Don’t nerf Moira’s damage with her rework

Yeah the necrotic orb in beta was awful. I don’t want her to lose what she has currently. It fits with her theme thematically, and is incredibly fun. She just is the lowest picked support in high ranks because of a lack of utility which is what they said they’re trying to fix.


IIRC it was actually better DPS to quick melee. :eye::lips::eye:

I think it was the same experimental that featured Giga Genji. I seem to remember a lot of “uuuuh I think this is too much” in chat from the Genji players while I scrabbled in the dirt to get any damage done as Moira.


I mean I can go thru Ana and Bap’s burst numbers which are also quite impressive. If she’s using Grasp she’s not healing so all those other numbers go away.

Which is interesting because in a close match (where there is not some massive imbalance on one side) I’d much rather see Moira on the opposing team than Mercy.

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Because she doesn’t die when you learn how to properly assassinate.

If you rely on IF or regen to deal with a Moira she has provided more utility then you.

What you fail to realize is that most of Moira’s “CRAZY DAMAGE1!!!11!” is actually trash non lethal damage over time.

She can spam it and accumulate a huge amount of damage done over the course of the game, but majority of that damage acomplished nothing else but feeding enemy team support ult charge


Wait, are they reworking her? Will she get utility now? I’ll finally stop having 0 hours on her!!!

If Moira is a problem in the backline we’re talking about low gold or below.

Not dying = job 1

Moira is not typically farming DPS in the backline - she is usually killing the supports; this is a problem you need to solve and no one is likely to do it for you.

So if you’re low rank and you’re struggling with this Baptiste is the hardest support for Moira to dunk on. His cooldowns alone make the fight take ages and he can yeet to high ground which can leave her standing there looking dumb. Regen is also great because everyone around you gains it which makes everyone a crappy Moira target for a short period of time.

Realistically you should only need regen and a shift to high ground. But the point is Bap is a very tough 1v1 for anyone, incl Moira and is a very good option if you have people bullying the backline - as a way of dealing with them yourself, taking Moira’s cheap agency away and gaining some of your own.


Like she is now?

She heals more than any other support and her DPS is very low.


that isn’t necessarily true, typically you’ll see a Moira with damage similar to a DPS hero on her team but with higher elims. often the DPS hero’s damage is converting to an elim at a lower rate than Moira’s.
obviously it’s way more nuanced than just comparing a few stats, but consider how many targets escape a DPS because they missed or had to reload, whereas a Moira could confirm that kill quite reliably. if an enemy player lives with 1 hp it doesn’t matter that the DPS contributed 98% of the damage, they didn’t get the elim.

So basically you’re saying the dev team learned absolutely nothing from the Necrotic Orb experiment. Crippling her damage potential to shoehorn in utility has been disastrous every time they’ve tried it so far. You can’t reduce her damage any lower and have her be anything other than a suboptimal healbot.


This really. The other two had good points but in practice at least up to plat, Moira is literally the only support hero you can routinely see destroying enemy DPS 1-on-1. Zen too, although to a lesser extent. And Zen takes a ton more skill to play effectively on account of projectiles and no autoaim like Moira, while also having the least healing ability of all support heroes.

A typical support has very low self sustain, and has to rely on passive, health kits or the other support to heal themselves up. Moira can top herself up instantly with her ball, while literally draining health with her attacks. Most supports have a tough time escaping a bad situation, Moira can just invuln-warp her way out of there. And most supports struggle to reliably hit the enemy, they tend to have worse weapons for it, and also require a lot more aim for way less damage. Additionally Moira’s ball absolutely destroys campers and snipers doing an easy up to 200 dmg every 8 seconds (which is extremely low as far as cooldowns go), while all the effort they require of her is one click after which she can just go about her business while that orb does the damage.

Moira has extreme range, DPS, and about the best utility already. The only problem is that her skill ceiling is extremely low, and will eventually be surpassed by people who can reliably score headshots. 2-3 seconds to kill anything that isn’t tanky while outputting the highest heals in your team is ridiculously good, but not if your opponent can kill you in 0.5 seconds.

She is definitely obscenely overpowered in low-mid rankings, on paper and in practice.

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They crippled her damage with previous reworks unintentionally, but crippled her mobility and fun aspects intentionally. Now they promised to keep her flow and core gameplay virtually untouched, but toning her damage a bit to make room for utility.

I don’t think they will go hard with nerfing her damage. There’s hardly anything to nerf before she would just be completely discouraged from doing damage altogether, but I find myself DPSing a lot less in high elo tho

Imo they should target her survivability. She has weird skinny hitbox and 4 ways of self-healing and invincibility from fade. That’s just too much

In fact, moira is supposed to deal with flankers. She’s like brig so I think she’s in a good spot, she’s not supposed to be hard and barely does damage without orb

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Very much arguable in all lower ranks till gold. In those places she just out-damage any other support and often even most of DPS

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I hate saying this, but that’s genuinely a skill problem. The moment she comes against a player who knows how to aim, her damaging ability falls off of a cliff because she just gets deleted when she flanks.

Most low ranks need to realize she’s going to damage you regardless of your movement, so just literally stand still and click her head.

You can’t balance around Bronze/Silver because of the mechanical skill offset.


Did they say they were doing this?

DPS solution to this is play Soldier or Reaper. If Moira kills you as one of these you belong in plat. Mei would also work now that I’m thiniking about it a bit. You need to play something you can stay alive with. This is job 1.

Hell Torb or Sym with turret protection could also work.

If you stay on some high precision hero with no sustain and she just keeps killing you - this is your own stupid fault. Aim is good enough on average in plat to mow Moira down, this should not affect you in plat unless you got there playing gamesense heroes and your aim is really bad.

  • Ana nade + sleep. Moira is typically close enough to land an easy sleep
  • Baptiste - has enough sustain to easily out last Moira’s CD’s it’ll take her forever to kill you. By plat you should be able to aim well enough to get rid of her. Most people just panic and don’t
  • Brigitte - put up your shield and don’t position like a pepega out in the open. Moira can’t out pace Brig up close so you need to force her to get closer (which you can do by moving out of her LoS)
  • Lucio - just peace out or amp heals but I’d wager most Plat Lucio’s probably don’t have the aim to deal with Moira yet so he can really just leave.
  • Mercy - also just leave
  • Moira - you should win this easily as she will likely be down Fade having used it to get in position
  • Zen no real option here but to discord and frag - but that’s his MO

She’s “overpowered” against people who have exceptionally bad aim/position (they too could play heros that do not need a high aim requirement but they don’t). The Moira player is self aware that their aim is bad (or they’ve just learned this behavior getting out of silver/gold) so they play Moira or something that does not rely heavily on mechanics. Those they are killing are not.


Rework? You mean they’re going to make her be easier to kill than she already is. Mercy, Ana, Bap, and Kiriko already are more powerhouse killers than Moira. Why can’t they leave well enough alone?



I don’t agree.
I mean, it would be perfect to have a game balanced at every ranks, but that is impossible for a game like OW, and the biggest chunk of players of the game is Bronze → Gold. I am not saying that the game should be balanced just around low ranks, but for sure it would be stupid to forget about all of those players. Those are the one who make numbers and those are the one who can get frustrated and more likely to leave the game for good.

Also OW2 is born like an Hero shooter FPS were a large spectrum of skill-levels can coexist at the same level. A game were low mechanical gifted players can compete at the same level with players that in other FPS would be just better; that is the reason why Moira exist. So is paradoxical that lower ranks players who hard struggle because of a vice of design are forgotten and can’t benefit from the same vice of design.

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:skull: you wouldn’t believe it though if you judged Moira soley off the forums.

Forum Moira has a 1 shot damage orb, biotic grasp does 150 dps, fade makes her invincible for 10 minutes, Coalescence does 1,000 dps and her healing only does 15 hps