Defense Matrix Update: Streaming Protection Features and New Actions for Cheating

I report people pretty regularly for things like their gamertag literally being a racial slur and I’ve gotten maybe two notifications since the launch of OW2.

I thought the whole point of having to link your account and get a gamertag through was to be able to moderate this so what gives, Blizzard? Maybe these players are harder to moderate because you’re dealing with Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, but some communication on this issue would be helpful.

And the only thing we heard about XIM was like 5 years ago. I understand that the console itself cannot detect these devices, but is there really no way to detect the difference between a joystick input and a KB&M input? You could narrow the pool of folks you’re looking at based on aim config settings (suggested XIM settings for OW are easy to look up), and I would imagine keyboard movement input looks way different than a joystick.

It’s very hard to take the competitive integrity of this game seriously at ranks above diamond on console.


Aw damn rip playing Darude - Sandstorm on lobbies at 3am

A little disappointed in this one. They didn’t say anything bad, but I mostly care about stricter moderation of text chat. Moderators in Blizzard games have low standards when it comes to what player behavior is acceptable.

Punishing groupers is an interesting bit of social engineering. People with real accounts to lose won’t want to play with cheaters, and that in turn might deter the use of cheats.

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I am extremely happy to hear that you guys finally adding anon mode for the game. That is a W! The fact that you going to suspend people who group up with cheaters is awesome. Huge.

Decent post. Love seeing punishment for abusive chat

Please can you put forward a clear stance on cloud gaming streaming?

Are players allowed to use services like boosteroid?

Replay Codes can also now be hidden from appearing in the game client.

I’d like to see the opposite of this also as an option. What if top 500 players can have their profiles automatically display all of their replay codes? This would be optional but it would allow players to get an insight into how they play and learn the game better.

We also want to acknowledge that reporting on console platforms is a complicated experience, and have plans to work on improving the user interface for console players to be more intuitive.

Any plans to support native mouse and keyboard on console? This would actually make a lot of things easier like reporting.

agreed that I’d like to see more about this in the future too. i know it’s tricky, but it is disappointing to report folks using slurs in text chat, and not get notifications of report actions. no automation system is gonna be perfect, but it’d be nice to have a system that catches and mutes baseline stuff before it gets posted to match or team chat, and then reports are for people trying to get around those filters.

edit: and i still wish we had the option to endorse players on the enemy team!

I reported a lot of obvious blatant cheaters in this season and never got a feedback from the game about the actions. Are you guys sure reporting works ? I encounter insane amount of cheater and not a single feedback for my reports. This wasn’t the case in OW1. I got that orange feedback window in OW1 when i reported cheaters.

I think there should be system where we share replay code and ban the guy permanently and prevent them creating new accounts at least for a year.


Amazed you got notifications. Haven’t seen any. Even for the guy with the n word in his Blizzard battle tag. Used to report his bad battle tag regularly, but haven’t seen him lately. Maybe it got forced changed finally?

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Is there any mention of XIM cheating here? And is the team aware?

I got only 2 feedbacks from my reports both of them for abusive chat but i encounter more cheater than toxic player and never got any feedback for my cheater reports. These cheaters miss shots intentionally and people generally ignorant about these cheats so they are able to play the game with cheat without any consequence and climb the ranks with no skill or knowledge.

Not specifically mentioned. Of course Xim cheaters are easy to identify these days. If their current ranking is Masters or higher, it’s about 90% chance they are using a Xim. :smile:

Apparently wasting resources on preventing stream sniping is more important than dealing with smurfs let alone those unranked to GM.


Of course they won’t. They will continue suspending players who accumulate mass reports from one tricking while not breaking any rules and let the people who use profanity and tell people to off themselves run wild.

Automatically issueing account punishments to workshop creators is not really a good thing. There is only so much automatic detection can really do. Reporting could be automatic, but account actions should be humans only.

The idea that a custom game i make could get falsely flagged and account ban could be issues to an account that is linked to my phone number is to much. This makes me afraid to make custom games at all.

Let’s be real about how good ban appeals work and how badly automatic systems can interpret human design here. And lets not forget past mistakes like that censor fiasco from before.

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When multiple people report the same person (very likely in this scenario), only the final report that results in the ban gets the notification. So continue reporting, even if you don’t get the notifications. It just means your report wasn’t the one that hit the threshold.


Yeah, this is still a huge problem and Blizzard’s Customer Support still seem to not believe it exists.

Streamer protection is fine, I just find it weird they announce it as some huge thing everyone should care about let-alone the main point of a defense matrix update. Literally no-one except the upper echelon of streamers are going to care about this which makes up like double digit players, maybe triple digit. So to announce it like it’s this super amazing thing that literally less than .1% of the playerbase is going to be affected by is really weird.


The game currently censors “GG EZ”.

The game currently freely allows people to tell others to kill themselves.

Can you maybe make it automatically censor that, too? Seems like a huge, glaring omission to use censorship tools to stop people from being mildly toxic but completely ignore actual abusive behavior?



Suggested voice to text like 4-5 years ago.

It’s not like speech to text improved that noticeably in that time which makes me wonder why it took so long but still, good job I guess.

"## Disruptive Voice Chat Detection

In our previous blog we announced that we would begin to identify and take action against those who are disruptive in voice chat through the use of our new voice-to-text transcription and AI learning algorithms. We’ve begun to rollout this new technology starting in Season 2 for select regions and it’s proven to be exceptionally accurate and effective in identifying abusive chat and language. We’ve already begun working to stop disruptive players with applicable chat silencing and account suspensions as needed"