Devs- Aim heroes are the future of the game

And we can ask. Brig existed out of requests. Sigma existed out of requests. This is my request

How? You managed to skip the context of both sides being referred to as babies.
Family a- aim
Family b- no aim

Both have their babies

You’re not wrong but imo if it’s not worth balancing and standing by the hero, don’t put it on the floor to begin with.

So basically, they never said it. Got it!

It’s a whole lot of assumptions with no real basis except your bias is what it boils down to.

The’ve added more heroes that need good aiming to win than heroes that lean on gamesense, have they not?

It’s my interpretation of a series of actions . Duh. If someone pushes me down the stairs , they might have a kind reason for it. But I’m allowed to interpret such actions on my own.

Can’t make a dev explain things in explicit detail. So actions and the few words is up for our intpretatiion. This is mine. You can have yours in your thread

That is not “the devs stated”, which is what you said.

No thanks, I don’t need a thread making theories claiming them to be statements of how the devs “stated aiming is too problematic” because literally one hero has ever been reworked into not having a lock on beam. One.

Torbs turret exists, syms turrets exist, Mercy beam exists and has been reworked to still have lock on beams through ult, Brig doesn’t suddenly have a gun, Hanzo still aims the same but can no longer delete Orisa in her entirety on e, most of these heroes were reworked because they were either considered OP through conception, or were so niche they were throw picks unless in certain situations

Why Torb was reworked (from the devs themselves)

Nowhere does this mention auto lock turrets being a problem.

Why was Syms weapon changed?

So she could do more damage. Why does she need to do more damage, thus needing not a lock on weapon to allow for it not to be limited? Funny you say because they explain themselves!

Remember, she was a support beforehand!

But what about that pesky support who has easy aim right now?

Seems they’ve barely touched her.

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I have already given my opinion on symm and torb reworks in separate threads. This thread isn’t about them.

I don’t care about torb or symm. I care about new heroes from here out

And we are talking about THIS THREAD right now, where you make baseless claims where devs randomly state non aiming heroes are problematic then you back up when challenged and change it to “it’s your interpretation because the devs dont explain” and THEN completely avoid quoted dev texts that explain their choices to “we aren’t talking about the reworks” after one of your KEY ARGUMENTS were reworks.

You are ignoring any evidence that goes against what you pulled out of your behind because YOU do not want any more “non aim heroes”

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No, there needs to be fun and diverse kits for everyone to play, INCLUDING no aim weps.

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if sym goes then so does a lot of other heroes, like a lot of heroes.
brig, mercy, moira.
winston, reinhardt,
reaper, torbjorn, hell sombra could come up on the chopping block too because her ability is aimless.

you can’t simply point out some characters and forget about the rest.

I don’t feel my interpretation of dev actions is the subject of the thread. You interpret one way. I can another. Your interpretation is valid. Just as mine

I didn’t say symm goes. I am looking forward. Don’t care about before

And they exist. Don’t need to continue.

When your “interpretation” is one of the key aspects to the thread, yes. It is part of the subject. You cannot selectively ignore one of your base arguments when you’re challenged on your view, especially when your view goes so far as to boldly claim they “STATED” it was problematic.

When you literally start out your thread claiming “no aim heroes don’t belong, the devs stated so!” you have to back up that kind of a claim and you have yet to do so.

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Well I guess per the OP, the devs get rid of Reinhardt, Winston, and Dva as tanks.

Mercy, Brig, and Moira as supports.

Sym as DPS.

I wonder, does that include “no aim abilities” too?

Should all abilities be equaled around the highest of aim capability to get the most value?

Hero projectile hurt boxes need to be reduced to match hit scan for crits.

Remove stuff like Lucio’s aura, Soldier’s biotic field. They don’t require aim.

Oh, make Ana’s healing shots hit boxes the same as projectiles. And make Lúcio having to pin point aim his healing and discord orb.

In fact, if the character is wrong as dependent on aiming as Widow is for every aspect of their kit, redo the hero.

In fact, don’t make heroes. Make everyone require the same aim. Make CoD. Yeah that will balance the game.

I also have context In the thread. I don’t think actual babies are playing the game either

Per the op, no. I don’t care about heroes previously made

You’ve still yet to provide proof of your starting argument and are further avoiding it.

Proof of my interpretation of the meaning , value , and statements of what has been said and done by the devs previously?

Because I have. In other threads. That’s not the subject here.

Then why is it so hard to provide your evidence in this thread?

And it literally is the subject, because you have made it be part of the subject when you put it as your grand opener. You cannot suddenly claim that it’s not part of the subject when your starting argument uses this claim.