Don’t nerf Moira’s damage with her rework

They said if they give her the utility they’ve been wanting to for a while, they’d have to nerf her damage. But that’s a bad idea. She has the lowest dps in the game already. If she does any less, she’ll just be a worse Kiriko. Every other support already outclasses her in high ranks. Added utility at the cost of making her unable to fight will only ruin her.


I’d rather have more healing than damage with Moira’s design honestly.

She’s like Ana and Bap where playing offensively has it’s ups, but for Moira players like me, we only do it to recharge the gauge.

She’s always been meh at damage too. Dunno why people wanna play DPS Moira when there’s Bap and Ana around already…


Really ? I’d like to paste a link, too bad I can’t. But when a Moira finishes a game with higher damage and higher heal, you clearly have a balance problem with this support. You don’t really have to aim with Moira so it helps a lot. And she doesn’t need to reload.

Agree 100%. She’s support.

Noob Moiras. But when the matchmaking is broken and the team needs less heal, Moira can only focus on DPS so the game is even more broken with 3 DPS on a team.

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It’s not about DPS output specifically but the pressure she applies to enemies. Her damage is low but high consistency, so it’s not lethal but requires attention from enemy healers otherwise they will die which is the point of Moira. As she specializes in long fights.

Doing respectable damage to heal is part of her entire “Give and take” identity and removing it would just kinda destroy the character and make her healbotty.


And yet, she has the most sources of healing:

She doesn’t need damage when she has enough healing to outlast almost everyone on top of her Fade.

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She does low DPS but it’s exceptionally consistent. A lot of people in this game don’t understand the power of consistency; especially on a support. It’s the same reason Mercy is difficult to balance - mechanics that by nature cannot miss or are very easy to apply; but generate quite a lot of value.

That being said, if Moira jumps you at full HP with cooldowns and you die to her - it’s a skill or positioning issue. Play near your supports if this is happening, any support can out heal Moira’s garbage damage and she’ll be out of position and dead.

You end up with this problem at lower ranks where people can’t aim well enough to out pace the little bit of damage Moira is doing and your supports are unlikely to be aware enough of what is going on to turn around and help.

Support is not healbot. More healing, less damage; less agency. We don’t really need more support balanced like this.

I’m not a Moira player but she does not have “too much damage”. Play Baptiste and save your cooldowns for the massively out of position Moira player. Everytime she fades into you backline you’ll have BOTH IF and regen. Moira cannot kill you through either of your cooldowns. She’ll be at it for like 30+ seconds. If she’s allowed to just sit around for all that time everyone is pepega and you go agane? (IDK - there’s only so many things you can do to get around bad positioning and aim and gamesense)

DPS ? Play soldier, save your heal for the out of position Moira.

At the very least these cooldowns should give you time to get help

People do this because they cannot aim; or DPS are on very high mobility heroes and it’s easier to punish with Moira. Moira is worse than Bap at damn near everything.

Bap suffers from clunky heals with some comps - even then you can typically out value a Moira just by applying offensive pressure from angles no one else can easily contest.


Moira is really only a problem if you have really bad aim. OTHERWISE she is really slow, has 1 movement ability that if used to flank now has her out of position with no escape and just her orb. She starts doing damage and people panic and at that point their accuracy goes out the window.

If Moira is a problem, practice shooting Moira. :man_shrugging:t5:


You made such a long text, but I don’t know what are you talking about with your advice against Moira. I play Moira lol.

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I was commenting on some of your statements and disagreeing with the statement that supports should be balanced with more healing less damage.

You’re giving your agency away in exchange for easier gameplay.

Also hoping some of the people who struggle with Moira in the backline read it and stop throwing. Flanking Moira is so easy to deal with but silver players will just sit on crap they cannot aim with that has no sustain of their own and wonder why Moira is walking through them.


This is your invention. I have never said “more healing”, just less damage.

If Moira has less damage, it will be harder, not easier :wink:

If she has bad positioning, bad reflex and a not aware team yeah.

You “100% agreed” with a statement that said…

I’d rather have more healing than damage with Moira’s design honestly

I’m supposed to somehow infer that you actually mean something else?

Anytime you trade ability to do damage to the enemy for the ability to increase your team’s margin for error you lower your own agency. It will be harder to carry but easier to keep your team alive. If your team can capitalize on having a larger margin for error you win, if they cannot you lose.

This is why Mercy can generate a ton of value but has little actual agency.


Reworks translate to, “I’m too inept to properly balance this, so let’s just change the mechanics, to suit my lack of talent”, and I’m tired of it.


I love Bap. He’s my most played character in OW. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like more supports to choose from that have a rapid-fire hitscan attack, and Moira’s right there already. I’d like her to be changed so that both you and me want to play as her.

On top of that, if I want to choose a character that can dump a ton of healing on someone, neither Bap nor Ana have horizontal mobility and it’s not only Push maps that can see me play Walking Simulator™. Fade’s not exactly wall ride but at least it’s something.

So far, the Moira experiments always seem to mess up the existing fun elements of Moira’s kit and replace them with dull ones, so I’m not surprised to hear this.


Right, indeed. IMO, as support I can’t have more damage than damage role, so to me it was just less damage should be more logical for a support. Of course not more healing because she already does a lot. Spreading biotic grasp on team heals 70 hp per second + 35 for 2 seconds + biotic orb 65 hp per second up to 300 hp for all team including her + grasp damage heals herself 24 hp/s…while Mercy heals only one target at 45 hp per second (with 25% for her so 11 hp, almost nothing). When you use well orbs, the heal burst is just insane and lasts for seconds until the next biotic orb CD.

id prefer if all healing got toned down a bit, or made more conditional.
so im all for moira getting a bit more damage focus/utility (while also getting more skill expression with it), and losing some of the sheer sustain.

I suspect they will be looking at her damage orb as that’s the one ability causing the most grief.

Didn’t hear this before . What are they planning to remove / buff / add ? I think Moira doesn’t need an adjust at all .

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She has meh damage? What?

I feel like there is a disconnect here. Up to plat Moira typically does 5-10x more damage than any other healer in the group, while also topping their heals. Meh damage? She’s the only healer consistently doing almost DPS levels of damage, while healing, and remaining largely untouchable thanks to her fade.

I’m sure in super high ranks when people can aim extremely well this will no longer hold true both because Moiras die faster and can no longer compete 1v1, and because the hitscan healers do more damage to the other enemies too. But she is as far away from balanced as can get in low to upper-mid ranks. The “5-10x damage” comment might seem exaggerated, but in a typical match Mercy’s and Kirikos have damage in the hundreds, Baps and Anas have theirs in around 1-2k, while Moira has hers in the 4-5k+ range.

I could easily climb higher if I only played Moira, but she’s so ultra boring and cheap to play and her personality is so far away from what I like that I just can’t stand her. Still when every other healer fails, she’s always the one to pull through.

That’s the one thing that could use a change , she can keep doing dps and it heals her , without a reload .
When does she reload , well “I can’t heal you yet . Hold On” Saying it at frontline to a tank when other team members have fallen .

I don’t think they’ve gone into specifics but given what’s come before, I fear the worst. Doubly so because they don’t seem to “do” experimentals any more. At least I got to try out Suzu-Fade™, Necrotic Orb™ and Sticky Orb™ reworks without them affecting the actual game.

I would guess that the disconnection is that one side is talking about the damage done stat on the scoreboard, while the other side is talking about meaningful damage.

Imagine a QP game where a Moira racks up a zillion damage done on the scoreboard by slapping her purple noodle on the enemy tank all game. On the same team is a Kiriko who goes for kunai dinks during the paper recharge period.

The Moira is going to be doing 50 DPS for the most part, with spikes of 100 DPS when purple orb is also hitting the enemy tank. On its own, though, this damage is easily healed through. If the team doesn’t back up Moira’s play, all it accomplishes is to give Moira and the enemy supports ultimate charge - and while Coal is cool and all, the enemy Ana, Kiriko, Lucio etc. is going to be getting Nano, Kitsune, Sound Barrier etc. They get the better end of the bargain.

Meanwhile, that Kiriko that goes for less reliable damage is going to have a weaker showing on the scoreboard. Either she misses (zero damage) or she goes ahead and gets that sweet, sweet double-dink on the scoped-in enemy Ana and only scores two hundred points as damage done. But that two hundred points is vastly more valuable than Moira’s because it’s taken red team’s Ana straight out of the fight. It’s meaningful damage.


They already nerfed her damage in the one experimental to like 40 or something and it was so bad :woman_standing:

so I already accepted at this point that she’s gonna be trash with some overpowered utility and then they’ll keep nerfing her until she’s useless outside of the ability they give her

it’s so easy to out heal moira damage :woman_standing: I ain’t even scared when an enemy Moira ults because you can just outheal it LOL