Community response to the recent dev statement

The post that was posted(?) made me question how much they play their own game tbh

And it was like pick rate was disregarded

Also here is the post for those who live under a rock:

(Just saying I am not here to hate on the dev who posted this)


They did the same thing with paladins, there were (supposedly, I don’t play it) 2 characters with 60% winrate but less than 1% pickrate, while the top played heroes only had 40% winrate even though they were the actual meta hero

me as a sym main looking at the privileged hero mains fuming at bs from devs: first time?


Once double shield is gone I’m chill w sym getting buffed back to where she was, but with how long double shield has lasted I’m so glad they nerfed her

I just want to point out that nerfing sym was basically nerfing one of double shield’s major counters, which is why it lasted so long after she was nerfed.

(also how did you like this the second I posted this? not even second, the millisecond)

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After you missed answering my question in your other post abou this, pls tell me here:

After all, you play the game, you know all the stuff and claimed he isnt OP just favourd by the meta.

Maybe, I would’ve preferred mei reaper to mei sym though

At this point, deathmatch seems like a better mode to play. Or any other FPS game that doesn’t treat balance like this.


I did, tracer, genji, soldier, and plugging in a keyboard to not stand still while you fight him

Laughs in wireless

Cries in lying

It’s strange though, because from the dev post, it seems that their balance philosophy is quite on point (i.e. focus on the top ranks, but keep the lower ranks in mind). However, they seem to fail at properly interpreting statistics and executing their balance philosophy.


this is not true at all

First of all that is the first time I am seeing that profile pic and it looks sick!

The problem is most of the player base isn’t in top ranks, from what I have heard at least

What heros are you talking about?
60% win rate hero in flank category still bork anything below diamond they’re like Moira with burst dps and the meta dps ones with 40% win rate aren’t the most popular also you won’t find any decent player for the above meta dps hero below diamond

And people wonder why they rarely post on here and are going “dark” after blizzcon…

Hint: it ceased being worth it ages ago

So, soldire and genji are fine, after all they can compeat with a hero that is “imensly favourd by the meta”?

Good to know we have that off the list. And made sure that the devs have some knowlage.

But picking thos heros dont magicly make hanzo less OP.
And you said after all that all thats needed to get him out of the spot he is in where some changes to other heros, what other heros would you change to be on the lvl of Hanzo without creating a bigger powercreep?

I wasn’t aware twitter posts could circumvent the swear filter on the forums.

Shift orisa power back into her shield and out of fortify
Maybe get rid of sigmas shield entirely since he doesn’t need 2 defensive abilities and re add his ability to block hook with it.
Make accretion reflect / eatable like everything else
Make immortality a flash ability on a shorter cooldown

But I’m just diamond so those aren’t perfect character changes

Will never happen bro, sadly. Sym is apparently hated internally still. She’s a glorified taxi service now.

Yeah, I’m actually surprised that nobody else uses it.

Well, solely focusing on the largest part of the playerbase would be a good way to kill the esports scene (not that I care, but they did pump a bit too much money into it to let that happen). And the other way around of focusing on the lower ranks, but keeping the higher ranks in mind should theoretically lead to the same end result, so eh.