Do you see OW2 surviving till 2025?

I see it surviving much longer than 2025.

Doomers thought the game was dead on arrival, then it changed to dead after a month, then 3 months, then 6 months, then a year, the date just keeps getting pushed back because OW2 isn’t dying at all :laughing:


We have had this same discussion every week since like 2018, and every time the goalpost keeps moving. Just say you WANT the game to fail and be done with it.

“Will Overwatch survive until ̶2̶0̶1̶9̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶1̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶2̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶3̶ 2024?”

And as always, the answer is YES. The game will never reach the peaks it reached in 2016-2017, everyone knows that. But it has always maintained a core loyal playerbase that has stuck through even during the worst of times. The game wouldn’t have survived the content drought of 2020-2022 without those players.


There are zero signs of OW struggling at all. I think its all wishful thinking from some doomers. OW comes up constantly in the top in terms of sales in steam alone, while steam only has like 20% of the PC playerbase. Couple that with the relative PC player numbers and you have a healthy playerbase.

So OW has more than enough players and makes makes money… seasons improve the game more and more and we just survived 3 years of nothing as a P2P game.

TLDR: OW will outlive most games.


Buddy, players have been calling “dead game” since 2016, yet here we are still talking about it.

Every valid statistic we have available to us has suggested otherwise.

If Microsoft is smart they will start working on the full pve content again. The good will for this team was shattered when they cancelled full pve and that is probably their best move for a recovery.

are you actually serious?


BALANCED!/? THE MM is so broken rn that comp is not even playable

Comp works fine. You just get tilted when you play.

MAN, can someone tell me how to block a user, this guy is so annoying

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I expect it to be going as well as ow2 development since its announcement in 2019

I mean its as good as any bethesda game on release in the past decade or so.

They were never good with facial animations you could see the memes of skyrim oblivion release to this day on yt.

i dont know why people expected better and compare it gta witcher etc.

The whole reason witcher succeeded so well was that they did all the things bethesda did wrong as right.

Bethesda has a single template since oblivion, like ubisoft all their games feel the same with cosmetic changes.

The biggest advantage they have is the modder community behind their games that always uplift them.


You are one of these people that blame the match maker when it isn’t the issue.

Direct the blame at the correct things, easier to solve problems then.

True 'nuff, still, I got some faith in new devs if they’re left to do their work. I mean look what happened when they left a small team alone to do what they want, we got Apex Legends lol

If Paladins is surviving, of course OW2 will. Maybe it’s not a good game, but it certainly will not die. This game has years to come before it becomes somewhat stagnant, and even then, it will always have players.

I don’t even forsee any competition in the coming years. It’s like nobody wants to develop a game like this.

the matchmaker is most definitely a problem these days, with many players noting improper groupings of high ranked players with low ranked players on a recurring basis

I am not sure.
They have proven that they can’t solve basic issues and do the opposite of what their customers want.

Really the only thing keeping Overwatch relevant is the competition sucks just as bad.

It’s not exactly thriving…
It also hasn’t grown at all on Steam… which is really bad.

I"m sure it will be in maintenance mode in the next 2-3 years.

As if that matters.

Steam was a tiny % of players. Some jumped over there under the belief the game performed better.

Battlenet functions perfectly fine, so of course it would tail off.

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OW will last at least another 5-7 years at minimum not sure why people think this game will magically lose the people who play it everyday and spend hundreds on the store in months

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Just look at how big the prize pool was for the OWWC. Which was funded by people buying the World Cup packs and skins and stuff. It was well over $500,000 (which is a small cut of the revenue)

Imagine how much the game makes if they release one borderline ok Mercy skin.

Or any skin that shows a bit of flesh. The weirdos in this community love that stuff.

MM is working as intended. I’m going to repeat this ad neaseum. The MM is there to manipulating us, not make fun matches.

Its disgusting what Blizzard is doing and I think it needs to be regulated.