Ctf should be in comp

I think blizz should add a few new proper capture the flag maps and then put ctf in comp alongside payload, 2cp ect. As well as the added variety in competitive, this would also allow for something new during the lunar new year event.

Same goes for summer games except i dont think lucio ball should be in comp. Instead added permanently to the arcade for people who like it (not me) to make room for a new game mode.

Who’s with me :smile:


Please no. I seriously hate CTF…


Said no one ever. …


Woops, deleted by accident.

I was saying…

The day CTF drops in regular competitive, I quit the game. This mode is awful. Yeah, I could say that I don’t like it, to each their own and blah blah, but I’ll just say that it is awful.


CTF is by far my favorite mode - but I don’t think it should be added to the normal comp rotation. The game mode functions very differently from the normal game. I don’t think it’s a good fit. I do think there should be separate and permanent competitive versions of the various game modes, though.


I don’t like Overwatch’s CTF variant.

Halo’s CTF rendition was way better, and will still be the only CTF variant I actually enjoy playing. Kind of surprised that Overwatch doesn’t request feedback from the MLG commentators from the Halo days. Puckett in particular.

Halo 3’s MLG CTF v5 was the best competitive flag mode, and would be a perfect fit, if the halved respawn timers and shortened every map.

1 Flag CTF would also be acceptable with attacker and defender rotations.


HAHAHAHA NO. Never will play that mode again

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Blizzard said from the get-go that its awful and doesnt work. They played with it and never wanted to implement it but people begged for it so…we got it and guess what? Its awful.

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Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 had a really really fun CTF mode too.

When did they say that about CTF?

This was way back in the day, I believe the year the game was released. People asked for it and they said it doesn’t work well because of the design of the game. Dont quote me cause that’s not verbatim but it was mentioned in some fashion. I’m sure it can be dug up but “not it”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know they said this about deathmatch, but I don’t recall this ever being said about CTF.

Well i guess most people don’t want that haha :rofl: oh well

I still wish they’d replace lucio ball

It would work fine if they heavily modified the ruleset.

Borrowing from MLG CTF v5;

  • Flag pickup requires interact button
  • Flag carrier can only WASD, crouch, jump, and quick melee
    • No sprint, no abilities, no shooting
      • Doing any of the above abilities drops the flag (you can throw it a couple of feet if you look upwards to pass it to teammates)
  • Flag does not have a cooldown on rapid drop and pickup
    • Flag carrier has 90% movement speed, so rapid pickup and dropping is actually preferred
  • HUD doesn’t display flag carrier distance traveled
    • Waypoint only appears over flag carrier’s head if you have direct line of sight

Other changes;

  • All maps are shortened to only the central location – no long walks to the action
  • Flag spawn/capture zones are always in their Sudden Death locations
  • 5 second respawns, spawn rooms moved close to the center
    • If the map is Ayutthaya, for example, then the spawn room is the main chokes (and top/side exits);

imgur. com/a/Yi4Y1Pq

  • Spawn rooms can not be re-entered after exiting, death is the only way to return to spawn
  • You cannot shoot into and out of spawn room doors… there are invisible walls there.

Nope nope nope nope nope.


Only thing I could recall was a second hand interview.

“We tried capture the flag in Overwatch. We don’t like it,” he said. "You either have it wind up being a match of all Tracers and Genjis, or you end up putting so many rules in that Tracer doesn’t feel like Tracer anymore or there’s no reason to play her in the map.

Article from polygon https://www.polygon.com/2015/11/7/9688324/overwatch-buy-to-play-blizzard-pricing-model-plans

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Yeah but this is also an interview from 6 months before the launch of the game when there also weren’t any hero caps. I think he might just be misremembering the quotes where they were talking about deathmatch modes, where even in the developer update Jeff himself had said something along the lines of “We didn’t want DM cause it didn’t fit the game but people asked for it”

There was also a post later on, but I couldn’t find it. It may have been reddit or the old forum, idk, but they were discussing the more exact difficulties with trying to balance the mode and that that was a big reason why they didn’t want it.

There’s every chance they were playing with it the whole time with no plans to put it in game and stumbled across a reasonable balance while there was an up-swing in people wanting the mode and just decided “sure, why not”.

oh no god no screw that think 2 cp is bad put ctf in the mix

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if you want more people to quit the game, sure, add ctf into competitive. Like honestly, ctf shouldnt of ever been made, and i think anyone that wanted ctf made regretted it.

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