Can you please start focusing on toxicity?

I didn’t say they were.

You can be both.


Hi, I’m from Team Fortress Classic personally.

People run their mouths online. You figure it out and mute them or stop playing online gaming. You’re not gonna change the landscape of multiplayer. Ever. Have a good Saturday.

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People who think like you is why toxic people are never going to be punished.

If it was real life, you know if it got to a certain point, someone would be punched in the face. :stuck_out_tongue:


Brain dead take, racism, homophobia and telling people to k*s or end thier lives is not trash talk it’s just a pathetic person.

You’re either a troll or you actually believe what you wrote which would be incredibly sad and cringe.

Either way, League of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world and they cracked down on toxicity, the answer is obvious. It hurts thier business, otherwise they wouldn’t waste thier money developing systems to fight it.

It’s also ironic that you’re talking about people not being able to handle “trash talk” when you’re crying on the forums the SECOND someone brings up toxicity.

It’s simple, toxicity hurts the business of MP games, and that’s why Riot and others have cracked down on it. Accept it, or cope and seeth my friend.


the toxic that I am (and assuming op is) talking about is racism, death threats, trans/homophobia, and being a generally bad person. Just because people were toxic in Halo 2 doesn’t mean it’s right.


Now you are conflating discrimination with colloquial social references. Inappropriate or not you’re stretching the truth.

You can be both. But most people most certainly are not.

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What you don’t understand is people do this for a reaction. As long as you give a reaction, even if it’s this, they will continue to do it. You click mute and move on.


What you don’t understand is that it literally doesn’t matter why they do it, it doesn’t have a place in any game.

You click the report button, they get banned and you move on.


As someone who was bullied to the point of dropping out of highschool - they don’t care if you react to them or not. They do it because their own egos are too inflated to realize that what they’re doing is wrong.

Some people, actually, know what they’re doing is wrong and just are general d*s for fun.

Saying “mute and move on” doesn’t punish the person. They could be bullying children or teenagers now that the game is free to play.
Adults need to grow up and stop pestering people just because of a little rage. They need to be punished for being so hostile in some cases.


I’m 99% sure he’s a troll, try not to waste too much energy on him.


They honestly don’t care. Remember that defense matrix posts updating us on all those banned accounts? At the end of that they alluded to fixing the console report system and they haven’t yet.

No so Fun fact: for over 3 years, console reports just flat out don’t work. You can’t get banned for reports. There are 0 action taken notifications. People freely write slurs and threats in text chat. It’s insane.


But it does, just like it does in rap, pro wrestling, and politics. Every one has a great time shI talking another person. Where do you think tea bagging came from? A game with 0 chat. People still found a way to dunk on another person. MJF is the most popular wrestler for a reason, because all he does is shI talk the others for being shI personally.

When I play multiplayer, it’s because I’m gonna engage other people. If I wanted to sit in silence, I’d play with bots. Remember PKing in Phantasy Star Online?

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But don’t you all enjoy the f2p model?

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Look, I’ve clearly stated I’m talking about homophobia, racism and people telling others to k*ll themselves.

So, this is what the conversation is about, if you want to defend that stuff, just say it and we’ll all know you’re a horrible human.

Otherwise, I’m not going to waste more time on you.


Nope. I make sure to engage someone first to make sure they back down.

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Ok. That’s what you would do.

Not everyone is you. There are people who have 0 tolerance for bs.

Y’know, like people who deck certain types of a brand of racist.
(I don’t think I’m allowed to say them on here. So I’m just gonna hope you know what I mean.)


Then don’t play multiplayer. I’ve been playing online since the late 90’s. You’re not going to punish and banish all the “bad boys” so it’s left for “all friends gaming.” Mute and move on. Just like we’ve done for the last 20 years.

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You right, we’ve got a cause too lost in the Boomer gen.


Boomer gen nothing. I’m a Millennial. Stop having the fear of god in your heart when you see the “new voicemail” icon and get off multiplayer if you can’t find the mute button.


They are punched in the face online too. Every time I launch OW I get one or two “thank you for your report” messages. Shouldn’t be a problem for them if they are as tough as they describe themselves. There are other games with seemingly unmoderated chat - they can go and play those if get bored of bans in OW or run out of accounts or telephone numbers.