Developer post response

Reading out loud that post about powercreep genuinely made me want to delete this game. I cannot believe a balance team can be such an echo chamber for them to believe they’re doing a good job at balancing this game.

Genji and soldier have a decent pickrate, you know why? Because regardless of the meta, people enjoy playing those characters

The fact that you say “they aren’t doing as poorly as the community would imply” proves that you just don’t play those heroes, which is fine, but let someone else determine what’s fine and what isn’t, because with both of those heroes, if you do the thing your character was meant to do, which is be in the enemy backline, you are throwing the game for your team.

The fact that you think anywhere close to that proves that you have no clue what you’re doing.
Those 2 characters aren’t bad due to their own stats and their own damage output / kit. They’re bad because they either
A: have too many things that can shut them down
B: aren’t able to keep up with the new heroes / reworks potential leaving them behind.

The average SR of the development team is gold-plat, with even Jeff himself only being gold. I cannot believe that the people who design this game, made the meta so easy from their own incompetence and can’t even rank up in it.

Please let chosen OWL players help with balance, you have demonstrated repeatedly that it’s something you can’t handle because you can’t play the game even close to a top level


You know hes not wrong
It’s just that one shot abilities and attacks and damage boosts are so common right now that it looks like there’s a bug power creep creeping around


Nothing to see here, just another “I’m right, you’re wrong. Only listen to me.” thread.


Aha but that’s where you’re wrong, Read it again.

PS. COC is also against calling out People by name, might want to change the title.

There's a second opinion for you. -Doc

It’s his forums name and it isn’t calling out

Don’t use words like “Blizzard,” “Blue,” or any employee names in a thread topic.


Why do people keep using pick-rate and win-rate stats from sites like Overbuff?

Private profiles have rendered these sites irrelevant now as they do not provide accurate enough data for us to interpret.


Nope. Nope nope nope.

Pick rate has always been a better indicator of hero viability as people want to play heroes they can win with more often.

Just look at how a hero’s pick rate goes up when they’re OP: that happens because people start playing that hero more and other heroes less.

You must be joking. The man literally developed the heroes.

But hey, I guess you know better :man_shrugging:


He made the heroes but plays them at a gold level, so no, he doesn’t know what he’s doing

He legit said that. If this was true they would have nerfed heroes like Hanzo, Widow, and Doomfist ages ago.


Devs are adult men and women with families and full time jobs. I don’t really expect them to spend 100s of hours playing rank at home. Playing the same game they spend maybe 40+ hours a week working on.
It’s not like Pizza workers want to eat Pizza on the weekend.

Mostly the dev post just shows what we already know, that they balance off data not how the game feels. That’s why IMO the game feels terrible for a lot of players.

Devs need to be in contact with top level contender/pro/GM+ sort of players and take their feedback a bit more seriously for the over all health of the game. We do have OW2 on the way and a $$$$$ pro league, this idea of just pure data balance isn’t going to cut it for 2-3 more years.
At least not if the current state of the game is the results.


Just because someone designs characters it doesn’t mean their skill level is optimal.

As a matter of fact, the way the latest heroes are design is a red flag itself.


That’s what I said in the thread, choice OWL players should be involved in the balancing of the game because they have a massively higher understanding of the game and how metas work

You’re missing the point of his post. He said they cannot balance a game around just one skill level. Pros and high level players view some characters completely differently and don’t care about certain entire aspects of characters that make them appealing to the masses.

If you let the 1% balance the game around their own gameplay then you will lose consumers and fans, which without them the game just dies.

You cannot just throw balance to pro players because you have a game you have to give mass appeal, which from a development standpoint is not easy. Pros might be mechanically talented and good at other things but development and looking at the game from every angle is a different skillset.


And while I get that, guess who can do that better than the lower ranks can :slight_smile:
People on the forums want hanzo nerfed even though his situation is just as meta enabled as Moira’s was.

And they aren’t going to stop because they don’t realize that it isn’t the actual problem

yah, know you defenetly proved you have no idea what your talking about.


Nooooo why withdraw it it was a good post

I’m sorry, but as a GM player who really cares about this games balance, this is just flat out wrong. Yes the have families and lives, but their job is to LITERALLY BALANCE THE GAME. They should spend a multitude of hours playing the game and getting to know how changing certain heroes can impact the game as a whole. Saying they shouldn’t have to play the game is like saying a neurosurgeon might get bored of doing surgery on the brain and one day decides to just do heart surgery. Its their job and they should see how the changes actually work

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Or you’ve proven that you’re in the lynch mob out to get a character ruined lol.

Hanzo is very very strong right now, but he won’t be when he has other characters being viable to contest him

Jeff has literally said in interviews that they play Overwatch every day. I really don’t understand your analogy.