Do I need 140Hz to playing Mercy?

Hello, this can be weird question, but I think it´s between those covered details what many ppl don´t think about. Im sure you have seen many videos on YouTube and gameplay there looked so smooth. I like to play Mercy, but I have to almost permanently turning around and looking for my teammates, checking enemies, their abilities and it´s so fast, that I can barely see what is happening on the screen. Additional I don´t have Freesync, because I have Nvidia card with Freesync monitor. So Im asking if those 140Hz are big issue, because I didn´t have experience with it yet. Thanks !

60hz will work just fine for any Overwatch play.

A higher refresh rate is always preferable though.

You can always try overclocking your monitor too.


Look 140+ Hz gonna be the best investment you’ll ever make for your gaming experience.


Actually I have 75Hz monitor and Im playing on 130-150fps, but I see obviously only those 75, additional my Freesync is not working, because of Nvidia card. I did try turn V-Sync on and it was smoother, but screen looked like swimming. SO I had to turn it off.

144+hz monitors are one of those things that I’d still label a hard luxury.

If you have money to throw around, go ahead, but they also require a stronger PC to actually generate the framerates those monitors are capable of supporting, so at least consider what your current max FPS is before buying.

That said, I have a 165hz monitor and while my PC is getting on in years, I can still get 100-150 in Overwatch and other games. It’s one of those things that once you experience, it’s hard to go back to a lower refresh rate monitor. The smoothness is really nice, and at least in my case I have a G-Sync capable monitor which eliminates any screen tearing as well.

I wouldn’t say you’ll see some pronounced improvement in your play, but it might provide a minor one, and the overall experience is more enjoyable regardless of any mechanical improvement.

Vsync introduces large amounts of input lag (swimming sensation) turn that off for sure.

Obviously the 140hz+ monitor will benefit you, but I’d also look into squeezing out a little more power out of your rig via your GPU’s control panel. Also again just because freesync is off, you also might want to look into overclocking your monitor to see what frequencies you can squeeze out of it. Might surprise you.

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Yes it makes the way shes shakes her hips while dancing more fluid.

No you don’t need that for mercy.

If you would play widow or something like that maybe.

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Definitely not. Higher refresh rate is nice, but the difference in your performance on a 60hz monitor compared to 144hz is negligible. It’s maybe like a 3% increase in performance, at most.

Maybe if you get to GM and want to push your score that tiny bit further, sure, it’ll probably help, but the situation you describe doesn’t really have that much to do with your screen and more to do with your attention span.

The solution there is to just play more. The more you play, the more you’ll be able to do tasks subconsciously, so you’ll be able to keep track of the game better.

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To me it comes down to whether you ever feel like you have been at a disadvantage because of your current monitor. Also if you watched those youtube videos on your 75hz monitor there should be absoloutely no difference. Also youtube videos are capped at 60fps anyways so youtube videos should look less smooth than your current monitor. But if you feel you need it then I would reccomend you go to something like a gaming cafe with 144hz monitors available and you can compare and see if it helps you with your problems.

to perform at your highest level, a 30hz monitor with the capability to give output with colors will work. You are not gonna be doing any aim or anything.

The higher your fps the easier it is to keep track of fast moving objects, IE a genji flipping over your head, a doomfist flying back, a tracer blinking around. When something only is shown to you for a couple frames its harder to know their expected acceleration/direction/speed.

Once I upgraded to a 144 from a 60 I was able to much better keep track of a Genji flipping over it to that it was predictable, before it was hard as there just wasn’t enough input to know where he went. Whether or not this is relevant to you, you decide.

You’d be suprised how much more often you die when you can’t react fast enough, she doesn’t need to aim, but she needs to know where someone is to dodge.

I reached the top 100 Mercys in the world with 60hz , you don’t really need if you react fast , maybe with the pistol , but , if you pracitce enough with the pistol you are not gonna miss any shot

no don’t be silly… you need 240hz… BECAUSE MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER!!!
(I am basically the upgrade fairy just to point out my bias)

Well do be honest it kind depends on if your a useless one trick or not… and what else you play and how good your GPU is…

Also the secondary secondary gaming rig at my parents place is not powerful enught!!! that also needs fixing!

frankly i cant ever see myself ever gaming on anything under 27" 1440p 144hz…

BUT I WANT 240!! i have like 165Hz on my secondary gaming rig which annoys me! my home rig needs more power!!! MORE POWER!!!

And more importantly what sync technology comes with the screen and at what resolution?!!!

It’s primarily better experience, about actual performance it’s more arbitrary especially with Mercy and other non aim base heroes.

well your not flick shooting… but you still benefit from quick reaction times in evading people…

but again you need a GPU that cranks out the frame rate to go with it… and you may need to lower graphics a bit…

144hz is pretty cheap for 24" 1080p screens so i see no reason not toy buy one of those if you dont mind a smaller screen… going to 27" and above it get more expensive… though again if its 1080p it may work out ok… but then your image isn’t as sharp and you may not see as much detail…

More frames at higher resolution means more info… giving you a bit more time to react…


I think I heard that even sinatraa ( owl dps player) was playing on a 60hz monitor when he got picked up for a team. After getting a 144hz monitor his play obviously improved but the point i’m making is its not as important as people make it out to be. I personally still play on 60hz and its fine.

You do get objectively faster output(between frames) on the monitor, how much it help the player with non shooter mechanics that is more arbitrary.

I do tho recommend that for everybody who playing games as 144hz user, but primarily for experience.

HERETIC! upgrading is a way of life! who cares if it’s a super big help or not MORE POWER!!!

Like you get that irresistible upgrade itch… it nags at you… time and time again… you have to upgrade that part… then use the old part to upgrade your second rig… and the parts in that to upgrade your 3rd and 4th and 5th and so on…
Everything gets so much stronger!

There is nothing as sweet as new hardware :two_hearts:

And a $600 gaming chair.