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The point is that they do not play it at a every single rank with higher ranks knowing the ins and outs of the meta and the power of each character. So to disregard the community’s idea of power creep is just disrespectful.

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Btw nice that i am in a lynch mob only for telling you that he is indead OP and needs nerfs.

Then tell me, what hero could contest Hanzos insane no skill needed dmg and mobilety without pushing the dmg per second to a limited that would make no one want to play tank.

After all, his dmg is already so high, tanks dont feel like tanks anymore.

They are also being paid to play and win games, and thus are biased. Do you honestly believe that if their main(s) are overtuned, but it makes them win, that these pros will want them nerfed?

If so you probably have no idea how real people work.


No, pro players like competition, they want a meta that isn’t slower and than a snail trying to escape a ring of salt

I’m sorry but you really think the masses wouldn’t catch onto players calling for buffing their mains. This is why many of the OWL have subs for their teams so when one hero goes out of meta, the sub can play what becomes meta.

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So pro level coaches still need to still be a pro level players to be a coach? Some to coaches in all ranges of real life sports didn’t even have decent, never mind top careers.

It’s foolish to even suggest it.
Does Elon Musk’s driving record matter? Does he need to log 1000 hours of commute time in a Tesla or something? No.
Even bringing up the dev’s team rank is a hilarious misstep. Do they put that on a resume in front of or after their degrees in computer science and design?
MIT this… masters in that… oh and SR_______

no dev rank is meaningless. The issue is they are sealed off from the player base in general and too arrogant to ask for help for players who do grind 1000+ hours in Overwatch.
They should be sending out polls on balance to players, have a discord for pro/contender and maybe top streamer feed back. Maybe a private PTR for pre-pre-public PTR…


Pro players want to win, more than anything. Give them any kind of say in what heroes get nerfed or buffed, they will NOT look at balance, but they will look at what gives themselves and their team the best odds of winning.

Oh they would. The pros already do this plenty of times.
As for subs, those are needed because they do not have a perfect influence on the balance. The moment that influence is all theirs, they can drop plenty of sub players from their teams because they’re no longer needed as certain heroes will never be meta if it’s up to them.

Cheaper for the teams as well to maintain fewer players, so that’s a double benefit.


Actually Jeff stated that there are indeed people across a bunch of ranks in the dev team
Up to GM

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so we’re using fun as a variable again,


I believe the highest ranking player was said to be 3700, no confirmation that he still is or that he even actually gets a say in balance, if the golds on the dev team act like the golds on the forums they’ll just shout down any suggestion

Never said they have to be pro level to balance the game, just play competitive more to get a better understanding and stop playing the numbers game.

Actually like most other cars, Teslas are required by law to undergo hours of rigorous testing, which I thought was common sense. Elons Driving record doesn’t matter because he is not the one designing the mechanics of the car, he’s designing the software behind it.

Creating a game without playing it is like creating a book without proof reading it and that’s all. If the devs don’t want to put hours to obtain a high rank, easy, listen to the players who do it for them.

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I know have been asking for Mei nerfs in the past, but Hanzo should get a free pass? Nah man.

He has been a strong pick for a long time, and is in desperate need of nerfs. Not extreme nerfs that makes him F-tier of course, but definitely nerfs that not only tone him down, but also allows a bit more counterplay.

Right now is there simply no one who can compete with him in his current state, because he makes them pretty useless. He can outdamage any healing output, burst shields better than other range heroes, especially those with sustain damage and has decent mobility. Not to mention his ‘oppresive’ oneshots if we are going to use fun as a valid reason.


lol, talking about echo chambers… The amount of ignorance reeking from this thread is disgusting. The fact that you think you know better with your complete lack of information, huge amount of bias and lack of self criticism completely negates your opinion.


Josh noh is right though soldier is definitely not as bad as the forums suggest

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and we can say that gold is a fun rank?

this rank is totally dominated by a low skills heros like reaper ,mei , moira , orisa?

dive and goats were two metas that only domined high ranks, but the new meta is so strong on all ranks… the game is just bad and blizzard cant open the eyes.


“Please, let Wall Street help with regulation.”

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My issue with the last Dev response with the winrate of Soldier and Genji, is that winrate without pickrate are literally meaningless.

It’s not even that ohh “why they are just looking at stats, they are not playing the game”, it’s the fact they are just mentioned one of the shallowest lack-of-context stat on its own, while they should have the best database of stats of literally everything.


you dont remember on dive meta, when jeff said that they dont want buff the no dive meta heros like hanzo, junkrat… because they had a good pickrate/winrate on QUICKPLAY??

they are so crazy.

Do you think the Devs are making balance changes solely on what they experience personally?
I don’t want to sound condescending here but I really would like to know if you think it’s them queuing into games, trying out their changes against each other and then going “yup thats good. send it to QA to check for bugs”.

They quoted win rate, and their numbers were DRASTICALLY different from overbuff. Meaning they have access to better (more accurate) data.

Why do you even bother replying, when you have nothing informative to say…?

OP is a part of the majority when it comes to competitive play. Everyone who isn’t brainwashed by the forums knows the balancing is absolute garbage, because Blizzard balance around stats and don’t involve the people who know a thing or two about the top levels of play in balancing.

If you don’t believe me, read through some of the comments here:

Especially this comment by u/Tdog754

This cements a fear I’ve had about the balance team for a long time now- they are so stat driven as to not be willing to use their real, human eyes to see what is actually happening. This was clearly true in the past but I’d hoped some progress had been made. They have literally learned nothing from thinking Moth was balanced because “ShE HaS 50% WiNrAtE!!!”

Guess what, my Soldier and Genji winrates in GM games are pretty high! Do you want to know when I use those heroes? When we need one tick to win a game and have 3+ minutes to cap, or the enemy team is so tilted I could win with a bag on my head. Which basically amounts to playing those heroes like 8 times a season in literally unloseable circumstances.

But you know what? The devs are telling me these heroes are great! Top half of the DPS pool for GM WR even! So I’m going to pick them every game and only switch between them.

As I lose game after game from having ults with little impact, DPS which pales in comparison to Hanzo and is almost less than Baptiste, a support and lastly no utility to combat that of Wall, Pull, Rock, Immortality (really just take your pick), I will calmly tell my rightfully furious teams that this, even if meaningless in the grand scheme of the game, is the only way to show Blizzard that these heroes are absolute trash in a way they really understand.

As I quickly become a permanent fixture of my fellow players’ avoid list and my queues become longer and longer until finally I can no longer find games within this calendar year, remember me. I’m just trying to make Soldier and Genji ok again, someday.

To summarize:
Winrate stats mean nothing without the pickrates.

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