Reporting me for cheating


I play on Console, in mystery the one guys leaves and says he reported me for cheating , i was reaper and he was a mei when i killed him, so next game I got in a game with him again and killed him again and he left saying he reported me again this time he was running back to spawn and i killed him with hanzo SA will something happen to me because of these reports



report him for false reporting idk


Ive been reported before for defending widows and for talking back to a toxic guy harassing my friends, never had anything happen to me.

I used to know who was reported for “cheating” with hanzo and nothing happened to him since he wasn’t cheating. I think you’ll be fine and if not contact the blizzard support and tell them what happened. Good luck!

You won’t get suspended, don’t worry. You are a good player. In that case, report him for false reporting you.


If one guy reports you twice it probably won’t result in anything, you can report him for false reporting though, maybe that can finally be a thing

Reports for cheating are investigated by our Risks team. They have very sophisticated means to detect if you are cheating or not. If you weren’t cheating, you have nothing to worry about.


I assume they also have means to detect false reports?


Can we have an answer for this? i have been false reported before but im not sure which option to use to report this


Well, if the person wasn’t cheating, then that would make the reports false. What’s actually difficult is figuring out if those false reports were malicious, or if the person submitting the report genuinely thought the player was cheating.

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I have been suspended from the forums TWICE for reporting someone who is throwing hundreds of games from Masters to bronze, and even reported this to Blizzard support with the response that it has to be reported in-game, and that if it is a legitimate concern, it will eventually be reported through that channel. Well, nothing has changed for AT LEAST the last 3 seasons - he is still at it. What should be done then?

Can people reporting out of spite and malice have a penalty as well? It is getting ridiculous how people report others for petty things and get away with it, causing your risk team to waste their time and resources.

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I always wondered what would happen if one day I woke up and could hit 100% of my widow shots. Good to know that there’s a decent chance i wouldn’t get banned.

I would think that the cheating selection is probably the least used for malicious reports. It would probably be better to err on the side of caution just for that one since it’s confirmed before a ban. It’s easy for someone to go really hot for a single game and look super dodgy - and you wouldn’t know better unless you got them again the next.

This concern is not voiced often enough.
For example, we know for a fact that off-metas are getting banned regularly. We have also seen the responses victims get from GM’s. Streamers usually have a chance to appeal, but what about us plebs ? If false reports are not punished severely, this pattern will just continue and escalate to a point where (not) playing X or just … being bad at this game … will simply get you banned.


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So this confirms both Cheating and Abusive Chat are verified by human eyes. Any chance that we can get confirmation once and for all that reports of Gameplay Sabotage are evaluated by humans before an action is issued?

Source of Abusive Chat being confirmed:

What about on console with some of these mouse and keyboard users?

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if i report people for cheating and getting messages from blizzard that actions were taken - are those becuase those people were cheating or it’s just automessages to make me feel that reporting system is working?