Don't blame the Mercy Mains Flooding the forums

YES! Honestly this all sounds perfectly fine to me, if they did this I would love this.

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Symmetra doesn’t incapacitate herself for 1.75 seconds upon using a basic ability.

Is that enough?

And can you refute such assertions?

Can you refute the fact that Resurrect’s optimal usage is predefined, removing the layer of engagement to Mercy’s kit that was Resurrect’s mind game?

Can you refute the fact that the best way to use Valkyrie is to hover in the skybox as a glorified spectator, to minimize all risk without compromising any reward?

Can you refute that fact that not being in control of your own character in an FPS flipping sucks?

Can you refute the fact that Valkyrie is among the least potent or game-changing ultimates in the game?

Can you refute the fact that players can no longer take pride in Resurrect’s availability?

Can you refute the fact that Resurrect truly plays worse for the Mercy player now than before the rework?

Can you refute the fact that Mercy players, now more than ever, are more limited by the hero they play than by their own capacities?



… This is a petty response I hope you understand that. Come on now…

Can you give me any reason as to why I shouldn’t look forward without the addictive clinging to Mass Rez that seems represented here?

Can you explain to me how having a mechanic operate on a 1 button press resulting in 1-5 team mates being brought back from the dead doesn’t incentivize organized deaths in order to maximize potential?

Can you give me a single reason why I should consider introducing that mechanic in a team based game when we can easily find a way where rez operates 1:1 that has a fun kit? Or is the 1:1-5 THE ONLY THING you find fun?

Why hold onto Mass Rez so hard? Why not think of something new?

Oh but you have. To anyone it’s clear that revert refers to Mass Rez. Because that’s the popular demand. That’s the part of old Mercy people care about, wax poetic about, want back, and are willing to flood the forums to do so.

Not a healing nerf.

Through that context, if you’re willing to take the 50 HP/s change as a revert that addresses anyone’s wishes for the purposes of your argument, you’re going to have to link me to posts where people use the term “Revert” and ask specifically for 50 HP/s back. Otherwise this is a nonsensical point.

I’m asking you for the receipts! I won’t even hold you to your reversion carolling if you can do this. Show me one. person. who asked for a revert and by that, meant a return to a 50 HP/s heal rate.

What am I lying about? That Jeff said there are no plans to revert Mercy (to bring back Mass Rez in the eyes of the single-issue revert posters)? Well, do you see Mass Rez in the game?

And again, I challenged you to find one example of a post where the 50 HP/s nerf you are trying to use as a trump card meets their concerns. It doesn’t even have to be the majority. Just one. We both know that such a post doesn’t exist, so you’re trying to throw dictionary definitions at me.

I’m less beating around the bush and more laughing at your inability – or refusal – to accept things that are not directly said to you. Like this is just embarrassing. I know this is just a rhetorical point on your part but come on. The issue was always Valkyrie and E-Rez, not an objectively better healing rate.

My proof is as such: if Jeff or the devs wanted Mass Rez in the game it’d be in the game. It is their game and they have ultimate veto power over what exists in it or not. They have had over a year to reinstate it and have instead only doubled down on their choice to keep it on an ability, despite the balancing nightmare it has been. On some level, this must communicate to you that they deem it preferable to mass rez in any way.

As far as Jeff saying anything about Mass Rez using the word Mass Rez (because context is dead) you aren’t going to find it. Because that’s not the parlance people use to talk about Mercy. People want Mercy’s ultimate reverted back to Mass Rez and don’t give a toss about the rest of old Mercy’s kit because it was objectively worse than it was now (and the main talking point about that is ‘well Mercy was weak but Mass Rez is way more fun than spectator mode Valkyrie’). If you are going to deny that this is the state of Mercy discourse and has been for a year I am going to call you out as a liar.

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Honestly I feel like that is the only real way to keep Rez on an ability and have it balanced. It’s too powerful of an ability to be on a static cooldown.

I don’t know why the devs don’t want the dynamic cooldown to exist for her, but I think it directly harms the hero. There really is no other way to nerf the ability. It’s got by far the longest cooldown in the game and has a 1.75s cast time attached to it. That’s longer than most ultimates that have cast times.

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It doesn’t take a genius to know that losing control of your own character for 2 seconds feels worse than… not losing control of you character for 2 seconds.

Because only looking forward means you don’t learn from history. It is possible to look forward and backward at the same time; that’s what rework proposals that involve mass-rez are.

Why risk enduring the same balance/player experience nightmare for longer, or risk creating an entirely new balance/player experience nightmare, when you have a template to fall back on and modify that you know for a fact works fine in both of those categories?


Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Look under “The Recent and Previous Developments”.

I never said that I was against any form of Resurrect that was not mass-rez, did I?

Yeah I don’t understand their hesitation to give it a resource meter. Just like I don’t understand why for Brigitte they’d throw another 1s on the CD of shield bash and just not adjust her shield health and regen rate.

Just Blizzard things I guess.

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1:1 and 1:1-5 can both be made fun. I don’t see why one should not be allowed in the game whilst the other can. Furthermore, Blizzard clearly do not know how to balance Resurrect on a 1:1 mechanic. Probably the main reason why most of us want mass Resurrection to be brought back.

Agreed, I feel they should rework it or just scrape it for something new. Like yeah it’s been a part of her since day one but she’s a combat medic I’m sure they could think of something to replace it with.

Her shield has the lowest health in the game, with just a little focus fire it will go down pretty quick. Lowering the health I think would be a bit much.

Yeah like. I’m legitimately confused. I think I read somewhere that they said that it made the ability too complicated? But we’ve done fine with Torb and Genji since release. Idk.

I honestly don’t know how Brig is with the longer SB cooldown. I thought it was fine as 6s tho. I’m a Widow bot these days :frowning: so I barely ever find myself in range of it unless something has gone horribly wrong. They said they wanted her to be hard(er) to kill (than most tanks) which is an explanation of sorts I guess. Don’t think it’s a particularly good one tho.

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Technically you can still move your hero. Just slowly. And for a short amount of time. 1.75s for every 30s under ideal situations. That isn’t remotely comparable to a hero going from auto aim to basically hitscan. Something they do all game (really they don’t because primary is just so bad, ofc you spam secondary).

Regardless, this to me just hints toward an inability to really see things through another’s eyes. As much as I am compelled to believe and side with you, random internet stranger, I am as equally compelled to side with those that hated mass rez when it comes to fun etc when playing the game. Just like with Brigitte. Who also makes you lose control of your own character FREQUENTLY.

Who said anything about only looking forward? I think I’ve demonstrated I understand the history well.

Because of the fundamental design flaws involved with Mass Rez.

Please don’t assign me homework, just say whatever it is you want to say.

I’m sorry I don’t see where I accused you in anything I said in this quote? I just asked questions. Victim much?

There have been a few good ideas that I’ve seen. A healing rift-esque thing could work with Mercy’s motif I think.

I think Rez is a cool ability that is let down entirely by Blizzard’s inability to balance it in the context of the rest of her kit. If it was like scatter arrow in that it was occasionally annoying I could deal but it’s made her warp the game around her for over a year now. Meanwhile the rest of her kit gets worse and worse to make room for the ability. At a certain point you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

I don’t see why 1:1-5 is remotely necessary. 1:1 is a far better way to have the mechanic operate imo, it removes without question all the problematic elements and design flaws/contradictions of 1:1-5.

Blizzard clearly does not know how to balance a lot of things. That doesn’t really factor in for me. Blizzard does Blizzard things, whatever, I just gotta deal with it.

I agree 100% I feel they’re making the rest of her worse to try and keep Rez balanced. I feel it would get to the point that over all she’s so bad that Rez isn’t even worth it.

Like Scatter Arrow was a staple for Hanzo yet they removed it like that. Idk why they won’t do the same for Rez.

On the real tho they couldn’t do it on 1:1-5 either. People say that Mercy was UP most of her time with Mass Rez but… that’s not a good thing… and they had to break the ability to make her relevant.

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Every time the forums are flooded with mercy posts this is basically what i see every time.

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Yeah like I see it as if they’re wanting to make every aspect of Mercy’s kit very accessible and intuitive. Like that is her thing. That attractive, alluring, accessible sort of torch to draw people toward the game. I mean, in that regard they NAILED IT, right? Look at this stuff. Never seen it in another game. Mercy is something like REAL to some people.

Game health wise I think rez on a resource meter is an intuitive and reasonable option. Worth trying, not like it’s unprecedented.

Yeah I think it’s just misguided tuning. I thought 6s was fine too. The time between shield bashes is not what makes her frustrating with the highest win rate in the game.

Don’t blame me for speeding. Blame the police for not arresting me and telling me to stop speeding or why speeding is bad or what they plan to do about speeding. Impeccable logic.

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I think Rez means a lot more to Mercy than Scatter Arrow does for Hanzo and that’s the only reason it’s still around. Which just makes me upset because it’s such a dumb way to dictate balance. Can’t get rid of this ability that ruins the hero it’s on because it’s iconic. Barf.