Double brigs offensive cooldowns

Hey over watch dev team. She’s supposed to be a healing tank not a spam dps. Since she’s came into the game I’ve gotten near no healing and a lot of mace to the face.
I mean for the love of god she wins every 1v1 encounter except against pharah.

Solution. Reduce shield hp to 300 and let it recharge faster.
Double the CD of shield bash and rocket flail. *straight nerf because a healing tank shouldn’t out damage ANY HERO EXCEPT MERCY.


You know this will make her total garbage right ? 8Sec cd on her whipshot and 10 sec CD on her Shield Bash… Do you want to kill this hero this fast ?


They’ve already said her Shield Bash is getting a 6s cooldown. Read the dev posts more often, friend.

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Have you tried storm Arrows agnist her shiled? It is super effective and you even can kill her. I dobout she need more changes after those. Unless we wanna have another Doomfist.

Mcree has those exact cooldowns and hes not garbage.

He is garbage actually.


Yeah, but McCree is a ranged hero, and a McCree stun is deadly for sure with a headshot or two. On top of that the stun of McCree is AoE.

? 5th most picked dps/defense hero and sees lot of pro play. He’s pretty solid tbh

Mcree has range and damage, im fine with giving her more cd on shield bash , but double is a little overkill.

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she is suppose to counter dive and counter it she does!

As much everyone hates her… i hate dive more so i hope the devs do the correct balancing to her so she is still effective against dive.

Right now she is effective against all comps.

I think what they need to do is make her heal/armor ability more powerful
so she is more focused on burst healing a dived target over CCing the enemy.

maybe increase the cooldown on her shield bash to max 8 sec but all the other things you say seems more like you been triggered, then actual reasonable ideas.

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This, doubling her cooldowns would most likely make her F tier. Shield bash cooldown shouldn’t exceed 8 seconds in my view, even that may end up being a tad too high. I’m glad the Overwatch team appear to be taking a more cautious approach to nerfing Brigitte unlike Mercy.


It took them 6 months to nerf her into a fair spot. How is that not cautious? They were way too careful if anything.

The final set of nerfs were done all in one go and pretty much removed any potential for big game-making plays that Valkyrie originally described itself as. If they aren’t taking anymore feedback about Mercy then they should shutdown the megathread. End of story.

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Coming from a McCree main, giving those cooldowns to Brigitte would make her garbage. Unlike Brigitte, McCree has the potential to 1 - 2 shot anyone (not including tanks) after a flashbang. Also McCree isn’t built around his flashbang unlike Brig is with her shield bash.

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So what will be even the reason to pick her after such nerfs?

if you cant aim maybe

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exactly what she was designed to do, protect other supports from flankers.

make her whipshot 6.5 cd and and shieldbash 8 cd, and it is good

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12% pickrate in pro play (the holy grail of skill where heroes like Mccree are supposed to be amazing) and is only playable with a pocket mercy ,that’s good to you ?

Also ,he has the worst winrate out of ALL heroes in GM ,with the only one being below him being Hanzo.

Ladder pickrates don’t tell the entire story