Director’s Take: Addressing Unapproved Peripherals on Consoles

Director’s Take: Addressing Unapproved Peripherals on Consoles

This week’s Director’s Take addresses playing fair on console platforms.

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The Future of Mouse and Keyboard for Console

We recognize that many players use unapproved peripherals to enable input devices they simply prefer overall. So, we have started discussing whether we can add official mouse-and-keyboard support to consoles in a way that doesn’t give these players an unfair advantage over their controller counterparts. Right now, for Competitive, console players play in a separate pool from PC. So, in order to allow console players who would like to use a mouse and keyboard legitimately, we would make sure they would be able to play in Competitive matches only with other mouse-and-keyboard users and without the benefit of aim assist.

Yes please this is exactly what we need!

I would love to be able to use MKB on my PS5 as I find using a mouse to be much more comfortable than a controller!

I think it would be brilliant if mouse and keyboard could be supported natively for both PS5 and Xbox Series and players can be sorted into different pools depending on the input method so there is no competitive advantage gained - I believe other games like Fortnite do this as well and this would be absolutely perfect especially as Xbox Cloud Gaming is starting to support mouse and keyboard as well!

We also need FOV slider for console or just have FOV locked at 103 so that there’s no console disadvantage as well as the ability to “allow frame tearing” to reduce input lag when using mouse and keyboard!



I hope this what I think it is. If so, I cant believe its finally here.

Edit: This is fantastic for the game, and it might actually get me to grind comp. for the first time since Season 4 of OW1.

If they reverted the global hitscan/ projectile size increase, I would say this is the best state the game has ever been in.


Long story short, starting in season 11, XIM is now considered cheating and reportable (they already have data from higher ranked players who are commonly reported for using the device) and they are going to ban “the worst offenders” for one week from competitive play and disable the aim assist for mouse and keyboard. If you play quickplay without the device, the ban will be reversed. They are looking at making it so that mouse and keyboard players only play against one another and official support for it on console.


High ranked players? Okay that’s fine anyone can beat gold timmy using a Xim.

But Imma tell you right now those perma bans need to start IN DIAMOND if y’all say your gonna give the most aggressive bans to higher ranked players the ximming starts right in diamond that’s when it goes CRAZZZYY! Maybe high plat as well.

But diamond and up it gets WILD.


:+1: :exploding_head:


:horse_racing: :horse_racing: :horse_racing: :horse_racing:

They are finally doing SOMETHING about this!!!

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:



Going to be hilarious see top 500 start in gold after 95% of Masters + ends up banned.


Ahh, yess, very good. It’s all finally coming together, maybe now the rats will be exterminated. Gooood


They didn’t specifically mention diamond but they did say bronze-plat have been way less detected in use, so diamond could still see some actioning.

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Oh I know they didn’t specifically say it I didn’t say they did, Im just saying that’s where it really starts.


Pretty sure it will happen in all ranks, but they just meant that it will have the most impact in higher ranks as that’s where it is most common.
Could be wrong though.

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As far as the possibility of giving console legit mkb options, y’all just need to stop dividing console v PC pool, and instead just make it controller or mkb pool. Mkb with no aim assist against each other regardless of platform, and controller with aim assist all together regardless of platform.


As a GM on console this is the BEST news I have ever received from this game. I just know half the T500 leaderboard will be gone next season which makes me smile with gleam. Thank you blizzard even knowing this took WAAAAAAY to long to happen I’m still absolutely joyful. Bye bye cheaters :partying_face:


I knew it I knew it I knew it. The last few seasons with the little changes have been data collecting notions to FINALLY get rid of ximmers in console lobbies. I told you guys it was gonna happen.

No more no recoil soldiers. Less cheaters in general. This is the greatest thing that will happen for the game. Best of all the mnk ximmers will have to play in lobbies with other ximmers. Finally the cheaters will get what they deserve :slight_smile: we did it bois.


I don’t understand why they don’t just disable aim assist and move these consoles into the pc queue where they belong / want to be.
Rather than having PC games and console games, have Mouse+keyboard games and controller games.


Seems backwards to suddenly permanently ban people for using XIM devices now, but then allow and segregate them starting in S11. They should segregate the players out immediately as a warning first. If splitting the XIM users out immediately isn’t feasible, then they should do a season ban instead of permanent.

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GOOD CALL blizz!! Now if you guys could NOT SKIP ADDING GYRO SUPPORT as well we’d be in great standing!

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this game, so please don’t leave the non switch gyro users in the dark. It’s a FANTASTIC middle ground and should not be overlooked!



I’ll believe it after I see posts from those people on the forums


Dude it’s the exact reason us console players don’t really struggle with Soldier that much like PC players even tho we should.

If a Soldier who isn’t recolling like Crwzy he’s either A a soilder main or that insert blizzard friendly word here is ximming!


How does one go about demonstrating an accessibility need?

Also, I’m glad to see the punishment is a separate queue but also a bit disappointed that they didn’t implement the separate queue for quitters instead of the time out.

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