Developer AMA: Hero balance and design for future PvP

Developer AMA: Hero balance and design for future PvP

The Overwatch team hosted a live AMA on /r/Competitiveoverwatch to talk about the recent Overwatch League pro playtest.

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Thanks for posting an announcement :+1:

Edit: thought this was a new AMA…


Wait right now?

EDIT: I’m stupid.


Oh…this is just a write up of the info we got a few weeks ago…?


Oh I thought it was new. Oh well.


Wait, they’ve actually talked about how Anas and Zens kit really is too oppressive? I’ve thought that day will never come…


It is new, they just posted this with Internet Explorer :pensive:


Uh… Does this count as communication? If so, thanks, keep it up!


Next they’ll re-re-reveal Bastion’s redesign :dove: :heart: lol


It also sounds like Ana’s kit will be pretty much the same with maybe a longer cool down.

If Zen discord goes down, does that mean he will get some compensation buff or is it a general reduction for his kit.

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That’s good, I missed it the first two times so third times a charm

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I mean…Blizz really has to communicate with the current fans of Overwatch more…but this a’int it. This is old info that had already been circulated and regurgitated through the forums and reddit ad nauseum weeks ago. If Content Creators can make videos discussing these things within days -sometimes hours-, this can’t pass as official content when it’s a tiny write-up after weeks.

I love this game, and I’ve played every day since beta for hours. I’m tired of defending why I like it, let alone still playing it…but Blizzard is like almost comically making being a fan of Overwatch difficult.


Writing up official articles on information we’ve known for weeks now? Don’t expect to hear much about Overwatch 2 the next few months, as we’re clearly tapped.


Thanks for the update, though I do wonder what is happening with zarya. Especially since you’ve got pros saying she’s “garbage” and the balance team saying she’s “too good”, just wondering if some sort of conclusion has been reached and have more adjustments been made to her kit?


Until today I have never seen a post that long that doesnt really say anything!


Damn I got my hopes up but it was the one from a few weeks ago.

To be honest, it really seems like every hero in the game will need some sort of tweaking to fit in a 5v5 world -with several new heros, who have kits we can only guess at-, so maybe not all changes make sense at first. And I’m certain that there are heros we have seen shown off in OW2 games who have no changes that probably still have reworks in the pipeline that Blizz have been hush hush about, so it’s hard to speculate really.

That being said, it’s easy to look at the support lineup and -with current kits as they exist in OW1- quickly see who will be outliers. Zen and Ana were always going to feel like that, imo. If Zen gets a nerf to discord, it is because it is too strong in a 5v5 world. I do not think that means he would need a compensation buff.

Not directed at you in particular Iorenzo, but I feel like once the term ‘compensation buff’ started circulating a few years back, it cast a huge shadow over all future balance changes for OW. Sometimes a hero needs a flat nerf; they don’t need a buff to go along with it. In this case, since Zen’s kit is balanced in OW1 but is too strong in OW2 because of the swap to a single tank…a flat nerf to discord is really in order. I think maybe a more manageable way of dealing with it would be that Zen’s discord does different percent damage boost to different ‘class’ targets. So maybe it’s less on a Tank, because there is just one Tank and they’re easier targets. Frankly, I think that might be what the healing solution shakes out to be as well; healing numbers might be based on percentage of a targets total healthpool, rather than a flat number. So say Mercy might do the same amount of healing on a Soldier, but it would be more healing on an Orisa.


Once again the official overwatch forums are treated like an adopted child


I mean have you seen how they act? They act like the spoiled child.


What could possibly be the reason for that :thinking: