Delete all main tanks, main healers and burst damage (Rework)

I’ve come to the conclusion that every single problem of this game is due to the existence of main tanks and main healers, not because those single heroes are op individually, but because shields and endless burst healing together are that, they create a symbiosis between each others that brings to endless sustaining. And from a gameplay perspective it reduces supports to babysitters and tanks to shield bots, it’s a miserable playstyle with low impact of the single player and the requirement of burst damage and bad dps design (doomfist) to delete suistaining quickly and kill.

Just rework every single tank and support to off tank and off support and nerf burst damage, make the game having every single match comps similar to Zarya-D.Va-Soldier76-Ashe-Lucio-Brigitte (Soldier is just and example of healthy damage, just every dps with similar damage, I don’t mean the playstyle specifically, same for the other heroes as tanks and supports) and the game will be 10 times more fun and 10 times less frustrating. Reduce shields even more and buff the other aspects of shield tanks, make a healing bar like Moira or cooldowns to every main healer, not a hps nerf, just a limited amount to manage, make them less countered, increase just a bit their damage, implement a (slow) self healing system, and reduce the burst damage of dps heroes.

Wonder why no one wants to play tanks? Maybe because they lack of independence? Maybe because they need tons of healing to stay alive and if supports get killed it’s over even for them? It’s obvious no one wants to play tank. No hero should be so healer dependent.

EDIT: funny everyone “don’t understand” 76 is just an example of healthy damage, not how every dps should be, I know people don’t like calling main healers “babysitters” but it’s what they are.


You’re a day late…

Wait wait-what?
You’re deleting them?
Like everywhere?
In qp?
In vs ai?
In custom games?

So basically make everyone into a version of Soldier 76? That sounds boring.


That’s only in low elo lol

Nope watch a stream or owl game. Or even just get on a diamond team. Don’t know ur sr but I’m guessing low


bruh u realize it takes the devs like 3 months to make a hero you think they’ll listen to such a bias person I THINK NOT

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High burst damage is typically followed by a slower rate of fire, slower reload, etc.

For the most part most heroes have this, but certain ones are clearly a little more…well strong.

For a game clearly inspired by TF2 they sure as hell didn’t study it well.

just remove multi freeze for mei and make sombras hack 4 seconds and OW is fine for me.

The main problem in this game is that it has 32 heroes, so it cause power creep and inabillity to balance.

Best way to fix it is to delete 30 heroes, leaving only soldier 76 and mccree, making it into “CoD: Heroes Never Die!” version.


I mean, it’s basically COD, and everyone seems to love those games…

Nothing against people who do, but there are already games like that out there including the newest spin with Valorant. OW is, and should be, it’s own thing.

I agree, but the thing is, what I’ve realized is, most players, probably come from COD, and this is why there is so much whinging. They want COD, but in OW, because they don’t play current COD, for whatever reason.

Delete all tanks, healers, and dps.

So basically, you think the main test of skill and the main source of fun is… whether or not you can hold the mouse cursor over a target longer and more consistently than other players?

I mean, I get it… but there are other games that do that kinda thing much better.

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Welcome to call of duty 25
The yet another sequel


Paladins has main tank
Isn’t there a guy with a barrier that has a flame thrower?

Idk how it works
But it looks like you prefer paladins over overwatch so
Why don’t you like
Play… Paladins?

You are… Avoiding… All the things you hate here

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Because I like it unlike you who clearly doesn’t like it?
We defend what we like


Sooooo, you want me to argument why i like and defend this game then?