it’s fake but ok lol

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Cool, we’ll find out tomorrow (4th time)

I don’t think they should bring in the blizzard exclusives like genji, symmetra and winston bastion, because they’re special skins obtainable with codes, same with noir widow, you’ll actually have to pay 50 to 60 dollars for these. But they can bring back all of the others, lunar mercy and brig goats owner.

Hi, everybody. about pink mercy, I can say that it will be re-RELEASED, but not in the form shown in the screenshots . Most likely, this skin will simply be available for purchase. Let’s hope for a miracle and wait for may 19 .

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Where’s your proof/source? I think the leak is probably real but let’s wait until tomorrow before making any claims which can’t be proven. It is possible that it’s all fake and that it won’t be available again (which i hope is the case)

The leak is most likely fake as it looks photoshopped and fake, even a mod said it looked fake. Pink lootboxes don’t even make sense. The new rarity would most likely have a Diamond-like structure, like how Blizz likes to rank things

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WyomingMyst? He’s not a mod, just a guy with a frick ton of posts on the forums and he’s made a lot of helpful/useful posts so they gave him special green font

another mod, I don’t really remember his name. The post looks fake, a pink rarity makes no sense, a separate rarity for 1 skin makes no sense. It’s fake

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Alright cool, im glad u think it’s fake. Tomorrow we will find out for sure (this is getting monotonous)

and how exactly can you say that it’ll be re-released? and why are you saying

right after you stated that you can say that it’ll be re-released? you’re contradicting yourself and it makes it seem like you’re just trolling.

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I think they’re just really optimistic that pink mercy will be available tomorrow (like many others that are desperate to get the skin) I wouldn’t be surprised if the leak ends up being real but I’ll be happy if it turns out to be fake like everyone is saying it is

For me Is a fake. Is really Easy likes Photoshop work.

And, more important note, if the leak of the trailer Is a real leak, why the author haven’t male a screenshot for the new skins? And if It Is a big Mercy fan, why there’s no leakes for the new Mercy dragoon before yesterday?

Maybe because This “error in Overwatch BR YT Channel” Is a fake for create more “useless” topic for this skin.

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I hope you’re right (and hope everyone who says it’s fake is right)

Really hope they bring it back tomorrow, im literally praying for it right now

I sincerely hope they do not bring it back. Giving it out now is not fair to the ppl who donated to get it back in may 2018. Sorry if you weren’t around then but tough luck

Sorry but how can you be so selfish? They really need to do the charity event again, ofc im not asking for it to be obtainable by credits, but if you were not up for them to make the charity event again for donations then that would mean youre just greedy…

Going by the leak, it would not be another charity event. Instead it would be available through loot boxes or credits. That is wrong and it’s a slap to the face to all the ppl who donated to get the skin

The leak must be 100% fake if its like that… it’s easy to change the color to pink with editing software

there is nothing to hope for. just use logic to understand that it is unrealistic that of all a trailer hypothetically released in advance there are only screenshots of mercy pink.

I’m starting to think that Is xreated by one of those paranoids who, after months, still clog the official OW twitter with the request to get back mercy pink. it is only a guess, but I would not be surprised that someone does it to chat about the possibility of having it.

Just click on this tweet if you wanna see the “leak”