Disappointed in you guys

Its damage control

Not much to it


It’s the Overwatch forums. People make threads about stuff. What’s your point?

Especially when the dude wasn’t related to the actual assaults it seems

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Just because its not fixing THE problem doesn’t mean its not fixing A problem. Changing the name was a start, and its a good one.

Or maybe people are alittle disappointed because this seems like a empty gesture? Most people don’t even know that Mccree was named after the developer, and this will just put another delay on OW2 because the VA’s have to redo lines.

People want changes made by the higher management and HR, a name change for one character out of 32, just because the name is loosely involved with someone who “allegedly” was involved with the lawsuit, doesn’t help that, atleast in my eyes.

And I’m really disappointed in you for thinking there is any need at all to change the name of one of Overwatch’s most iconic and loved characters. This is beyond ridiculous that anyone wants this or thinks it needs to happen. Jesse McCree is an Overwatch character! He has nothing to do with what goes on in the real world.


People can not be for it. It’s the people who are demeaning those who aren’t vehemently against it, and those insulting the people by mocking “triggers” that do it for me.

It’s one thing to be like “Eh, I don’t know if this is a genuine and authentic move, or necessary”. It’s another to say things like, “This is PR. This is dumb. Thanks snowflakes, love that you cater to the morons”.

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EXACTLY this. The sheer amount name-calling and inflammatory language in general being thrown against the change disgusts me. If someone wants to be taken seriously, then they should express their opinion in a calm, mature fashion. Mouthing off and spewing insults everywhere tends to have the opposite effect.

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He was directly influenced by someone in the real world, though.

Immortalizing things in the game after real people is always a risky thing.

And time will eventually distance him from that. Besides that, it doesn’t matter. The name itself is a very fitting and iconic name for the character. The CHARACTER was not inspired by that guy. There is no point in changing his name which is part of his legacy.

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To be fair, they’re both pretty busted so the name is fitting.

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They felt the need to. And honestly there’s a lot of facets to it. I’m sure it being a PR move is also a reason for it.

I’m a victim of attempted rape. I can confidently say that stuff like this helps nothing. Nobody cares.

This helps literally nothing. This is obviously a smokescreen to anyone who looks at the whole picture.

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First my parents, and then you too? I almost disappoint myself. Almost.

Can someone fill me up about what the real Jesse McCree ever did for him to be cancelled and whether or not any allegations - except the C0$by shrine - have actually been proven?

This basically.

Coming from blizzard who’s literally been shredding important documents regarding the lawsuit so even worse stuff doesn’t get out, it’s little more than a pr stunt.

I can emphatise with the team if they want to distance themselves from the newfound information that irl Mccree is not a good guy and I can ultimately respect their decision to go forward with the name change (even if I don’t personally like it), but changing his name isn’t going to be meaningful in terms of actually changing the company for the better and it feels insincere.

Considering the company knew what kind of man Mccree was since 2013… maybe the Overwatch team didn’t know because they didn’t interact much, but higher ups definitely did.


It literally doesn’t matter. Nothing gets better for the women in who work there (specifically on the WoW team), no one at the top gets sacked, the woman who killed herself isn’t back…

People spent all their energy on protesting the name of a character when that employee was already fired, and forget actual issues. I don’t care about the name change, I care that people think this was an issue in the first place. A lady killed herself at Blizzard due to harrasment, what’s changing Mcree’s name to Joel do to make sure that doesn’t happen again?


Having a differing opinion from yours doesn’t mean anyone is toxic… it just means you disagree with them and that’s okay.

You are of course free to stay off the forums… that’s all you really would’ve had to do, didn’t need to make some big show of it.

But like us, you’re entitled to your opinion and can handle this in whatever way suits you. Good day!

Yes, distracting people from the fact that they’ve been shredding evidence. That’s the reason, and it worked.

Possibly. I can thankfully hold two pieces of information in my head at once. :smiley: