Developer AMA: Hero balance and design for future PvP

I wish I could say I care at this point, but I’m fed up with all the talking. Let me know when we can actually play the game.

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The information in this post is pretty well known in the English speaking community. We created this article, and plan on doing similarly for any future AMA’s or Q&A’s, primarily for our non-English speaking regions where it’s more challenging to get details like this.


I knew academic. I was good friends with academic. Reddit is no academic.

Let’s not get crazy here. Most of the opinions on Reddit are the opinions here. When they have opinions. A lot of that site is just OWL fans parroting other takes. I’m not going to say the forums are especially great, but let’s not pretend that Reddit is the home of particularly great insight.

Now some Discords? They’ll crush both sites.


Read through the whole thing, and I really hope they don’t go through with the “Tank’s recieve more healing” thing.

Not only would this continue the insane reliance Tank’s have on their Supports to keep them alive, but it also sounds really GOATS-y… ontop of the whole “We’re experimenting with giving Tanks more base hp”… having more hp, stronger defenses, and they recieve more healing… it sounds super snowball effect.

In the hands of good players this will just encourage team-reliant style play… something I thought we were trying to get away from with 5v5… I thought getting rid of slow, team-reliant, bullet-sponge hell was the whole reason of going 5v5…

Healing has never been an issue when it’s mainly squishies in the game. It’s Tanks who make high healing output broken… so by increasing their healing taken, it just feels like 5 steps back to where we were.

Just give Tanks better defensive abilities instead of maintaining this dumb healcreep. Give Tanks more things that they have control over, and can take advantage of.

I thought the main reason for going 5v5 was to give each individual player more urgency and power over the outcome of the match… more solo-carry potential… why are Tanks not included in this? Why do they need to remain so reliant on their team?

Tanks insane reliance on their team is what makes playing Tank a nuisance for most people.

For good reason. Have you seen this place?

Thank you for saying this better than I ever could :v: :woozy_face:


It woudl be also nice if it is not 10 years later too. And even better if it is before the actual AMA so ppl can actually participate.

Future such articles will be closer to the actual event. We’re a relatively new-ish team (between Jodie and myself), so there’s a lot of processes we’re learning/catching up on.

I covered this previously, however we intentionally hosted this AMA with minimal lead time and promotion. For any future AMAs that are meant for the broader community, or if we decide to host forum specific events, we will promote them accordingly.


I don’t envy trying to balance this game. Oversized hitboxes is basically a giant wrench into the machine, has been since the beginning.

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It is not.

Paladins has even bigger ones and it is way more balanced game.


Nah they introduce a new character who’s op to get sales and then take forever to change.

One broken character is batter than many broken ones.
But yes they do that even though I don’t see why considering new champs cost just gold anyway.

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Tbh I dont think we should take anything they post seriously about balance and reworks and whatnot for quite a while with the delays and all

Obviously Blizz is playing with us, they use some old news to make them looks like “we’re listening to feedbacks”. Btw why can’t I find report button for post like this?

Cause it’s a dev post why would you need to report it.

Hi Andy!

The community does appreciate the work the Overwatch team is putting into the game, as well as your continued engagement with this Forum.

Reading many of the comments here is pretty brutal, so much so that I would be concerned about a community managers mental well being. This forum has a terrible reputation in the community as you know too well. It is great to see you guys engaging with us despite that and trying to turn that around.

Really excited to see how Overwatch evolves in the future!


metro was right it sounds like.

they still have no idea how they are going to balance the game

cool can we start getting some of these changes In ow1… we need content!!

When i readed the answer from some person’s reddit question that talks about brig which says, brig loses CC but she gets her pass though shields back, deals more dmg, triggers inspire from shield bash and travels more further with shield bash, i started to get hyped back. Anyways i still gonna miss her CC… :disappointed_relieved:

A simple “20% damage reduction” would suffice.