🍿 Congrats Songstrider! [Vote Closed]

:popcorn: Ashe Eating Popcorn Voting [CLOSED]! :popcorn:



The votes are in! It was close towards the end but Songstrider’s took the lead in the home stretch. Congrats to all participants and thank you so much for participating! I hope to host more of these contests in the future :sun_with_face:

Hello everyone, if you were unaware I had made a separate thread where I hosted an art contest. Now that the submissions have been gathered, it is time to vote! Voting will go until the 3rd of December at 7pm CST (since it will be the holidays for some countries).

You can vote however many times you want, here are the entries:

By: Rosen

By: SilentSword

By: Songstrider

By: KainKent

>>>>>>>>>>>>>VOTING CLOSED<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thank you everyone! :sun_with_face:


Great entries!

Can’t wait to see the results ^^


Thank you for posting the link up in Emoji! :blush:


too realistic, i like moira popcorn because it’s cartoony


So many amazing creations, it’s too hard to choose!

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The second one isn’t loading for me. People need to learn how to imgur. >_<

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I’m in the process of uploading them to my own right now, I just needed the images up fast.

Also these are just still pictures rather than gifs.

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The hard lines work better I think.


Cool idea and hats off to the artists!

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Can we get a Bob eating popcorn?


You should host your own Art contest and voting thread then! I’d love to see your own cartoon version :sun_with_face:

It’s in the works, it’s the holidays here in ye ole America and I’ve been super busy!

You can vote more than once :sun_with_face:

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oh :new_moon_with_face:

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Lynn? How is the surgery going and the move to the new place?!


New place is wonderful, surgery recovery has been less than ideal. Typically people recover in two weeks but I am not healing and they are not sure why. I need to see a specialist, but unfortunately cannot get healthcare due to not having any money.

It’s a big clustefluff at the moment! But I am trying to stay positive even with everything going on. How are you doing?


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Awh. Well I hope you get better. I’ll make sure to pray for you. I know how much surgery can do to a person and it sucks but keep your head up and I could be better but so far it’s going well :heart:


Thank you! That is really all we can do sometimes, keep our head high and trudge through the hard times as best as we can. It may sound strange but silly threads/ideas like this help me out a lot. I love seeing part of the community band together and create things.

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That is true. I like to see the creative posts and memes that get me to laugh:).

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