Do the overwatch devs actually look at the forums?


Do the overwatch devs actually look at the forums for feedback, or do they just respond when they feel like they have too?


I don’t think a lot of devs look at the forums. They might have someone employed specifically for it though. But they hardly ever make posts due to the backlash it usually causes. And I don’t mind their absence or silence, at least then I don’t get disappointed as often.


Nope, but Seagull makes a video they stop what they are doing and do what he wants


Yes. They are so underhanded they go back and edit their comments out of their posts when they lie about how reworks like Symmetras are supposed to function after seeing backlash in the comments. Case in point, go check the big post on ptr on Symmetra, check the top right it’s been edited twice. There is probably something on the internet to go back and see the unedited posts too.


They have a good grasp at the game (aside from this weird McCree Buff) and probably know what they’re doing. They’ll probably keep us in mind but mostly focus on stats.


Jeff does all the time

I bet they even sit around the office and print out their favorite posts, or most the helpful suggestions on the wall for easy reference :wink:


Look at some of the responses and odd hostility you have in just this topic alone.

In my opinion at least, that serves as a decent enough reason why they just keep an eye on things, edit posts, and ban, and rarely ever communicate.


Infrequently, I think. If you look, most of them actually have very low Posts Read counts compared to the mountains of material on the forums–less than some of the larger threads out here. I think they occasionally log on, and if they see a post that’s not too intimidating and got something they’re wanting to share talking points about, they’ll comment. Otherwise, they tend to leave it alone.


I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t do it.

These forums are a cesspool.


This is likely true, however, I’m not sure how connected they are with their primary player-base. I feel like the entire company is drifting away from their players and the games seem to cater more and more towards the few rather than the many, which is really bad for the game and the company. I kind of feel like they desperately want Overwatch to be a viable e-sport that it is no longer for a casual and diverse player-base, which was how the game was marketed initially.


Not that bad, go on 4channel or Reddit and try having a discussion


Normally yes, but it’s christmas.

Expect them back after new year’s.


No, Apparently not, But they know better than to talk with actual players, obviously somehow. -.-

And honestly i don’t think they like us.


Well they focus on a pro league that not even half the fanbase watch so yeah


Probably they do not, and can you blame them?


Were the developers on the forums much before? Back in 2016/2017.


They probably look at them every now and then to remind themselves of why they shouldnt.


I think sometimes that they shouldn’t. There’s a certain poster going around asking for buffs and Zen nerfs…




I hope they don’t