Developer Update: Hero Releases, Mythics, and Gameplay Updates

Developer Update: Hero Releases, Mythics, and Gameplay Updates

Our latest Developer Update addresses big changes to heroes, new ways to unlock Mythic hero skins, and gameplay updates in the seasons to come.

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This is absolutely amazing I’m so excited for the new updates coming season 10!

Hearing that we will be able to earn any mythic skin from the past from season 10 and that all future hero releases will be free is an amazing and fantastic change! Thank you for listening to your playerbase!

Do you have any plans to support the Mac platform? This would be amazing as a Mac gamer! At the moment I use Crossover 24 and GFN cloud gaming but a native port would be even better (in some ways.)

Would you consider an option to unlock Switch console’s frame rate from 30 FPS? Or give players the option to lower their settings such as render scale for a higher frame rate? I know this is unheard of in the console space, but this would be really cool.

I think it’s amazing that we have Overwatch on so many different platforms now. I regularly play on my Mac, Steam Deck, ROG Ally, (and I might start playing on console if you guys supported mouse and keyboard there heh.)

Please could you consider bringing back the pink Rosahart Reinhart skin and Pink Mercy charity skin? Also what about earning previous battle pass skins outside of Mythic skins? Sadly I missed out on the Demon Reinhart skin which I think was unlocked at level 60.

Many players have expressed a desire for greater transparency in competitive. I think one huge step in this direction would be to make it so that players can see their own MMR value. Please consider this for the future.



Cool cosmetic changes.

What about gameplay, the more immediate concern?


Wow, nothing good once again.

  • Heroes free? Like they always should’ve been?

  • Mythics? Who cares about skins?

  • New maps? They have all been bad so far, and now you’re going to rework all the good maps as well ???

And… thats it? You seriously got nothing more to say?


Removing heroes from the battle pass is a massive W. This was a really good dev update, I’m cautiously optimistic right now!


that is all ? lol. huge


Only took like a year and a half but they finally undo the worst change in the history of OW with the paywalled heroes

Now undo the second worse decision….remove hero dupes from MH….everyone is getting a nice taste of what they do to the game now with QP hacked….theyre even worse in MH (objectively most broken thing in the game….and yes that includes the games mm’g and balance)


Hey, leave Esperancia alone! :frowning: (yeah all the other ones have been terrible, some worse than others)
I mean they picked out some standout maps with big problems, including some of the OW2 maps, so nah, I’d say they’ve made the right choice in making changes to existing maps.

Look at Junkertown’s S9 additions for evidence that they can, in fact, make good changes to maps.

Yeah I’m pretty horrified that this is all we got.

Now for the real second worst: 5v5.


“overwatch community trying to not come off as being bratty children challenge (impossible)”

like people are upset they had heroes in the bp, then they are upset they are removing em

ppl were upset they didnt get coins in the bp, then decided to be upset when they added it

at this point why should they listen to players?




That could hqve just been an article


Yeah I’m off to the Comp OW subreddit for more constructive posts-at least people there are more appreciative and less angst ridden lmao

Majority of the time here it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t


They are doing the bare minimum, maybe worse. I just want OW to be good, but that will never happen with these guys in charge.


Why even hype us for the the dev video for so many days only to end in 2 mins?. Only to announce another announcement.


If “This could have been an email” was a developer update.


it actually is one, its both.

yeah like i get it, the game hasnt had the best features since ow2 dropped…but they are changing it???

whats next, they balance the game perfectly and the response is “woooooow they finally fixed balance, should have done that a while ago”


people want the changes but they wont be happy once they get em

because thats what most dev updates are

they arnt going to spill all the secrets of the universe to you in a 40minute long video

if you go back and look at the jeff kaplan era dev updates they were bout the same duration, averaging around 5minutes with a few that went longer. (5minutes btw is how long this one is)


All the things they’ve mentioned is what a lot of the community have wanted for a long time?

Like…come on. None of what they said was even bad.

It’s ok to still want more, but be realistic. You didn’t really expect them to announce like…I don’t know?.. we’re going back to 6v6 or something did you?

They’ve teased new heroes, teased new maps that are coming, what their plans are to rework existing maps that people have huge problems with, shown that all heroes are now going to be free (which they should have been in the first place like), shown that we can earn any previous mythic we want now, that we’re going to be testing the new mode/map in season 10.

I don’t really know what people expected tbh?


Lol @ all the people that said heroes in BP was necessary

…soooooo what happens if people bought the new heroes separately for money outside of their battlepass season? Do they get something for their money at the very least?

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Is this trolling? If you don’t care about new heroes, skins, or maps, what do you care about?