Does Genji need help?

I just…

At this point, I think he’s fine.

He’s not as bad as people make him out to be and he certainly isn’t overpowered like people make him out to be.

IMO he’s fine. I’d rather nerf burst hitscan. The hitscan nerf to the heroes that dog on Genji proved to do nothing and were rather useless.


Wdym, you’re arguing he starts to fall of in Diamond which is simply not true. I am stating a fact that in every rank besides GM he is an above average pick. All because a hero isn’t good in EVERY rank doesn’t mean players should be discouraged to play them.


It’s blizzard tho. This will never happen

Probably, honestly. They won’t address them until OW2 probably. :upside_down_face:

Most people start the ladder grind to get to T500 in the first place, or at least GM. Knowing your main of choice will barely take you there isn’t exactly encouraging.

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Blizzard once even said that genji is doing better than people think.

Idk and idc. It’s about genji.

So mcree is more popular?

But he will be a must pick in every rank once we buff him to be better in gm.


I’m not doubting that but I don’t remember them saying that. Probably because I missed that.

I’m also just emphasizing that he’s not overpowered like people make him sound. He’s not meta, he’s not overpowered, even nanoblade can be countered.

I don’t think Genji is overpowered or weak, I think he’s middle ground personally


Again, how is being the 4th most picked DPS in most ranks not enough to get you to GM? The reality is, Genji mains in gold or plat are hardstuck because they aren’t good enough, not because they are ‘discouraged’ by their hero being bad in the top rank which they will never even get to and thats the truth.

If they can’t climb in plat, how would they ever make it to GM to even be worried about Genji’s success in high elo?


Here is the quote.


its more so the opposite.

what genji needs is his ult set so it cant be dmg boosted BUT the rest of his kit buffed.

doing 170 dmg per ‘combo’ is honestly solid, sure its not quick kills but its good enough the dmg boosts and nano’s make it actually worthwhile but in doing so it puts genji in a position where they (bliz) are afraid of buffing his base kit for fear it’ll give him his ult too fast.

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This isn’t automatically the case. Fix his numerous bugs, give him little tweaks and see how it goes. If he’s powercrept like McCree was, then he will be a must in every rank.

That said, this topic was clearly a mistake.

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Yes, you have to make him less forgiving for that to work.


Ah, thanks for sharing that! I didn’t see that before.

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How is genji forgiving? If anything I find him one of the less forgiving DPS compared to ashe, cree, echo, junk, hanzo, etc

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Hmm just today I found Mei’s damage/game stats on Overbuff quite interesting.

I guess you don’t remember what followed.

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And that is?

The “pickrate” stuff does not say something different.

They buffed Soldier and Genji shortly after that, and buffed (mega buffed) Genji again because he was bad compared to other flankers, just as he is now.

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And after that they nerfed genji again because he was dominating in every rank.

(btw at that time genji mains still said that he was too weak.)

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