logic, healers need to heal twice as effectively.

OR, you’d need to half the DPS damage output, which is effectively the same thing.

And yeah, i very much doubt bliz would want to reduce fight lengths so significantly - that would pretty much mean retargetting the game to a different player base.


Blizz killed the game by buffing damage to obnoxious levels and nerfing tanks, so the most important role in the game is so heavily neutered you cannot lead the charge anymore, instead becoming big ulti feeder for people to spam onto.

People used to play tanks to the point it wasn’t uncommon to see tripletank being played on quickplay and the most infamous meta was 3 tanks and 3 supports.

Now you will get the dps on flex queue throwing on tanks and supports because they don’t really want to be there and are just after passes.

Blizzard change of game design philosophy is the reason why this game is dying.


That’s the thing - we don’t. We want more FPSy, low-TTK.

Correct - which is what OW2 is for.

You know fully well that people don’t want to.
Most people would rather play other games than play heroes they dont want to play.

My question to those players is “then why of all games did you pick this one?”
Nobody to blame but themselves

Well, the game’s playercount is at an all time low since 2/2/2 isn’t it?
People are leaving in mass. Why aren’t you happy?

Because I don’t like watching a game I enjoy playing die?

And you got it.

Game died as a result. Everything is a complete mess.



Citation needed. :slight_smile:

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People who you thought this game wasn’t for are leaving. Is that not what you wanted then?

Please dont say “WE” when you mean “I”.

Reducing/losing the current player base is not what OW2 is for.


It’s mostly Tank players that are leaving. Probably because they’re sick and tired of Rein/Zarya jail and constantly being nerfed



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Wonder if support would leave too.

Oh I’m sure they’ve started. Probably tired of Moira being useless 24/7