Can you guys finally admit that they are listening now?

I want to die.

Jeff recently stated that some heroes, namely Torbjorn and Symmetra, were designed as purely defensive heroes, and that the developer team intended for people to realize not to pick them on offense. However, people refused to follow this, and, as Jeff mentioned, the developer team followed through with their playerbase instead of fighting them. Hence, these heroes got reworked to be more viable on attack, which, in my opinion, they currently are. Fuey500, a top 500 Torb main streamer, expressed his satisfaction with the rework, citing that babysitting the turret and collecting scraps weren’t his favorite things about the character.

So, I agree that the Overwatch team is listening, and I am thankful for what they are doing.


Yea, i’ve seen the new hero…

Soon you’ll need one to win games.
If you don’t have one, you’ll lose.

not really, they keep handling most high elo problems and taking less care for low elo problems. with focus on deleting goats, which is hardly a problem for most overwatch players (gold~) while buffing junk, which is gonna be really mindless in low elo, still not giving reaper a well deserved rework, which is the only way to make him viable in high elo because of his trash kit and he’s still a mindless hero in low elo (40% life steal is not much of a change, if there’s not gonna be a rework he won’t be able to ever be at high elo. but in low he’s OP and he’s gonna stay OP)
and the symmetra buff are not much of a big deal to me.
mercy still get’s ignored of course (not that i’m a mercy player, but there’s a massive amount of time talking about her and the devs really do ignore) and symmetra as well is probably in need of a rework which no one cares about.

they are avoiding reworks as much as they can because they broke the game for so many heroes and characters they don’t know what to do. which is legit, if only the decisions they are doing wouldn’t affect the vast majority of overwatch players which are in low elo, compared to the high elo problems they way more constantly trying to fix.

i’m gonna keep upload this in many places untill devs gonna take notice of that, reaper needs rework, so does mercy and symmetra, reaper should not exist in his current state in low elo, playing against him is frustrating and actually making people quit.
getting baptiste inside the game will make low elo even more frustrating, since you can also hide the immortality fields around corner and this ability alone is stronger then sound barrier and could be as significant as transcendence.
a good advice to you blizzard

  • get baptiste E to creat a device that gives shield to 2~ allies.
  • have mercy ult creating an aoe for 4-5 seconds that “HEROES NEVER DIE” in it.
    could it be more legit then that?


A Symmetra bug allowing her to gain ult charge while casting Photon Barrier has been removed, and her damage against armor has been reduced, please explain how “they are buffing Symmetra”.

They are doing more changes in the next day or two

Some of these are reasonable QoL changes, some are changes long in the making, but they don’t address some of the core issues that are plaguing the game. The core mechanics of overlapping, stacked healing, armour interactions and buggy hitboxes will always be exploitable, and they are what need to be really looked at.

Thank you overwatch dev team ! You did good ! No matter what the &%&&^&ers say

Whiners who would rather complain than realize that they’re the issue and improve win again!~

I never saw any of the changes that were made being suggested on the forums.

Besides which, even if they were, your causal link here is about as tenuous as the evidence for the power of prayer.

What makes you think they’re listening?

Oh you are looking to see people admitting they are wrong?
Here in Overwatch? Like … from people that had the ego in the first place to rage about anything and also the “silence” from the devs?

Hahaha … oh no, you silly goose! That will never happen! :rofl:

Yeah they listen to suggestions and read the forums but some people believe that unless they accept all suggestions as orders, it means “we are being ignored”. Those people will never admit they are wrong.


Tbh, a lot of the forum suggestions are pure garbage. Seperating the good from the bad on here is not exactly the most straight forward thing. Implementing said changes aren’t always easy either as some would be utterly game breaking if done incorrectly.


With almost all others ofensive ults, you dont need a very specific heros to counter those ults.

  • Focus Fire
  • Hack
  • EMP
  • Graviton Surge
  • Earthshatter
  • Projected Bubble
  • Flashbang
  • Deadeye at range
  • Blizzard
  • Transcendence
  • Sound Barrier
  • Nanoboosting his first target
  • Sleep Dart

Shall I continue?

Seriously, there’s plenty you can do to stop a blade. Just bubbling and/or nanoboosting his first target is usually enough to stop the Genji turning his blade into anything major. Same goes for Trans. Usually Genji blade, especially in this meta is just a tool used to bait Trans so your Zarya can grav.

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Honestly, if anyone actually thought the devs took suggestions from the forums I’d think they needed their head looking at.

In terms of feedback, all the devs are going to use from the forum is a general ‘what’s this month’s squeaky wheel’.

When someone says that sleepdart is a effective counter against dragon blade xddd

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When someone thinks that a 5 second long hard CC against a 6 second melee ability doesn’t counter it.

If you can’t hit the dart that’s your fault.

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Haha okey mr pro player.

You can sleep dart genji blade when you want xd

Imagine thinking you need to be a pro player to hit a quite large projectile on a target who is guaranteed to be at melee range.

Even if you don’t have the mechanical skill to hit sleep dart there’s plenty of other things you can do.


You’re right, they just whined about Scatter.

Again, wrong? What? Were you not here when people were over Junkrat spamming chokes and then deleting 3 people with his Ultimate? People wanted him nerfed. They hated his spam.

They literally just buffed Symmetra and Junkrat.