Can you let us see what messages we were reported for when we get a warning message?

(removed this part because I was borderline discussing disciplinary action)

I’m not a mind reader and people are more sensitive than I thought. We should have a feature that lets us see what chat messages were flagged to see specific behavior so we know exactly what to stop doing. I figured the chat filter existed to prevent children from seeing inappropriate text, so I don’t think that cursing in chat would lead to action. For arguments though, it would be nice to have a reference back to what parts of the argument justified a warning against you.


The system is completely automated. You get banned per number of reports that is all. Does not matter what you do. You get reports you are banned.


The email I got told me that everything was reviewed by mods before the warning was sent though.

And you believed that?

Oh sweet summer child…


But, but, Blizzard wouldn’t lie to me. :frowning:

EDIT: Now I really don’t want to be banned, I just now got trust level 3 a moment ago.

The issuing of a ban or Silence is automatic based on how many people reported you.

If you go to your e-mail that you got detailing your ban, you can use the link there to get to the support portion of the site and submit a web ticket. If you ask nicely, Blizzard will have a GM review your complaint as well as give you a quote about what you said that cause the trouble.

I’ve been banned several times and each time Blizzard’s GM was nice enough to explain to me why, yet kindly but firmly refused appeals (Which to my understanding, is standard procedure as getting an overturn is very, very rare.).

If you really want to try and get a banning over turned, you can call Blizzard’s customer service hotline and the phone reps will often be more willing to issue an over turn as they are actual customer service reps as opposed to GM staff (Their goal isnt to keep order so much as to do good company PR.).

However the best policy is to simply take your medicine and try to behave better next time. This is a strict forum, and it can be difficult to adjust, I am totally sympathetic to that believe me lol, but it can be done.

I cant appeal, I know what it was for and exactly who reported me. I got into a text chat argument with some other people in a 4 stack and we got really toxic at each other. I didn’t report them though and now they are out of my player history. I am just going to stop using the text chat again. And since I got trust level 3 with a previous in game comms ban, I don’t think the two are linked thankfully.

It’s against the rules to talk about disciplinary action though, so I just want to leave my suggestion, I don’t want to talk about any specific account suspensions.

Understandable. Good luck out there!

Yea the people who judge others win with this system. If you see fault in others you just spam reports and get people banned. If you see that you have faults and other people have faults as well and do not report for little things you lose because the others will report you while you do not report them.

That’s probably what got you.

The general theory with reports is that lots of reports = punishment and that the system is mostly automated.

However, Jeff has recently suggested that many of the reports are manually verified at least at the action stage.

So does a warning necessarily mean that action will be taken? Could a hypothetical player start being really nice and nullify any potential action?

My understanding was that a warning is just a warning.

As long as you don’t get more reports/behave poorly and get more reports you should be okay.

I have been banned for abusive chat while my account already had a ban muted on it. So you can say whatever you want. The report system is either automated or they just ban random people for fun.