Delete all main tanks, main healers and burst damage (Rework)

I love it how you say “Just rework all supports and tanks” as if this is going to be an easy thing for Blizzard to do. Are you really expecting them to pretty much create a brand new game for free?

Didn’t know sleep 5 damage was a fps ability

Lucio was meta during double barrier. Worked alongside Moira. Lucio’s basic fire is 20x4 or 80 damage per round. Those projectiles have no fall off and are twice as wide as Genji’s shurikens. Lucio’s rate of fire is just slightly faster than Genji’s.

And neither Widow or Hanzo weren’t part of the double-barrier compositions from last year.

(BTW, 80 for Lucio and 84 for Genji is all shots land. Or 160 and 168, respectively, if all shots critical. Their damage per second is nearly identical).

Well this is a fact I can’t deny

Can someone gimmie a TLDR

Ashe was unranked as far as I could remember, Soldier was within the top 10 played.

Hanzo was not the most played, both McCree and Doomfist were played more often than Hanzo in double-barrier.

As for Soldier, he’s definitely burst-oriented. 9 shots in 1 second and needs less than half that to kill a target plus Helix Rocket. Soldier is more likely to kill a target faster than Hanzo can launch an arrow.

Ashe can output 85 damage per scoped-shot at a rate faster than either Widow or Hanzo. With headshots this equates to 170 in .75 seconds vs. Hanzo’s 1.4. Hanzo’s will hit harder, but it takes longer.

None of this is unusual, and all of this is intentional.

Lucio’s usability can’t be understated, and it doesn’t change the fact that he produces a lot of damage is short-round bursts when compared to other heroes, even if that damage is partial.

TLDR make the game like paladins


This idea sounds like you just don’t want to play Overwatch at all. Go play something else then

That’s about six months ago from official sources. Using 3rd-party, non-official sources are prone to misinformation and misperceptions.

You are coming up with solutions that change the game fundamentally. Your changes would mean Overwatch really isn’t Overwatch anymore. If that the case then clearly you don’t want to play Overwatch anymore so go play something else.

Yes and you don’t like it anymore so go play something else that fits with what you want since Overwatch clearly isn’t what you want to play based on your requests.

Yea. Why bother arguing with someone who plays a game they don’t like.

You could literally remove every single Tank and Support tomorrow and Burst damage heroes will always remain supreme

They have been over buffed to the point that they flat are the best heroes.

Before all the burst damage creep, Widowmaker and Pharah were the only CONSISTENT burst damage. McCree, Hanzo, and Junkrat were all very inconsistent with their burst

Now you have a buffed McCree, reworked Hanzo, Doomfist, Ashe, Echo, Widowmaker, and Pharah who all offer burst damage

And they have made Pharah redundant because of their speed to apply the burst damage.

Burst damage being as fast or faster to kill than sustained damage is how we even got Goats in the first place.

Reworked Hanzo and Widowmaker were flat so powerful, and able to do their damage so quickly, that the only way a team without a strong Widowmaker player was able to even compete, was stacking as much HP, Barriers, and Sustain as possible

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If you’re just afking into ur tanks as a healer ur playing wrong. Only Moira does that or is supposed to do that. Ana and bap get fractional value if you don’t use nade or sleep offensively or duel and kill a dps v as bap

Dude ur at a low level of the game so u only see ur characters as one dimensional healers. If u watch better supports they rotate constantly and duel dps while hitting nades on the tanks. You aren’t improving because your set in your ways and that frustration is understandable. If you want to improve and gain sr watch sleepy or ml7 vods

Complaining about tanks and healers in OW is like complaining abount jumping in a Mario game.

The solution to your issue is to go play another video game. They make plenty of them, I’m sure you can find lots without tanks and healers.

The way people have fun in ow as a mt is by hitting a huge shatter on the enemy or making a huge call that lets them run through the enemy with a huge guy who swings a hammer. Relatively to me at least you are low but of course compared to a pro player i’m absolutely terrible and i understand that. The thing about making crazy plays is not why i fell in love with ow. I watched the hanamura 2018 i believe usa vs kr game and the dive vs dive match up and the intricacies of taking space and the stratagy made me want to grind to a higher sr and be on a team where i could live that through. My improvement and competitive nature is why i want and love to play the game. My enjoyment of the game is way different to yours and thats ok but if you want to not mass heal your tanks than there are other roles and zarya and dva play more like dps too. Just don’t play rank if you arent like me and don’t want to play at a higher form of ow. Just play qp where no one can blame you for throwing. Also i watch ana players and they don’t just stick to their tanks lol idk what u r watching. And synergy makes the game fun for people who are like me but i agree that you should be able to solo carry and my climb from bronze to masters showed that i can but it is a lot harder than other games fore sure.

i mean compared to owl pros everyone is bad so i never think its my teams fault. It just means i couldn’t play well at a masters level. Climbing from bronze to masters showed me that you have to outperform or you will have a 50% or lower win rate. And when your main healing think about all the crazy plays you could make to carry that fight. If you didnt hit a nade or a sleep you didn’t perform and max out your character. I mean sometimes you can just afk behind your mt and that could keep you at a 50% wr but if you want to improve or have more fun you need to take risks. And i am better than you because im in masters and ur diamond. If you think playing ana or whatever you play is one-dimensional that is a fault n ur play, not game design. edit: I duo with a gm ana a lot and he rotates constantly to try and get good nades and sleeps. He is obviously better than us so his playstyle probably maxes out more than urs or mines

I agree with the idea that right now tank and support seem less fun for sure. Balance has made dps stronger without compensation for tanks to a degree and dps matter the least and can do things freely. That may be true but I don’t really see how that corresponds to healers being afk heal bots. I feel like the healer you are probably referring to as Ana can really hard carry. As a main healer you do have to heal your tank a lot but that only gets you to like diamond. You have to outplay the other team with sleeps and nades or your value solely depends on what your dps and tanks do. This hopelessness is a feeling where you are only doing the least risky things. If you can’t land a nade or sleep it’s not balance or anyone’s fault