Chance for them canceled PVE after PVP is success?

The thing is with PVE is that it’s using all the same models/heroes/ and maps from PVP in some way or another.

Fortnites original mode was a flop, so they decided to move on to the mode that made them money.

In OW’s case, it’s going to come down to how many people are buying in to PVE when it releases. But for the most part, blizz can support both.

As the money they get from PVE, can go to the development of more PVE. While PVP just continues as normal.

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That would be the day i would become a doomer and join the hater mass

I would not worry about this in the slightest, fam. Seriously, do not give it another thought. Nothing is getting canceled, I promise.

The epic amount of flak they would receive for cancelling the campaign would be legendary. There is a combined zero percent chance that they cancel the campaign. Not to mention it would fly in the face of whats been promised to the fans for years as well as one of the main reasons they are even making this sequel to begin with

Hug me and tell me i will play as Mauga in the hero mission, papa buddha.

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PVE is definitely not canceled.

While we are still working on our core PVE modes that we will be releasing later, there will be a taste of what we have in store coming up with our new Halloween Terror event, Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, that we teased in our Battlepass Trailer.


thank you to Craig for clarify these stupid thoughts that keep coming into my head


Cancelling PvE would be one of my biggest sadnesses because that’s why I’m waiting for Overwatch 2. But never they will cancel it. They’ve been working on it for years to give us a real experience.

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At the current circumstances, as someone that only check this forums on the hopes of PvE news, I’m actually hoping they DO cancel PvE, and just make a single player PvE game with optional multiplayer that will focus on being a good PvE game instead of a subsystem of the PvP game.

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Always good to see this and hope you guys continue the communication. Wish ya all luck in the coming weeks with full launch


Since Junkenstein/Halloween gets a new mission… Will Archives get a new mission (Talon mission maybe)? :pleading_face:


PvE is all that OW2 is. so canceling PvE cancels OW2.


Congratulations to your promotion and hiring, Craig!

Truly appreciate all of your years of service towards the community and greatly looking forward to your hopefully long future with us.


If PvP is an overwhelming success and they quadruple their player count, they will definitely do PvE since they will be motivated to produce content.

I would actually say that the thing that would be most likely to cancel PvE would be if PvP were a massive failure. If one month after launch, player levels are significantly lower than they are now, they will have a serious difficulty justifying spending any more money on the game at all.

Not that I think it will be either a massive success or or a massive failure. Player levels will increase slightly, but not much, so half the forum will say it was a success and the other half will say it was a failure. :smiley:

cant wait for the first mission or archives actually. want too see some hero interaction and lore. hopefully pve becomes a steady stream of content for some years to come. seems like a tall order tho especially in getting ALL voice actors on board heh

i do wonder if we will lose some voice actors over time and then replaced by new ones. i never minded it that much in other games but sometimes its noticeable

just don’t abandon pvp again

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Can’t wait to see the monetization model you guys use for special events.

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There are no lootboxes, only the Shop and the BP so, not much to guess out there.

Good to see that someone actually waits to see how it actually works instead of precomplaining though.

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i guess we get overwatch credits through in game event mission ? or just mission in general ?

they haven’t showed us what daily and event mission reward you

also they only show us unfinished version of mission tab that’s why we’re only seeing ‘’ win numbers game ‘’ as objective

Chance for them canceled PVE after PVP is success?

They won’t 'cause :

  1. Too many players are playing PVP OW just in the meantime until PVE is getting released

  2. PVE is yet another chance for them to deploy even more microtransactions and I personally think they will (meaning PVE is going to be F2P and not the DLC promised and even if its, there will be microtransactions to boosting progress for sure).

  3. I don’t see PVP being that successful over time. The roadmap to new content is too scarce and it’s basically the same game as 2016 Overwatch. The hype might last only for a year maximum.

The cosmetics really have to sell well for them to keep releasing qualitative content and interesting seasonal events.

I’m expecting a lot from the upcoming Hallowen event. It had better be good.