Disappointed in you guys

Really disappointed in those of you speaking against the name change. Not only is it completely valid given the monster he’s named after, but Blizzard are also ensuring it stays true to the lore by building on his character rather than stripping parts away.

In the mean time, I’m going to be logging off the forums to avoid this toxic mess for the next couple weeks.

As Andy put very well:


People are speaking out because it’s obviously just virtue signalling. We all know Blizzard is still full of scumbags. Changing the name is pointless.

EDIT: okay, let’s change the name. What does that accomplish when a) the games are still trash b) the people are still trash c) Kotick is still there. It’s a completely hollow gesture.

I think some people might be able to relate to this: I’d rather someone genuinely and openly act as a bad person towards me than deceptively and falsely act like a good person towards me. And the latter is what Blizzard does, all the time.


Its not like its going anywhere lmao


It’s a matter of feelings on both sides and someone’s feelings on this aren’t wrong. They’re both valid positions to take. It just so happens that Blizz has made a decision. If people want to throw a fit because of that then I say let them. Personally, I had an opinion of what they should do and it looks like they’re going that route. I wouldn’t have started crying or insulting the other side if I didn’t get my way or threaten to leave the game :yum:.

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I mean have you seen this community? lol

Have you played ranked? Why does extreme tone deafness and toxicity surprise you in this community


didn’t know the character was named after anyone. apparently the guy is related to a companies civil lawsuit? which i dont understand. if he committed any actual crimes wouldn’t he have been arrested and be facing actual criminal prosecution?


Read the lawsuit, then you might know more.


Because its just a name. Is anyone named Jeffrey due for a name change because Jeffrey Dahmer exists?


You are legally required to change it to Geoff

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The thing is that, renaming the character is the wrong thing to do and anyone who supports it is misguided. I am disappointed in you and people who support this huge mistake because it sets up a dangerous precedent, nevermind the implications of this. Most people will call him McCree I included because is the right thing to do and it will create chaos and confusion but it will be Blizzard’s fault for making such a big mistake.


why should I. its a civil lawsuit, the max that can happen is the company is fined for some regulatory infraction (if its even proven). if any actual serious crimes had happened it would have been dealt with via criminal prosecution.

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Just glad content has been delayed to kowtow to ice crystals that have achieved sufficient size… /s


He was in a disgusting group chat and turned a blind eye to what was occurring within.
There’s nothing public on what he said but the presence alone is something no one rightfully wants to be associated with.

If the devs are no longer comfortable with the name, they’re free to change it.

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My man out here turning a blind eye to reality, I see.

my man out here thinking civil cases are the same as criminal cases, I see.


Quote where I stated such?

They haven’t make public statements in regardings of the real predators or fire the big heads behind it. That’s why people complain. Changing a hero’s name doesn’t fix any of those issues.

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these people don’t know anything about it. the guy took a picture with his colleagues in their green room at Blizzcon and made 1 out of context comment in a private group chat to his work friends… literally no one knows anything more about any of this and they’re claiming this McCree guy is ‘disgusting’ or worse due to him being literally 1 of 5 screencapped messages.


how does opening the 30th thread about it help? Especially if you do not intend to take part in the… “discussions”?
You could have very well commented somewhere else. :eyes:

Monster? Has new evidence come to light?I’m seriously confused. He wasn’t a good individual by all means but maybe you should try to be less dramatic. Or go back to Twitter, they like drama over there. Considering 99% of players didn’t even know he was named after this person why the hell does it matter now.