Do I need 140Hz to playing Mercy?

You absolutely don’t need anything that players of mechanically advanced heroes need.

I resorted to only playing Mercy for 2 years because I had a crap PC, still I made it to GM on several occasions, with 40fps every fight.

Mercy just doesn’t need that much attention and awareness to be played even on an effective level.

You could play Mercy blind

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Gzus, DUDE OML I CANT AHAHAHA :rofl::rofl:

I’m sure someone already mentioned this, but just to reinforce, nvidia does support freesync right now.

Wrong, freesync can now be enabled on all 10XX and 20XX cards, enable freesync on your monitor and you should see it identified as a G-Sync monitor in nVidia Control Panel. As for your question, I recommend 144hz for any hero regardless, you literally see more information on your screen.

Won’t really make a difference for Mercy. May help with hitscans if you’re duelling Tracer/Genji, but not much else.
Visually the difference between 144 and 60hz is about as big as going from 40 to 60, but the actual difference in your gameplay won’t be that big.

Would still recommend it for everything anyway, because it looks much nicer.

There is absolutely no reason to invest in a 144 hz before you play competetive fps games (Some like CSGO) or heroes alike in OW, so most hitscans and flickshooting heroes.

Otherwise you might as well get what ever else on your wish list. Even a 4k monitor if all you are gonna do is play Mercy, provided you have a good enough pc to run it.

And a $600 gaming chair.

Only if it comes with RGB otherwise what’s the point?!

I don’t think you need that much, of course if you want to expend your money on it it’s ok, but I don’t think it’s a must.

My monitor accidentally went back to 60hz refresh rate the other day and I noticed it immediately!!

It felt like the whole game was lagging and jarring??
It felt like the game was simply not running properly, as if my computer wasn’t good enough the run the game or something.

The best description is probably when you run a super intensive game and only get like 30fps. You notice the frame per frames are jarring.

It is the exact same going from 60hz to 144hz, it is impossible to go back once you do!

depends on if you are planning to use her gun or not.

IMO you don’t need it for heroes like these that don’t require much aim, 144hz are a must for DPS and some tank players.
Think that i even play with an LG Flatron F900P (19" 4:3 CRT monitor, i hope to pick a 21" Sun GDM-5410) at 140hz with a stretched 720p

Yes I heard that, but only some monitors yet. Unfortunately, not mine.

PS. I have this info from Nvidia support. There is a list with all suported FreeSync monitors as well.

NVIDIA’s list covers only the “approved” monitors, which is a BS seal of quality, not actual support. It’s mostly NVIDIA trying to sell you G-Sync.

It should work with any FreeSync-able monitor.

It helps a lot when defending yourself against Genji/Tracer at close range

I dont see problem there, because my Picture is still when Im using pistol. It´s starting to be worse, when I will start looking for my teammates and checking whole situation on the battlefield. When Im turning camera too fast it´s not smooth yet. Maybe its tearing, because of that non-synergy between graphic card and monitor. I will try change it and see if that was problem.