Can you please start focusing on toxicity?

With how much you defend them, I’d think you were a part of them.

Also, don’t degrade people with Social Anxiety. It’s a real problem.

It isn’t about feelings.


What part of if social anxiety is a problem then PRESS MUTE ALL do you not understand?


Oh yeah, I remember how in that one debate Biden told Trump to end his life and then spouted homophobic slurs at him. A classic to say the least

Or when Mayweather yelled a bunch of homophobic slurs at Jake Paul.

Oh wait, none of this happened because in even a semi-reasonable society, such things are frowned upon.


The ‘fear of god when you see a voicemail’ is Social Anxiety.


We just happen to live in a society where mental health is being brought up more than ever before.
Since, y’know, it’s being more recognized as an actual problem that needs help.


Logan Paul sht talked all day and had one the biggest spots at Wrestlemania this year.

It’s “frowned upon” by people who only online order because they are too scared to make a phone call to a human for a food order.

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No. . .

Homophobia, transphobia, racism, albeism and et cetera are all legitimate problems that need to be punished and called out.

Just minding your business is free.


Called out? Sure. Let the people decide? Yes. If they don’t decide your way, doesn’t mean you baby rage, you swallow it.

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Trash talking is not the same as spewing homophobic slurs and telling people to unalive themselves.

No, it’s frowned upon in general.

Do you think that people cyberbullying others and driving them to make rash decisions is defensible by saying it’s just “trash talking”?


can you please just stop turning off chat? I mean seems to me you could save yourself the trouble…

I dare you to bring this up in a court of law


Congratulations, you grew up without mental health problems and potentially in a stable household.

Not everyone has that privilege.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Simple as that.


Guys, he’s a troll, he stopped responding to me because I gave him the ultimatim to just own up to defedning racism, homophibia and telling people to unalive themselves.

Just flag his posts and move on.


Just stop being so soft and taking everything so seriously and you’ll have a more enjoyable life


There is no social anxiety at all. I simply don’t like jerks. I hate them even when I’m not the one they are targeting.

If I see someone beating up someone else on the street should I just close my eyes and walk away as if nothing happened? I don’t think so. A bare minimum is calling the police.

Some of you seem to be online psychopaths based on your unintelligent ideas. Thanks, I don’t need “online earplugs” (mute all). Keep them for yourself.


Unfortunately, some mental health problems make this not an option for some people.
(Inability to sense sarcasm, tone of voice, reading the room, et cetera.)

Just not being rude for no reason is the better option.


Stop saying “unalive” the same way you only say “SA” because you like the money $$$$.

I was bullied in school. I was called fat fck and slammed into lockers. At 36 yet here I am, playing video games online, with a family, and a good job. Not everything is a life and death battle with my identity. Imagine that.


I bet if you had ADHD or were on the spectrum of autism, your reply would be different.

Hells, even having Generalized Anxiety Disorder would make that reply different.


I was a tub o s*t as a kid and bullied and slammed into lockers. Didn’t make that my entire life identity and grew up. Imagine that.

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And once again. I’m not going to waste time with your routine. Openly say you’re defending racism, homophobia and telling people to unalive themselves or there’s no conversation to be had.

Because that’s the conversation.


If someone has those mental health issues and have been diagnosed then they shouldn’t even be attempting to play any sort of competitive online game tbh.