Double brigs offensive cooldowns

7 seconds is the highest I can agree with. 8 would make it bad.

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Ok I can agree to this too :wink:
( I just want people to stop whining )

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did mccree stopped dive in pro play?

no, but that’s because flashbang has counterplay, and its also because McCree is one hero. it may have not stopped dive, but it has shut down a lot of problem tracers and pharahs. no hero is supposed to stop an entire team comp by themselves, team work is.

apparently teamwork did not stopped dive either, in pro play

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it did, counter dive. metas tend to get mirrored, not countered at pro play. practice the best comp and execute it better.

I took masters as McCree in S4 with stable 50%+ accuracy. That was performance of what you can only dream about. But meta shifted, powercreep, shields, overpowered flankers, overpowered D.Va. He is garbage right now.

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I’m literally the same sr range as you on my main I’m a widowmaker with a 64% weapon accuracy and a 15% crit accuracy. I don’t dream about anything. I don’t post on that account because I don’t want it to get banned from the plethora of false reports I get.

EDIT: I also have consistently taken high masters on my psn account. don’t kid yourself. you aren’t that good.

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This is my main account just incase you think I’m lying. “I took masters 6 season ago huehuehue”

Edit: You don’t even play McCree in comp, you’re trying to make your McCree look good with your mercy one tricking.


I don’t know about doubling, but 5-6S is definitely too low for abilities that

  1. CC - Both disorientation, stunning and knock-back.
  2. Combo for moderately high damage
  3. Start healing your team (I know shield bash doesn’t)
  4. Can wait behind her shield for it to be up.

This will hopefully be my last post on Brigitte…at this point, it’s clear that Blizzard will need 3-4 more months before doing anything substantial.

The guy said “if you cant aim”, in fact I have top3% aim because I hit masters with aim-demanding hero and not only McCree, but on S76 too, if we take this personally. I am not playing McCree cuz he is garbage atm, aim is neglected by tons of cheese skills, ultimates, shields. I am playing on Mercy with my friends for fun.
You can try as hard as you want to make things look I am a bad player or whatever, I know my price. I am around 3% best, you like this or not.
So this dialogue with you is over right now.

tried to talk trash about rank, and then got called out by someone of the same caliber, and runs from the convo when found to be lying about the heros they play. sounds about right from your smug comment you started with. “something you can only dream of” please. I do it consistently.


They better be REAL freaking careful with this or they will just let tracer skip circles around her forever. Right now the only hope baguette has of catching tracer off guard is relatively fast cooldown on her charge.