Delete all main tanks, main healers and burst damage (Rework)

They’ve been nerfed to :poop:

No. Not at all… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean your not wrong, but that’s what players who play Tanks expect.

Yes because they’ve been nerfed to :poop: while burst DMG even after the barrier nerfs haven’t been touched. :expressionless:

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So only Soldier 76, then.

No main tanks, so no Rein, Orisa, Winston, or Hamster. No Burst Damage, so no D.VA or Hog. So… just Sigma?

No main healers, so no Moira, Ana, Brig, Baptiste. Does enviornment kills count as burst damage? Cause those are easy instant-kills for Lucio. We’re left with just… Zenyatta. Wait, he burst heals on his ult. So just Mercy, then.

At this point, just make a new game. No point in salvaging this one.


wow that sounds like a really boring game

Mercy isn’t a main healer. She’d 100% be in your boring game.


i mean you’re not wrong when you say that barrier tanks and “main healers” form a very strong synergy, but that’s kind of the point?
otherwise you would have a game that’s much closer to an arena fps with some crazy stuff thrown in and it would be more like a respawn fest than it is now.

To see all the people defending Shieldwatch with endless sustain is only proving why this game is dying.
All your arguments are pathetic, like atleast make an effort. “Without shields this would just be call of duty omg!!!”
…like are you kidding?
It’s a full blown fact that the combination of shields and high healing is killing this game because it’s making it Bunker-To-Win and has slowed the pace of the game to a Crawl.
Theres a reason why Jeff said they’re wondering if shields should even be in the game. They arent healthy at this point due to the high healing now.
Also the “I’m going to defend this game because I like it!”
“Why are you defending it?”
“I dont have an argument I just like it!”
Great, glad were using absolute child logic.


Why bring up sustain when every support except Ana has had their healing and potential nerfed to lower than when they started? Shields are weaker than they’ve ever been. And while Widow, Doom, Hanzo, Mei, and Reaper have been nerfed, a lot of DPS have been consistently getting buffs to their numbers and cooldowns since GOATS became a thing. Pharah’s numbers were changed to reward missile spam. Genji got an m2 speed buff. Doom’s getting a lot of long asked-for bug fixes that are going to do a lot for his viability. Ash is getting a ton of buffs that have already thrown her into meta status. Echo’s been introduced into the game who does melt tanks a lot more easily than people were trying to downplay and is also a meta DPS. Soldier fires rockets at a much quicker rate. Sombra’s spread reduction allows her to get kills much more easily. And these are the ones off the top of my head.

You complain about Shieldwatch but don’t address the sheer amount of damage buffs we’ve gotten just in the last 2 months while tanks and supports are usually the subject of nerf after nerf to their healing and utility whenever they show up in a patch. Damage is stronger than anything tanks can do to mitigate it across the board. The maps don’t provide many alternatives to chokepoints. Snipers dominate even with their nerfs if you don’t bring a shield because how near every map has so many clean sightlines for them. As much as you hate it, the balancing direction that the devs are going just make it feel like even MORE of a requirement to bring heroes with high sustain and shields just to feel like you can make it out of spawn.

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I kind of agree with OP. Always thought GOATS proved that tank/healer synergy is too strong, while non-burst dps is too weak. Which is kind of why they had to force 2 dps with RQ.


I don’t think you really understand the concept of healer
Sitting healing a person is what a main healer does, but is not as boring as it sounds

You can still dps, but healing is more effective because that’s what we expect

They don’t need DPS to be fun
Mercy can move fast. She’s not fun because she doesn’t feel Impactful as how mass Rez felt. Not saying mass Rez should come back, it definitely shouldn’t, but just a thing that made mercy fun back then
Ana is fun when hitting sleeps
Moira is fun because you can make genji mains rage quit

You expect that as a support player, and you’re fine with it, because you want to heal
Picking a healer for DPS is not what you would be going for unless for memes.

If you want that kind of healer then

So you want to play cod?

I dont understand your argument at all.
“X hero got nerfed, so every single thing they do now must not be a problem at all, right?”
We cannot compare now to the past when the glaring problem is that 222 is the only competitive mode right now. You are gaurunteed 2 tanks and 2 supports 24/7, which is not how it used to be. What counters this comp is 3dps comps or even 4dps comps but I’m sure you see the problem with that being we cant do that anymore.
So if we cannot naturally counter the Bunker playstyle through team composition, then we’re forced to play the same Bunker playstyle.
When there is only 1 way to play a game, you’re going to need to balance it against itself which is, nerfing (if not deleting) shields, and/or high healing.
Also are you kidding, another “this game without shields is cod!!”
Like wow, didnt know original overwatch was call of duty :woman_shrugging:

I never said that. I said that the state of damage and map geometry makes shielding required.

The guy above my post man :woman_shrugging:

My b. I came back to this thread because I was pinged.

If you want paladins go play it.

There’s a reason tank queues are so low and why I almost never get an actual rein main when I play off tank. It’s boring. Rein and zarya have been meta for the past like 2 years and it’s garbage and dumb that they still reign supreme.

All good, forum problems lol
Though the map geometry thing is just another reason I think this game really shouldnt have shields
Look at Kings Row for example, the E N T I R E map is choke point after choke point after choke point, with lots of high ground. There is so much natural cover that playing that map, if your opponent has a shield, you NEED a shield because the shield literally takes up almost the entire lane.
I just dont get why we’re making so many maps to have so much natural cover, ontop of having an almost gaurunteed shield player every match. Its exaggerating the problem and making it worse.
So at that point, it feels like the maps geometry is completely working against you since you are literally smothered in safety.

That’s Brigitte, and we know how people feel about her. Baptiste also fits that description. Both have seen massive nerfs to their kits.

Ironically,, Soldier, Ashe, and Lucio are burst damage.