Can we stop with the Mercy spam?

People will still complain about hide and rez.

“Hide n Res” was a garbage strategy that was predominently used because of an SR exploit. Safe to say, no one will be using that strategy now since that SR exploit is gone now.

And even if they did the mercies who used it would be stuck on lower elos because that was easily countered by any team with even an inch of coordination.

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Hide n Rez was easy to counter as well since that means Mercy is not healing her team causing the push to likely stall. It also gives clear signs what your team is doing.

We need General Mercy Discussion, a place where mercy mains can go to complain about mercy while everyone else goes to the normal page and gets to view actual posts about revelent content. I’m sick of it.

Titanium explains it well :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t disagreeing with ya, just people still complained left and right about mass rez even tho it had major faults.

You’re sick of something you chose to click on and reply to? Makes sense.

This is one of the first mercy posts I’ve opened, period. I agree that it’s getting annoying. I’m not here to talk about mercy, I’m here to encourage not talking about mercy.

You’re endeavouring in something you find annoying? Shocking.

This isn’t one of those countless mercy discussions, this is a discussion about not discussing mercy.

Making three threads over the course of a couple months on a topic is hardly spam I’d say. Don’t really agree with the OP, but that’s really stretching it, especially since bumping is not really allowed.

If you already made one that got nearly 1k views, I’m pretty sure he got his message across but then decided to make 2 more. I’d say it’s spam but that’s just my opinion.

Actually, its a thread to ask people to stop spamming. Not a thread to ask for people to stop discussing everything Mercy.

oddly enough…if your talking about not talking about her…you are talking about her anyways.

the thread is counter productive as just by existing it is a post about what it wants to stop.

Well you could say most discussion about Mercy is spam at this point.

Nah, I just think spam is when the same person posts the same topic continuously.

Just my opinion though.

inb4 don’t reply, it’s my opinion.

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I would say posting the same crap over and over non stop regardless of who is posting also counts. These are the same threads just worded slightly different.

My opinion :stuck_out_tongue:
Buy I get yours also :slight_smile:
Its wonderful respecting others opinions eh? Wonder why Mercy mains cant when it comes to Mercy issues and what needs fixing.

Because most opinions from non-mercy players are incredibly wrong. Also, the opinion of a Mercy player is infinitely better than the opinion of a non-mercy player.

Bias on both sides most the time tbh
Makes it difficult.

talking about the people talking about her, so yes, indirectly, but not intentionally.