Will there ever be new competitive modes?

No, I don’t mean in the arcade, I mean new modes added to the base competitive gamemode

Some good ones I’ve heard include:

  1. tug of war - the payload starts in the middle of the map and both teams are trying to push it to the enemy team’s spawn; the winner is decided by who pushed it closer to the enemy spawn
  2. reverse hybrid - as the name suggests, its the same as a hybrid map, but first you move the payload, then you cap the objective after

Any other good ideas?

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I genuinely believe Capture the Flag would work if they made more maps specifically for it and one more “rule-set” pass where they could clean up some discrepancies and odd interactions. Ayuthyya or however it is spelled, is amazing. The recycled King of the Hill maps? Not so much. But they are opposed to that. It works in a lot of other games, it just needs tweaked and dedication. It is the closest we have ever gotten to another competitive mode in Overwatch and I am 99% positive it is the closest we will ever get. If you ask me, it is MORE competitive than 2CP. Not that that is saying much. But if 2CP works for them, I am REALLY not seeing any reasonable arguments against Capture the Flag.

I disagree, I believe ctf

  1. wasn’t made for serious grinding comp
  2. can be used to troll hard
    lets say your team gets the third flag and the score is 2-0. everyone on your team goes cancer heroes (sym, bastion, torb, orisa, df, etc) to stall and hold the flag forever. I think it was urnotjustin who made a video about each person on their team holding the flag for like 20 mins. It could just get really obnoxious

Exactly, it would need some tweaks to prevent degenerate tactics such as that from occurring and different maps designs would make it harder to hold the flag after gaining a lead in certain contexts. It would still be viable on Ayuthyya, naturally, but perhaps some more open maps could diversify the strategies. I feel that is a consequence of map design. Or I guess just get rid of the score limit period and have it time-based, potentially, with some point reward for being more active and grabbing the flag as opposed to just capping it. Some games do that to make it less defensive.



Again, I agree with them… In its current form. If they were to change it, however, it definitely has the potential, as it does in plenty of other competitive games. The game-mode is inherently hand-crafted for team-based shooters. You just need to know how to do it. Regardless, as the post indicates, they are not interested. Pretty stupid, again, given that 2CP would not even be worthy of the arcade.