Does Genji need help?

Exactly. Middle of the pack should be addressed after those all the way at the bottom are.


He never said genji deserved a buff. All he’s asking is how genji is meta or dominating


ya overbuff never lies

Nothing is meta in low-mid tier ranks, however that doesn’t just mean ‘anything is playable’. Unlike other DPS, Genji is actually playable and sees a lot of success.


You just said pick rate fluctuate tho


It’s less about the fact that Genji is playable and played quite a lot in metal ranks and more about the fact that he discourages climbing with him, as he drops off at Diamond and above.


which means i dont lie you feel me?

He doesn’t, he drops off at GM, he’s the 4th most picked in Masters right now. Unless they are in masters, players should not be discouraged to climb with him considering he can be played successfully up to the second highest rank.


So is pickrate is fine everywhere but in gm.

So what’s the issue?


Okay, I’ll clarify then: he starts dropping off at Diamond, completely dropping off at GM. This still doesn’t change that he discourages climbing as opposed to someone like Tracer, who you can climb from Bronze all the way to T500 with if you improve.

His winrate is 46-52% in those #4 ranks.

His mains have essentially all abandoned him.

He’s never used in any capacity in OWL.

Not wonderful signs.


They also played rein/zar when it was trash.

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yeah eaxcaccly ------00

So it’s decent.


No hero should be #1 pickrate in every rank. Genji is almost close to that in every rank but gm and bronze.

So then it’s not meta, it’s low rank players being bad at the game and only good at certain tanks.

I wouldn’t call #4 close. Also he could be the worst hero in the game and he would still be high in all ranks. Remember how hanzo was an absolute meme a few years ago because nobody could get value on him but people kept one tricking and instalocking him?

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But he doesn’t. He doesn’t drop off until GM, he remains the 4th most picked DPS in Masters.


And why would that be?

DvA, the most popular tank, had a low pickrate in almost every rank when she was considered as “useless”.

Genji always needs healing

If I remember correctly, Shadder actually took a break from Overwatch entirely because Genji is in such a bad state. Only example I can think of currently, haven’t slept.

McCree is still #1 in pickrate in every rank, and Genji is a very popular character, arguably one of the most identifiable in Overwatch. Regardless, you’re misunderstanding me - I don’t want Genji to be a must-pick, I just want him to be good and feel better than he does currently. Playing him currently feels like pulling teeth with rusty pliers.

This is going to be the cherry you pick?

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Part of it is because rein/zar have always been the kings of metal ranks in the tanks. Also what was her pick rate in all rank when she was useless?