Ctf should be in comp

Right, but Halo is the first series to regularly incorporate it into a game without it explicitly being a highly sought-after item that you fight for.

Things like equipment are just littered everywhere. Armor abilities in Reach were just there, for free, for everyone.

Perhaps the first mainstream FPS to do so (not really sure, I haven’t personally played halo reach and theres plenty of other games I haven’t played), but there are plenty of games that incorporate such ideas. Warcraft 3, the basis of Dota and other MOBAs had hero units with abilities and ultimates that were on cooldowns and consumed mana.

Overwatch of course also spawned from the failed Titan project which was intended to be their next MMO, likely to replace WoW, which itself had many of these mechanics. In fact the common theme here seems to be Blizzard games :wink:

where as i would like to see this, half this community has no clue how to play ctf in this game… and it would be a disaster. not to mention, im quite sure a majority of this community would also get banned from playing comp ctf just on the amount of rage quits after the first flag capture…

Or you can play Comp CTF in the right event times.

I dont love ctf, its just ok. I dont care if it gets added to comp or not, it was just a suggestion for abit more variety :slight_smile:

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We talk frequently about adding new modes to the game and competitive play. As much as we love CTF, we really don’t think it’s suited for the game outside of the Arcade.


Thats fair enough since most people arent interested anyway. Thanks for the reply though :slight_smile:
Hope to see some new gamemodes in the future

Put it in the arcade more pls thanks :slight_smile:



Praise be upon Jeffrey


Well, if we changed your mind about ever adding CTF in the first place, then surely we can change your mind about this as well!


Jeff, would you be interested in trying to make some of the game modes in arcade be more consistently available, then? CTF happens to be my favorite game mode by a long shot and it’s so sad that we only see he mode sometimes once a week, if that. It basically makes my week when the mode is one of the weekly modes.

Not sure if it’s just influenced on your end by player counts (and maybe you have really good justification for it) but I would really love this.


You’re back :smiley:
Can we talk about the road ahead for Overwatch? Everyone here has been dying for some actual response from the team regarding some… fiascos. You’ll see by just browsing the forums Jeff. XD


don’t because heroes like Genji and Pharah are broken in that mode. Genji can double jump with the flag and gets away. Pharah can pick it up and fly off with it. How fun.

It’s been over 2 years without a new core game mode. We just talk…

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Can we plz have 28vs28 giant maps??? Beg, plead, grovel…


A roadmap or sorts?

Nothing says “game in decline” than needing a roadmap :frowning:

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I presume 28v28 to accommodate one of every hero. Sounds kinda awful tbh. Assuming the match doesn’t lag like crazy (since the game is built for 12 player matches, not 56), you’d be forcing a LOT of people onto heroes they don’t want to play or simply cannot play well. Also people already leave mid match on 6 player teams. Good luck getting 28 people per team to not leave for the majority of the match. I’d be surprised if either team maintained more than 12 to 15 players at any given time.

Why does the game need a new core game mode? To me, that’s like saying a fighting game needs a new core game mode outside of versus & cpu.

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Dreams shattered and broken

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The mode itself is not awful, it is awful with OW. i’ve had tons of fun in CTF by playing Halo combat evolved while in OW it was so frustrating i barely touched the mode.