Don’t nerf Moira’s damage with her rework

If you want to play healbot pick a better healer. The top moira mains all get “utility” out of her by using her mobility and damage to get picks, harass, pressure, pull out cooldowns, redirect damage to her before escaping, etc. Not exclusively. But she’s about balance.

Nerfing her potential damage output is a bad idea. Wouldn’t be terrible to give her damage a resource meter if necessary to discourage loldpsmoiras though.

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Knowing how to play dps moira good is about learning when you can do work, when to back off. When applying pressure to backline is good. Weaving in healing when allies are close. (Because healing gives you ult charge for more engangements).

Moira is a decent threat if played right and that’s one of her strengths. She has utility in her threat/potential to keep some heroes busy/distracted. She is basically one of the best flanker/dive/rush/death match supports.

She would struggle more on ranged comps where she can’t refill her healing.

If anything they could allow a mechanic to let her get ammo for long range engagements. Moira’s designed to be close to the fight.

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The tools to deal with Moira without requiring high levels of precision exist at every role. People just refuse to use them do dumb stuff like sitting on Zen whiffing their balls like woah and getting dumpstered by Moira’s 50 DPS.

Instead of doing this they could play 1 of many healers that can just dip out if Moira starts this nonsense. You can then return and help whoever Moira engages with next to kill her; no value for Moira - likely easy W for you if you completely negate 1 support’s impact.

This only requires thinking. No special mechanics, no aim. It requires a little more thought than “I see Moira, I engage now”. If this player never asks themselves what they could do differently to avoid dying to Moira, that’s a player issue. If people are picking heroes they are exceptionally poor at using and getting killed by Moira that is literally a skill issue.

This isn’t a balance issue.


Moira will continue to out perform dps, until they learn how to aim. Rank doesn’t matter, all tiers have terrible dps. Bruised egos aren’t a good reason to nerf one of the only bearable supports.


This is true. But still, can we really separate skill issues and balance issues?
If after many years of game those “skill issues” persist, are not those to be considered as a balance issue?

Let’s say that Blizz did everything they could to advise players on how to face Moira when the character out-skill the player, maybe even some guides, but still is something that even after years has been not achieved by the majority of the players (and this is actually our reality now) for plenty reasons:
Like that in the ranks where people struggle against Moira team are very more likely to be not coordinated, solo queuer almost don’t get any aid from teammates when flanked and players have not a large roaster of heroes they can play and want to play the hero they like.

Can be the problem still be archived as a “skill issue”.
I don’t think so. The only thing the game would get by doing so is to lose a good chunk of players during the years.

In all of this the paradox is that Moira, the hero designed for players with THE “skill issue” is the one who is creating more problems among players with just a slightly lower “skill issue”.

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Just make it where she can’t hold down the succ beam until she acquires a target IMO. Like it’s that simple and it please both sides IMO since Moira doesn’t get a damage nerf but at the same time it makes it so the succ takes at least some sort of skill.

One of the issues i have with Moira is it’s really nice to have a healer who can self peel and semi handle flankers with her fade and evades.

But it feels like her over reliance on the other team’s stupidity scales more than a lot you can do to improve the numbers with her.

As mentioned in low ranks where a high rank Ana might anti nade, lock out Moira, and have a peeling/snaplocking high rank headshotting hitscan turn her into fine red mist, (while the same high rank players might want utility or less stupidity dependent healing recharge).

The same ana and moira in bronze is having a 5% accuracy fest and watching the moira solo a entire 5% accuracy team.

I feel like her healing charge meter feels perhaps a bit too tied to her dps for proper scaling. As if the enemies are barriered or if engagements are too risky, it makes recharging her resources a slog with her dreadful natural gain. While with a bad team.

If they’re bad enough to die in a 1v4. You might end up killing a entire low rank team with her just trying to find enough healjuice to 40% heal up that 123 hp bronze yolo rein who also loves charging into 2v5s.

I think it might be fair if perhaps at least her beam got perhaps aim sweetspots. Like say dps benefit from 2x headshots.

Perhaps better tracking could give better resource and dps regen and maybe even 1.3x-1.5x headshot multipliers for good sucks while perhaps lowering it for inaccurate streams.

This could help Moira have a bit more ways for one to practice and aim to improve their gameplay perhaps, while aiming to solve the low vs high rank power budget.

Instead of the current scaling of the high rank tickle trickle beam vs low rank 1v4 decimator.

I’d also want to de couple her dps from healing a minor bit, perhaps buffing up her pitiful baseline healing charge regen to be a bit more consistent.

Some moments you overflow, others you’re dry. I feel like her beam and orbs are solid, but if they wanted to rework her ult that might be a fair spot.

She basically turns into a flying beam healer that bad teammates don’t know is a aoe heal you want to meat shield with and run out of the way while highranks gib through it.

If ana hadn’t already taken the anti healing nade, it would feel thematic for Moira’s tainted flavor.

But i just can’t think of any good utilities unless you like wanted to give enemies hit by the beam a life leech effect or minicrit like effect to friendly dps.

Or perhaps some off brand utility like a offbrand nemesis form that turned her temp heal tank like a wow metamorphasis demon warlock, maybe with souped up siphons and penetrating aoe lifeleech punches for kill potential.

Or some arcade crap like being given 500% orb recharge for 10 seconds and throwing out a teleporting orb barrage.

Idk what the right fix or rework is, but her base abilities seem like all space is taken. You can’t add anything without removing.

But her ult has always felt a bit lackluster both in identity and practicality imo. There are common moves that feel more exciting to use than moira ult.

If anything was to want utility or a rework added to it, i’d feel the ult could be low hanging fruit.

Remove her lifesteal. Thats it.
She doesn’t need it anymore with the support passive. Plus it encourages DPS moira.

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Not going to help bronze/silver whiners. but if you do that, up her damage by 50% to compensate – support passive doesn’t help in combat which is the only time lifesteal is helpful


The day they rework moira into a healbot with less damage is the day i uninstall the game for good.
Moira is my fav hero, i have 300 hours on her, and i like her because of her gameplay as it is now. She doesn’t need utility for christ sake, her damage and survivability is her utility.
The fact that she can defend herself very well against high mobility heroes is the main reason i love her, i absolutely HATE playing against genji for ex.
If anything she need an ult buff.
When they did that weird rework during Beta 2 i uninstalled the game right away and wasn’t planning on reinstalling it if they did not revert it.


Bronze/silver just need to get better. None of the other supports have lifesteal. She doesn’t need it. She has an escape, and thats where the passive will come in. After she has escaped.

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Moira is fine as-is. She should not be nerfed or reworked.



The only reason they would give her utility is to make her more viable in higher ranks. Reducing her damage won’t do anything to stop her from making bronze - silver players seethe.

All in all, this would just push her into a more passive playstyle, which to me would suck. I’m no DPS Moira, but I do seek to confirm critical kills, or the occassional flank to catch someone who’s severely out of position or who’s denial abilities are on CD.

All in all we’d just be looking at another Kiriko, but with a weak beam/orb adjustment.

Personally I’m not for it, but I’d be willing to check it out… ynever know.


the vast majority of moira’s damage is trash damage that is instantly healed, its only to get ult charge or refill her heals. A Moira with 5k dmg is not the same as a dps with 5k dmg. Not even close. It takes 4 seconds of uninterrupted attacking to kill someone with her primary fire. 4 freaking seconds. and they want to make it worse?


That could be a good idea actually.
She still has more survavibility than most of the non-tank heroes with fade and the healing orb.
Than there could be some space for some compensating buff but for sure low elo Moiras would think twice before taking duels and flanks.

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Maybe it’s me, but I feel like Moira could get additional use by tweaking or adding additional value to how her abilities work right now without needing completely new mechanics or full overhaul changes to her abilities.

If they can’t think of a way to give her something like necro orb (or some other form of utility) without taking away what little she actually has at present they’re just going to take away anything that makes her distinct and what the people who play her actually like.


The crazy part is, per the Dev team’s own data, Moira has an abysmal win rate across all ranks. She’s tied for lowest unmirrored win rate among all supports. Which probably means she’s underpowered.

They could add some sort of utility to her kit with no nerfs or changes and it might push Moira to viable.


The problem with Moira is many support players will switch to Moira at first or second death even if they hate her. And one Moira brings a second Moira in the game if not already here because some players want to have many kills on the scoreboard. There is at least one Moira in almost every game.

On the last three months, she is second on KDA with 6.24 because she is really unbalanced, and better winrate than most of supports like Kiriko, Mercy, Ana, Baptiste. Too much damage, too much survivability and too much healing. You souldn’t be able to do all at once.

She can really change the game because sometimes it’s like you have 3 DPS instead of 2.


Heal and Damage saturation is not the same as critical/acute dmg and healing. Those high numbers are saturation. It does tell a story about how much saturation damage the enemy team is doing, and about how much damage your team is taking, but it doesn’t inherently mean the numbers are actually broken or hugely impactful, just the same as if a winning team stomps the losing team, but the winning team has less stats…

You’re looking at the scoreboard with too much face value. You’re not perceiving the actual story, and you need to pay more attention to what’s going on in front of you.

Just as well, there is not always a Moira in every game. Perhaps in some ranks she is more likely, but that’s not an honest conversation about the bigger picture, just your picture, making it a you problem.


Not really, it’s surprisingly easy to achieve

Moira’s heal is relatively easy ngl, she can dps for 3 minutes, and in 2 minutes she’s already catching with the other support

However damage wise she does 50hp/s, 100 with orb, extremely low

And reasons why moira’s end up with more damage, either they let their team die, so because moira can survive longer and it’s not afking the respawn screen every 10 seconds, of course they’re gonna have more damage


Or 2
Their team just sucks
Which usually leads to the first one anyway

I’d say that moira proofs not that she is broken, because she’s far from that, and dps moira only works up to maybe plat, but rather that staying alive is the most important thing on this game