Developer AMA: Hero balance and design for future PvP

Bud before you start crying about these garbage fire forums, this is the same exact AMA people complained about here in the first place. The one a few weeks ago that was unannounced on Reddit and people here lost it. They’re one in the same. So it has not happened again.

Frankly, if the Dev team is looking for clear, reliable and bipartisan opinions and answers, Reddit is a much more cohesive place -aside from being formatted much better for AMAs- to hold this sort of thing. The r/competitiveoverwatch posters are a much more reasonable bunch as a whole, who tend to have a better overall grasp on the mechanics of the game across all SR- than the forums here. That’s just how it is. The discussions there are much closer to being ‘academic’ in terms of the state of balance than they are here, unfortunately.

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With the recent potential 2023 delay i assume we might not hear any more new updates on the future of the game until atleast next year, but i can’t help but wonder if we might get any new info on OW2 before 2021 ends.

I’m hoping as a Christmas treat they give us a December dev log :point_right::point_left:.

AndyB if you’re reading…

Just sayin’ :smiley:

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I guess the question is, “Will Zenyatta fair well with a decrease on his Discord Orb?” Aside from his damage, he doesn’t really have much going for him. I have thought of some ideas on what they could do with the hero, but I think the first and foremost would be testing Transcendence having a cleansing effect for its duration: it’s kind of mediocre for an ultimate, currently.

I mean a nerf to his orb of discord isn’t going to kill the character. He’s basically a dps who just has to throw an orb on someone cause even with a discord nerf his normal attack and his ult are really good.

“Ana and Brigitte have actually seen utility nerfs to their kits with the goal of making crowd-control more manageable moving forward.”

“GEOFF GOODMAN: It’s not likely that we’ll remove Ana’s sleep dart, but other non-tank CC’s we’ve been taking a hard look at and trying to change them to remove the CC component and buff it in other ways.”

I like the Ana and Brigitte have received utility nerfs statement followed then by the immediate response from Geoff that Ana will not be getting her utility taken away like everyone else. You know just incase you were worried Ana would be treated like every other hero.


Her cc requires way more skill then brigs cc.

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New Tank Role Passive:
Damage reduction
Reduced ult charge
Knockback and Pull CC reduction
Anti-Heal immunity
Discord Orb effect reduction
Stun reduction
Shotgun/Beam damage reduction
Explosion reduction
Critical damage reduction
(Will add more to make sure we can keep characters with massive hitboxes viable)

This is way too much for a tank passive ngl.

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Of course, it won’t kill the character, but I have my concerns about how they go about doing so. The developers haven’t really… made a positive impact, in terms of balancing these last few patches.

Of course, with 5v5, Orb of Discord would most likely see a decrease in its number, but if it’s too drastic, I worry that the hero will just be a Damage hero with a Support’s kit. Currently, his ultimate is rather lackluster, as a bunch of damaging abilities in this game can outheal his ultimate. Adding a cleansing effect could prove beneficial, as now it’s not just another “big heals” ultimate, but actually has a secondary use to it as well… besides saving oneself.

Just having a laugh at the attempt to make these types of characters not explode because of the 5v5 fast paced, low TTK action they want, lol.

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I’ve been playing a lot of him in comp and my lord the amount of times I see teammates die in my field. I do agree his ult could use some changes.

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It was like a few weeks ago.

Yes we’ve all heard the skill argument. Personally I would argue that skill is subjective and that which heroes cc requires more skill is going to be subject to change.

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Yes it happens often. In one game I could not even save my Rein while using transcendence.

I just hope supports feel good to play in OW2.

I’ll summarize:

Community: After his rework, why is Bastion still weak? And even without pros, how could you not tell Sombra would be completely busted and OP after those changes?

Blizzard: idk. We are continuing to fiddle around with the numbers.

Community: How will you solve the problem of Zen putting discord on the one enemy tank and that tank being absolutely shredded because of it?

Blizzard: idk. Maybe give all the tanks more HP?

Community: How will supports still feel fun and engaging if you nerf all healing during teamfights?

Blizzard: idk. Maybe tanks can still have normal healing?

I honestly don’t know what this team is doing and why they are making the decisions they do. It looks embarrassing compared to some other games.


Yes I do hope the next pvp dev log touches up on healers.

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Still waiting to hear what they are going to do about hypermobility and long ranged burst damage.


Yea I can see Hanzo and widow being big trouble with one less tank.