Director’s Take – Reflections on Overwatch 2

Interesting I will have a look at this…

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It just feels like more talk to me and nothing else. Majority or everything that was said here are repeated topics that we knew already. Nothing new was said.


The communication has definitely improved. I enjoy the director blogs. The content creator hosted Q&A have been good as well.


When are we getting hero 37 news?

“At this point, we’ve decided to not display ratings for individual players by default.” but why? What if we could see the ranks of players who have a public profile to at least save time by not having to check each individual profile? It’s really frustrating being put in a game and having no clue what skill rating you’re playing at because ranks are hidden and most people have a private profile (since it’s the default option)


“Events now typically have skins that can be earned, and we’ve added Credits to the Battle Pass that allow players to purchase nearly all original OW event skins.”
Are you taking the piss??

:clap: WE :clap: WANT :clap: COINS :clap: IN :clap: THE :clap: DAMN :clap: BATTLEPASS :clap:
Also the events are lame af with nothing new for old players, “we give skins in events” yes reused skins from years ago, holy f, how can you guys be so out of touch with the player base

“The popularity of the event has given us the confidence to do more collaborations, and we’re hoping to premier another large collab later this year.”

Thanks to all the plebs who bought that kiriko recolor, now we are gonna see more lame lazy skins selling out for $30 and ruining the overwatch in universe :roll_eyes:


If its gonna be a Naruto collab then we get a legendary Kiriko skin where the only change is that she has a bandana.

Predicting it.


Actually, come to think of it, it’s really weird to say you want to share a roadmap, but don’t have one to show. Even a quick list would have sufficed. Every announcement doesn’t need artwork.

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Oh god pls no, Naruto is cringe af but could be worse, could be a Dragon Ball collab


I want more Blizzard crossover skins!

Goliath DVa
Sorceress Symmetra
Crusader Brigitte
Malthael Reaper

These were so hype, do em again!


Or something that isn’t anime. Too much of mythology and Far East for the last months already


Gotta milk the weebs out of their money


Finally someone who acknowledges that supports are so spoiled with the ridiculously busted utility they’ve been given.


Way to completely ignore the significant amount of negative feedback regarding the quality of the One Punch Man skins, particularly Kiriko’s.

That doesn’t sit right with me at all.


Why do they need to make it so Roles in a Class Based Shooter, follow MOBA/RPG design tropes?


Tbh, the Kiriko skin hair could be a little bit darker.

But I’m more concerned about the Genos Genji Skin.

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Because Overwatch is supposed to be the hero based shooter, not a hero based shooter. The game lost its personal touch when they’ve started to lean towards CoD-alike elements years ago.


Can you point me to a successful gaming franchise that’s MOBA first, and Shooter second? Since as far as I’m aware, all of them that have been tried, have died.

The most obvious is Paladins and its still alive and kicking. If we want to include another shooter genres than theres Valorant and Apex as well

This thread seems like blizzard patting themselves in the back when there is nothing to be bragging about.

We plan to continue this for the foreseeable future, and we’re talking about ways to further improve our communication with you.

I would suggest making posts that are answering to the community like normal people instead of making a wall of text dumps once in a while or streams that nobody is going to bother watching.

Events now typically have skins that can be earned, and we’ve added Credits to the Battle Pass that allow players to purchase nearly all original OW event skins. On top of that, we’ve substantially increased the amount of XP earned from each match.

All the veteran players already have all the skins and nobody really cares about the battelpass exp unless they cough money on it.

This new system replaces the old player level system, while expanding on it to offer a bunch of categories for players to level and show off your progress to others.

It better not be just pointless trophy hunt with lame titles and nothing of value.