Do the overwatch devs actually look at the forums?


The only person that frequently read the official forums overall was Michael Chu back when the stats were public.

When level design changes were being in play the level design lead was quite active.

The balance team and overall people in charge have always been mostly MIA.


No, a couple weeks ago someone made a thread basically asking him or anyone else to pop out and say hello, so he did? They also had a developer update where he read some posts he liked and shared them with us, like actual proof he exists


im telling you who is looking at it right now, the lonely guy who is closing threads for “not being constructive” even though they always has been they way they were. Even simple suggestion got locked…


Wasn’t it a long time ago? (the part he read is he posts and commented on them)
I think I saw a YouTube video of him doing that but it was back in 2016/2017 or so


Oh yep, no that’s right it was awhile ago. Well i’m sure he’s around somewhere


Lurking in the shadows


at least on their official accounts
and they prefer to speak to us on different platoforms than their freaking own for some unknown reason
only Michael loggs in and it says he was active… BUT before they decided to hide their profiles i was looking at activity statistics… and you can imagine it didnt look good

they log in, one thread checked, 2-3 posts red… and thats it for few days or a whole month
no likes,
no comments,
no answers,
no activity,
no polls,
no ‘hey thats interresting we will chek it out’
no roasts
no memes
no gifs
no laughs
no info on what they are working on
no info what they scrapped
no involvement in community

they prefer to be on reddit, twater, fecebook or twatch instead of their own platform


“Than these forums” (these are your/our forums jeff)- is disassociating language. He wants nothing to do with us.


He’s got 97 posts total on these forums…

Also, he talks like a brand new player who should probably have a few warnings/suspensions on his account by now.


Have you noticed that the dev forum profiles are hidden now? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

All we want is decent open communication with them, but i think they are afraid of us being right.


To be fair to them- out of the two other communities I’ve been apart of before but those devs barely ever participated on their own forums and responded more often on what I’d call “safe” sites like reddit where there tends to be a general more “dudebro everythings sweet” vibe.

I think it’s a dev thing. It’s sad it probably happens with every game but despite the same mistake being made over and over; the devs don’t listen to the advice of the people who put thousands of hours into their game just cos they made it.

If I make a game and I see someone playing it a hundred times better than I ever imagined it being possible to play- I’d have the common sense to listen to them



I’m not going to claim i know better than Jeff, but…
I have 790+ hours on the game, you can see my post count of continued open and direct conversation with those who play the game, and i kinda care about game balance?

But no…

He thinks the forums paint a pretty bad picture of how the game really is.
As if he’s ya know… talked here.


No. Posting on the forums has never been a Blizzard dev strength.


Clearly. Did you miss how they gutted Doomfist & left him to bleed out? Only the forum crybabies could’ve put a thought like that in their heads.


Balancing off the forums is a terrible idea, honestly.


Is he wrong? I don’t think so. Seriously, I mean it. “Genji is in every game! He’s so OP! Nerf him!” is a common claim here, despite it literally being 100% incorrect objectively and statistically. They whine off of extremes, listing things that hardly ever happen and using at a justification for a nerf. They ignore the downsides, refuse to accept statistics, and then beg for the DPS flavor of the month to be nerfed. It’s absurd.


To OP: somebody not long ago says they didn’t read most of the forums when you look at their total posts read. But idk if we can still see their profile currently.

It’s forbidden to share this fact here, watch out for the pitchforks lol.


Common claims are one thing…

Megathread’s 10k+ long with active discussion?

Now that’s another.


Right, but we are talking about the forums as a whole. If you looked at the forums as a developer, it would make sense to ignore it.


I’m not going to sugar coat it.

You’re one person among tons of others, you come off as entitled and demanding. Congrats, you put tons of hours into this game… So have others.

Tell me, when there are likely piles of other more important things to do, ask yourself, why would someone stop to talk with a person like that?

You’re not looking for a discussion, you’re looking for an argument unless someone validates your arrogance.


If you looked at the forums as a developer, you wouldn’t browse the forums like a normal person.

You would probably sort by replies, which brings up the most popular and active threads.

Now my simple question to you is…

What would a developer see first if they sorted by replies, other than developer made threads?