The devs are bunch of gaslighters

It’s surprising, as in competitive game, everything can become subject for competition. Skins, ranks, even nicknames.

When it comes to figuring out, who is better, nothing is off the table.

Of course, gaming companies are happy to oblige, by offering better skins, nickname changes and other stuff. Not for free, obviously. And with players being determined to prove, that they are better, than everyone else, it’s easy money.

What used to be best skin in the game, tomorrow can become just another skin in growing pile of “not to use” skins, as something even better and more shiny was released.

Bingo. If a game starts off with not having rewards and people just play it because it’s fun then they’re going to continue playing it because it’s fun. If a game starts off with rewards, and then at some point takes that away, even if the game is fun, people will feel jilted and be much less likely to want to play.

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CS:GO has lootbox drops though, which can be sold for some money.

The title says “Building a great match” which is not the same thing as “The matchmaker is perfect”. Especially since in the blog post there is literally mention of matchmaking issues.

Which, if they were trying to gaslight you so you’d believe the matchmaker was running perfectly, wouldn’t be mentioned at all. Gives away the entire game if you say the quiet part out loud you know?

He literally says at the beginning of the blog post that the blog post is a 6-month retrospective that isn’t going into detail about specific issues, such as matchmaking. There are other blog posts that he’s already released that go into this.

Oh I did.

Most events offered a lot of skins, but the vast majority of them were found in the themed loot boxes. You’d get loot boxes for free during the event, so there was always a chance you’d get some halloween themed goodies, but all the achievements for the holiday events? They rewarded sprays, not skins.

Maybe your memory is a bit foggy? It’s been quite a while after all.

this therad makes me wanna eat glue

He’s quoting the latest blog post while you are referring to an older one.

Latest blog post -’s-take-–-reflections-on-overwatch-2/799431

Match maker blog post you are referring to -

Working from the same sources should probably help this conversation out lol

Yeah I remember that blog post.

Literally the contents of it focus on how matchmaking functions, that there are still issues, and then it details some of the changes being made to improve the matchmaking further. So the OP is being extremely disingenuous.

That or they just read the title, raged at it assuming that Aaron was saying “The matchmaker is perfect.” and then decided to create this thread about how the developers are ‘gaslighting’ us.

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While that’s cool and all for you, the majority of the casual playerbase require incentives to keep playing, for long periods. This is especially given how spoilt for choice people are with games these days.

I agree, though I figured it prudent to point out that the OP wasn’t even discussing the same article even. Which is comical since they started off calling those who don’t agree as special snowflakes lol.

I agree that they aren’t actong like it’s new. Is there a postive take? Of course, I’d be shocked if they talked negatively about their own game. Should they have been removed in the first place (things like on fire)? No, but glad itscoming back.

I like the quote from earlier I found. Something along the lines of, “The number one innovation in-gaming in the last decade has been engineering addiction.”

It was sort of nice to see some of those mechanics go away, but welp, it’ll be back.


As someone who works in high level corporate environments, I would love to be a fly on the wall for a day to be able to see just wth goes on behind closed doors in this dev team :sweat_smile: What a train wreck.


I play Overwatch to eat up time because its just a way to chill.

Sadly, anymore the game is anything BUT chill. Its a game trying to stage itself as a “competitive hardcore game”. When everything about it, is NOT “hardcore”.

The counterplay is terrible and there is no need for ults. Until they strip that out of the game. its not competitive, its just “throw of the dice” and poker depending upon a poorly programmed match making system and a set of bad balance scripts that pretty much solidify the outcome of the match as it was made.


gaming went from a hobby to people’s identity or “part time job” TBH…not saying that about OP, but I’ve came across a lot of people who are in that spot for sure.

I remember hearing a guy talk about how he played COD for 10hrs and got a spray and recolored skin out of the battlepass, when back in the day you used to play COD for 10hrs and hop off cause you had fun or just to get a prestige emblem that meant nothing.

Times were just different back then, there weren’t as many terminally online gamers.


They can write whatever they want in the blogs though… if you watched that video with the two devs getting interviewed a couple weeks or so ago, they literally laughed at the their own comment that people could ever think matchmaking is making tilt games.
That right there showed their actual attitude and how they are view how broken it is vs how their social media people make posts to pretend they care at all.
That was the REAL view from the devs on fixing matchmaking, not the pretty paragraphs they write, edit, and rewrite to look good.

With only 48 posts bro you’re far newer than I am

We’re talking about the same company that removed things in the past and when asked for it to return, was told ‘sorry, we can’t do that, we delete every old iteration so it’s impossible to get back’.

Like, who deletes an old build as soon as a new one rolls out? Or at all??? It’s always a good idea to save major builds in case anything goes wrong with a current build or you decide to fall back because where you ended up, wasn’t where you were headed.

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Sorry newbie, the old game had a progression system. “Diamond borders” were a thing before ow2. What op said was that they “removed” stuff we once had which is obviously noticeable by old players.

It’s their game, not yours… Don’t like it or what they do? Stop playing and stop giving money to them. If enough people actually do that, they will notice and make changes. Something tells me that 99% of players don’t care though. I mean look what happened with the last big boycott of a big game… You know, that one with the wizards and stuff that went on to sell like 10 or 15 million copies in the first couple weeks, despite the vocally loud minority making it seem like everyone was going to boycott buying it?

So given that they aren’t changed much with OW2 right now, it’s pretty safe to say they’re making some amount of expected revenue from it, in spite of the echo-chamber complaining here on the forums by the thousand people that whine here…

Someone who artificially wants to inflate amount of work they do.

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They’re never bringing back the ability to earn skins for free. Anything we get for “free” will be either time spent(you can’t get time back) or the mediocre garbage that they know would never sell. The game is dead until they reverse this amongst 100s of other things.