Can we please stop talking about 'Reverting' Mercy?

We can drop, like, 25% of the toxicity and needless posts on these forums by doing this. Revert Mercy ‘discussions’ are hardly productive (to say the least) and only serve to sustain the vicious cycle of “Revert Mercy” threads and their “Stop posting Mercy threads” counterparts.

Far better discussions could be had if we switched to ‘rework’, instead. I mean, just compare your average “Mercy rework suggestion” thread with a “Revert Mercy” thread. You’ll find that the rework threads tend to be far more civilized, with people actually willing to have a proper argument, no matter if the suggestion involves Mass Rez in some way or another (which some people really dislike and prefer to stay out of the game) or is something completely different. Even with all those different, often conflicting view points, rework threads are some of the nicer ones on the forums, these days.

So let’s stop fighting one another, and try and work together towards a solution.
Below are a handful of rework threads from a quick search through the forums, should you be interested.


yeah you are correct rework threads are much more well recived than revert threads as the commuinty doesn’t like the idea of going back to something they didn’t like and/or think fondly of. So revert threads often turn into feeling wars.

Rework threads on the other hand it’s presenting something that we haven’t had and some of them sound intresting enough to work

at the end of the day people are up for trying something new instead of going back to something that got changed.

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Yes a proper rework would be better for Mercy and I like Titaniums thread very much in that regard. The thing just is that many people already gave their feedback and rework ideas but Blizzard doesnt seem to care about any of that. It doesnt even matter if said feedback contains mass-rez or something entirely new and different.
So a lot of people are just fed up, frustrated and disappointed now with how the devs handle the Mercy issue. Instead of long constructive threads there are just “Revert Mercy” threads. Because in the end they seem to get the same attention and people just want to get heared.
We dont want Mercy to be an OPAF must-pick monster but at least we want her gameplay to have more depth once again. The rework killed so much of Mercys good gameplay and Blizzard never acknowledged our concerns about it.



Sorry to the revert group, but it’s more realistic to discuss reworks


The problem is that, while bad attention is still attention, it won’t get you anywhere positive. I, too, am “fed up, frustrated and disappointed now with how the devs handle the Mercy issue.”, but I feel talking ‘revert’ is walking backwards, away from the goal.

If even some of the most avid Mass Rez haters can have civil discussions about Mass Rez, then surely we must be able to come up with a rework that’ll… work?


Honestly as much as I’d like a revert, we all know very well that the devs are stubborn about it, even if it was a pile of garbage.

The best scenario is that they just do a rework.


Though, I’d be hard pressed to call going back to Mass Rez a revert, at this point. Given the fact that current Mercy is basically Alpha Mercy + flight, the next logical step would be launch Mass Rez Mercy + <literally anything else> to complete the circle.

Unless you suggest anti CC
Then you get hoards of terified people who yell about “Muh unstoppable genji blade” even if you make clear to give an ability with more counterplay then the damn zarya bubbles. Then it gets toxic and stupid real fast.

Haha honestly at this point I wish they’d take a step back and review what went wrong.

If they actually reverted Mass Rez back with tweaks to it AND gave a new ability, technically its not a revert but a rework since they did the same thing to this pile of garbage we have noe :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like the main reason people want a revert rather than a rework is it means that Blizzard is capable of admitting they made a mistake, which is what got us to the position where Mercy needed a rework in the first place.

Blizzard is capable of admitting they made a mistake

Good luck with that, they’ll come up with some excuse along the lines of
“After reviewing Mercy state, we realize that all the nerfs have made her unfun so heres a new Mercy to fix everything!”

Instead of “Valkyrie was a mistake and we apologize for the lack of communication and feedback for the year. We shouldnt have fixed what wasnt broken but made tweaks instead. Sorry, our bad.”

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Well, to be fair, most suggestions of anti-CC are just that. Suggestions. Few of them have had any thought put into them. Whereas something like a Cleanse ability (however flawed it may be) is usually accompanied by at least a use case, so people have an idea what the effects are and can actually properly debate the suggestion.

Totally. Reverting is definitely not the best option. A rework would be so much better.

Mass Res with a cast time, LoS fixes, damage reduction and Pacify.

Now this is a rework I can get behind.

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Perhaps but I was making direct reference to a thread I made that was overrun by the whines of the terrified anti-genji players.

I suggest an ability that works as follows
BIotic Shield: between 8 and 12 second cooldown
Duration between 1 and 2 seconds
The ability will empower Mercy’s beam to provide immunity to all negative effects and provide between 0 and 50% damage resistance.

Even proposed balance ranges and all I get are a bunch of people with “Muh genji blade”

I would like Mercy to receive some changes. My version of Mercy would have the following modifications :

  • Mercy’s healing output would increase over time (50/55/60). It’d go up for every 3 seconds of healing done, would go down one stage for every 8 seconds of no healing, and would be entirely reset after Mercy dies. Valkyrie’s base healing would be 60 hp/s again. If Mercy’s healing still sucks after these changes, just buff it to a constant 60 hp/s.
  • I’d make Rez part of Valk. Rez would be usable after having activated the ult, by pressing Q. One charge, single-target only, 1 second of cast time. That way, mid-fight Rez would disappear, and would allow Mercy to have…
  • One new ability to give her a better mid-fight. A cleanse, castable invincibility (1 second or under)… I’m not sure.
  • I’d nerf damage boost. +30% dmg on a zero second cooldown is pretty strong, regardless of Mercy’s actual state, imo. Ana and Orisa only have damage boosts during ults, Zen’s Discord goes away when breaking LoS for 3 seconds, and it requires good target priority from the Zen and good focus fire from the team, while Mercy can use it at any moment. I believe +24% would be more balanced, as it’d make high burst damage heroes who are only helped by Mercy just a bit weaker.
  • Eventually, reduce the size of Mercy’s main beam during Valk. The Mercy player would be forced to stay closer to the team instead of hovering right below the skybox. Valkyrie would become more engaging for everyone. Alternatively, reduce the healing and damage boosting received by teammates the further Mercy is from her team.

That’s a lot of text. Sorry.

I don’t care what they do with her I just want her to be fun again

I couldn’t care less about a revert. I’d much rather see a rework where rez is removed and Mercy is given an actual impactful ult that doesnt tilt everyone on the forums

Yeah, I only noticed your thread after I already posted my reply to you.

While Zarya offers the exact same thing, and with invulnerability to boot.