Legendary Custom Bots Rework V1

Hi i made the Custom Bot system for Overwatch Link: PATCH NOTES --- legendary custom Bots V11 - #26 by Ydriana-2424

**Update info: I will do some ai tests with player soon. if you wanna see the current ai add me on battle.net: Ambush#21244

I work on a rework for Overwatch 2 Bots and make AI bots for every Game Mode, Map and Hero.

Here is a Link for a preview Bot Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8muyZhZRBg&ab_channel=JustanAmbush

This Gameplay is my Bot vs. Blizzard Aimbot AI Soldier: 76

Patch Notes for Rework Bots (only for current bot build compared with old V12 AI Build)

  • Bots have improved navigation system
  • Bots choose different paths
  • Bots chase enemies
  • Bots Taunt players after they killed them with a “Hello Emote”
  • Soldier Bots crouch during heal station
  • Soldier Bots no longer sprint if the control objective is neutral, so they can better group up.
  • Bots will search for heal pods
  • Bots have a Bot Tag in their names

Full release is planned for early 2024


This already looks pretty good; I’m eagerly awaiting the full release!

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I upload more preview videos today. With Tracer and Dva AI. Additional Patch notes for both gameplays are:

  • Bots now search for heal packs
  • Bots wait on Heal Packs, if they didn’t got heal
  • Tracer AI added
  • DVA AI added

I can’t wait for the full release :laughing:

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me too hahaha :smiley: i upload some gameplay in 2-3 hours :smiley:


July is Here :slight_smile: Look forward to be able to play it :slight_smile:

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the full release is delayed. PVE Arena will get a release first. i will update the post if the game mode passed all tests.

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What’s your expected ETA? :slight_smile:

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That depends on the test results. You can participate in the pve tests. You have to add me: Ambush#21244

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What’s pve arena?? Do you have any videos on it??

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I will do a trailer video soon :slight_smile: PVE Arena is a 10 Round Survival mode you can play on every TDM map. You have to defeat 20 enemies per round and a boss in the final round. More details soon.

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I’m looking forward to it. :grin:

Update Notes for my intern update + future test:

  • Genji, Hanzo, Kiriko can now use the Climb Ability
  • Mercy Bot follows player
  • Bots can regroup
  • Bots no longer stay afk on captured objectives
  • Illari Bot added

Good work! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more.

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nice, if u need any help with tests hit me up

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yeah, i do some tests soon

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Any new updates on the rework?