Demon Hunter now a legacy skin


FYI, “legacy” skins are only made available once, like Kerrigan Widow. This goes directly against what Blizzard said about the skin being made available again in 2019.


The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019

“But Catflap, we’re only halfway through 2019,” I hear you say. Sure, but up until yesterday’s patch the skin was still in the game and not yet locked away as a legacy item. It’s now not even visible in the hero gallery.

At this point, Blizzard, I don’t care when in 2019 you make Demon Hunter available as promised, but you need to keep your promise.

Considering the number of recent posts in this regard, a blue post for clarification here would be appreciated.


You all mocked me when i bought it but who’s laughing now!!!?


At least you are aware of this. Wyoming has put it in some list of questions for Devs to answer, so either way all we can do is wait.


this is about the… 4th thread I’ve seen this week about this?

They can change it back. they have half a year. Calm down.


No one, because Blizzard has just flat out lied to make a profit off of their Ticket.

this could very well be illegal as “False advertisement”
so, it’s no laughing matter, unless they change it.


Yeah, I thought I remember seeing it stated explicitly that it would be made available for purchase sometime in 2019. Not a lawyer, but I imagine something like that would qualify as false advertising.


Wow, petty - :roll_eyes:


Few care about sombra so… no big deal.


Swap the situation onto any other hero, popular or otherwise, it’s still bad.


Even if you don’t care about Sombra the skin is awesome and should be made available for purchase as they said would happen.


In defense to blizzard:
they never actually mentioned sombra specific.

I could now be the bad guy and say pls keep it legacy so ppl won’t get ripped off next blizzcon, this would be a lesson. :sweat_smile:

But yeah… None of my business.
And I don’t even play sombra
But i always enjoy blizzcon streams. :slight_smile:


It was, google the screen shot - I will say this to Blizzard: pissing off your customers this way is just bad for business. You know the importance of skins, you know a good skin is in demand and you locked it behind a $40 paywall and when people asked if it was going to be available later you clearly indicated “yes”. If this skin is not available in game and not tied to some stupidity like Diablo Immortal, many people will never trust you again. People are not going to go “oh herp derp silly me, next time I will buy the pass to get the skin”, no what will in fact happen is many will never buy a virtual pass to Blizz Con in remembrance of this stab in the face to your customers despite what skins you put in going forward. Now only the people with a hook in their mouths will continue to buy…


They said that the content from Overwatch and other IPs were to be released in 2019, which the OP quoted above in their original post.


This is blizzard we’re talking about, the same guys who took 2 years to change Symmetra.


But why then this rage?
Its not even june… :sweat_smile:
They could release it on the 31.12.2019


The ‘rage’ is because they’ve now hidden the skin and labeled it a Legacy skin, a category of content that never gets re-released. People are panicking and angry as they haven’t clarified whether this is a bug, intentional or whether they still plan to keep to the terms they set back when they first sold the 2018 virtual ticket.

While you’re absolutely right that 2019 isn’t over, that it’s now hidden sets a very negative precedent in a lot of people’s minds.

From my perspective: I’m not angry or upset that I can’t have it now. I’m upset and angry that it’s hidden and that may not change. If it was still visible on the hero gallery but unavailable, I’d just think to myself “oh well, it’s just not available yet”, and get over it.


There were more things in OW what can be claimed as False advertisement but they always get away with them…


What things are you referring to?


For one example when in the animation of the Wrecking Ball loot boxes the cosmetic what dropped was an achievement spray. Yes i know thats much smaller than a $40 skin but still one month of Twitch Prime.


That sounds like a bug where the spray was mistakenly placed in the loot table. Still an issue, but I don’t think that qualifies as false advertisement.