Can you please start focusing on toxicity?

I literally have to report someone almost every other game with the amount of toxicity in this game.

I have no idea how Blizzard have let it become this rampant.

At least take an idea from League of Legends which, Riot have actually focused heavily on toxicity recently.

In league when the system detects certain words, they’re instantly chat muted and punished.

At least SOMETHING, there needs to be a heavier focus on toxicity.


Before I get one more brain dead comment about “If you see it just ignore it, it’s on you”

I’m talking about homophobia, racism and telling people to unalive themselves. If you want to defend that stuff, then that’s you sweety but YIKES.


Another Gen Z who never played online gaming. Cool. Thanks.

The trash talking is a staple of multiplayer. Otherwise we go play with bots.


Unfortunately people like the guy above my comment exist. They think its a staple or needed. Y’know, like the parents of millenials who say ‘a little bullying toughens you up’. (:

But, anyway.

With how little Blizzard seems to care about the community, I doubt it’ll ever happen.
I mean, they lied to us for years about the PvE system that they knew they weren’t gonna implement.


I’m 36, not a “parent” of anything.

The same people who took 30 mins to hide a body on the first Splinter Cell are the same ones to rip into you, win or lose. Get over it. Mute and move on, just like we did.


So no punishments whatsoever for toxicity should exist?

Interesting take.

It’s easy to mute and move on, but the person remains unpunished - be it for racism, ableism or otherwise.
Its free to be nice, but punching someone’s ego when they don’t know how to be respectful is great.


Fixed it for you :hugs:


Did you know that people tend to perform better in any activity when their mind is positive?

Feelings, do indeed, run the world.


Yes. That’s how multiplayer works. This isn’t a game of your feelings. Click the mute button and move on.


It isn’t about ‘feelings’. It’s about punishing bigotry, stupidity, and in general people being excessively rude.

Like people say: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

And, no, I’m not Gen Z. But, what generation you’re from has nothing to do with this conversation.


Wrong. Click the mute button.


Does muting the person count as a punishment for being a bigot or rude?


Then the lesson will never be learned.


Mathematically there is a point where this breaks down. And it’s a lot lower than you’d think.

  • There’s a good research paper from Harvard Review on feelings and performance (good read for you)

While I’m not fully disagreeing that toxicity should be unrestrained, the Overwatch community in general is way too entitled and sensitive.

Being rude isn’t toxicity

And people bastardize the use of the word bigot these days so let’s not stray from the meaning

  • Not implying you are

You don’t get to punish or mind wash a person of what they think. You click the mute button and move on.

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Nah, I click the report button, mute and then hope Blizzard does something about it.

Hope, being the operative word.


Then go play with the bots. Like I said, when AI is your only enemy, there will be no teabags or names like “IDidUrMom.” You’ll do much better there. Mentally and mechanically.

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There’s a difference between trash-talking and being extremely toxic, and just because being toxic is common in fps shooters doesn’t mean its right.


Specifically I’m using the word ‘bigot’ in this regard to people who don’t agree with Pride, and become extremely homophobic during it. Which, has been the case in a few of the Midtown maps I’ve loaded into.

“Whoever sprayed the X over the rainbow, I agree!! :D” and other passive aggressive comments from one player being a prime example.

People who bully others and use the r slur and et cetera are ableists, and also belong under this word of being a general bigot.

So- using it correctly. To my knowledge.


What you consider “toxic” is like one guy raging, while us in Halo 2 grew up with every word and hacker in existence. Grow up.


Hi, from TF2 personally.

Being a racist, homophobic, albeist bigot in any way is not okay.

It’s not sensitivity, it’s common decency to expect people to behave.

Muting them isn’t a punishment.


Bigotry and homophobia are not synonymous.