Director’s Take – Reflections on Overwatch 2

Director’s Take – Reflections on Overwatch 2

Join Game Director Aaron Keller as we take a look at the last six months of Overwatch 2 and where the game stands today

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  • Season 3 almost done, and Season 4 is soon
  • Reviewing topics from the last 6 months
  • Working on improving communications, and trying to do even better. (Note: Doing a Great Job on this)
  • Would like to publish a Roadmap, will talk more about it in April
  • Support heroes have felt “picked on”, so they made it easier for Supports to deal with Flankers
  • Something something Mercy Guardian Angel changes in Season 4??? Some sort of Mercy changes.
  • One Punch Man Collab went well.
  • Hoping to show off another collab later this year.
  • No longer doing SR decay each season
  • Maybe have a yearly SR reset?
  • New feature in Season 4, will be able to see something that makes it clearer when climbing ladder in Ranked
  • Looking for make sure that players feel the gameplay-reward loop feels satisfying.
    • Improved XP gain to help with this. (Note: The current event also gives out a ton of XP, which is good)
  • Adding back On-Fire system
  • Later this year will have individual hero progression systems, this will replace Level based progression
  • Season 4 coming soon, probably April 11th-ish

Not sure what they mean by Mercy being overcorrected, does that mean a nerf is incoming or a revert? If they do decide to nerf her current heavy heals, it’s going to have a domino effect, neutering her ability to do anything but pocket.


Plz buff junkerqueen. Where are your reflections on the state of junkerqueen. You can’t leave her like this. Plz finish the job and balance her.


Well, devs could listen to us in the first place, but that is a dub anyway


it ain’t hero 37 but i’ll take it. Thank you Aaron for the communication each seasons.
I’m surprised they mention people complaining about the lack of communication cause its been stronger than it has ever been compared to ow1.


Please, genuinely, do something with the game so the roles actually have to do what they are supposed to. Supports can make space easier than Tanks, Tanks can kill confirm better than DPS. The blame always goes to the wrong place.

Besides that, really, just get it together. Almost everyone i knew left the game because they’ve got tilted by the state of it. I too only remained so they get the XP boost for the Battle Pass.

I want this game to be better but i only see a death spiral right now.


The context is about the changes they made to give supports survivability, in which “overcorrected” would mean giving too much survivability. However Guardian Angel was just nerfed so it’s kind of confusing. Maybe they meant they overcorrected with sympathetic recovery, maybe they meant over-nerfed GA.

“Another large Collab later this year”

Biggest things I see coming up later this year are either Attack On Titan or Marvel

I don’t know what to imagine as a “large” collab. This collab was a shop update. I’ve thought we are getting an event mode at least. Something that reflects the anime characters power.


Great update! Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us informed. Keep it up!


Where is our preview for the next hero? Season 4 starts in less than 2 weeks.


please bring back fun stat cards at the end of matches that players can vote for


I read this to mean a nerf, but could be either way I suppose.

Largely agree with you, thinking if they nerf her it’s going to really kill her off for a bit outside of damage boost pocketing, which I think most players agree is super lame.

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In the next two weeks probably. The season starts around april 11th? i think?

The pessimistic answer is they overcorrected with adding the slingshot mechanic in beta. The CD increase was perhaps their first quick n dirty attempt at fixing it. I’m expecting either another nerf in season 4, or a different nerf replacing the CD increase.

I appreciate these communications.

One piece of feedback for the battlepass feeling unrewarding - please get rid of souvenirs! They are such a waste of a battlepass tier and I feel like it’s simply a filler. I never have, nor will I ever, equip one and rarely see anyone do…


What about Street Fighter? They’ve shown interest for it and a new game of the mainline series is releasing this year.





More crossovers inbound. Ronald McJunkrat would be very epic

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