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:popcorn: Ashe Eating Popcorn Coloring Contest CLOSED :popcorn:

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Hello everyone! I’m very hyped for Ashe, the newest hero to be announced and although we already have:


I thought, what better way to get even more hype of Ashe (and dispel some of the hate for her) than to create a Popcorn Ashe! Since I feel the two previous iterations of the fun emoji have been community driven, I wanted to include those who are interested in the process.

:popcorn: The Contest Details :popcorn:

Below will be a link of two different versions of the line art that I have created of Ashe eating popcorn. One has a white background and the other transparent. You can color it however you wish (bonus points for animated it :flushed:), let your creative juices flow (just make sure it’s appropriate, thank you!)

You may enter until the 19th of November at 7pm CST and voting will start as soon as all the entries are posting. Voting will run until the 3rd of December at 7pm CST (since it will be the holidays for some countries).

To submit, you can post the link here in the thread with the following format:

Coloring Contest Entry

Here is my entry for the contest!
Link: [insert your image link here]
By: [insert your forum name here]

You can also add me on Discord: Lynn#3512
Please still use the above format!

Please have your submission be in PNG format, thank you!

White Background:


Good luck everyone and I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!


:popcorn: Current submissions :popcorn:

By: Absql [Not an actual submission but I wanted to include it because it’s wonderful!]

By: Rosen

By: SilentSword

By: Songstrider

By: KainKent


This is going to be epic, Jelly likes❤️

Let’s do this people


I haven’t got a creative bone in my body, but I’m really interested in seeing what people come up with.


Every hero needs popcorn spray tbh.

Also, BOB should hold her bucket.

Also also not to take the spotlight away from Ashe, but can someone make one of Hammond eating a piece of popcorn?


It’s too detailed to come close to Moira’s popcorn gif awesomeness.


Good luck everyone but i don’t think anything can beat popcorn moira.


can’t wait to do this!! i don’t usually like coloring, but im in the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m Ashe and this is my favorite thread in the Overwatch forums.


Maybe if I get the chance, :slight_smile:

Sorry ^^; that is just my style…

Of course! Not a replacement, just another option <3

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good, we may need it soon.

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Our bodies will be ready for the salt.


I’m very excited to see what you come up with!!

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Yay! :green_heart: that is really kind of you. Are you excited for her to be released then?

Can we keep in mind Winston started all of this?

h ttps://goo.gl/images/t9eSwH

Also…shouldn’t it be an apple pie? Then her dropping the plate to signify her love and hate for Mccree.

Come on now people envision something beyond the confines.

My apologies :c


aight I did it

did I win


:broken_heart: :persevere: :disappointed_relieved:

hold on wait

New photo by Josh Griggs

hows that

(need help posting the whole thing)


:tired_face: :weary: :worried:

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